Legless – The Bar Drinking Game That Mixes Category Creativity with Alcohol


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Pub Crawling? Travel Card Game To Add a New Level Of Debauchery. This Bar Drinking Game Will Have You Drinking Til You Drop. Players Take Turns Calling Out Examples For Seriously Crazy Categories. Keep Adding To The List of Categories Or You’ll Pay A Drinking Forfeit. Before You Know It – you could be Legless – Please Drink Resonsibly.


This drinking card game adds a new level of debauchery. Players take turns calling out examples for seriously crazy categories…from “parts of the body that smell” to “other words for buttocks.” Make a mistake or fail to add tot he list and you’ll pay a drinking forfeit! Before you know it, you could be absolutely….legless. Comes with 69 cards (nice). Travel set so you can take it on a pub crawl, an expedition, or a long flight.

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