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Shocking 3-In-1 Porsche Keychain

Get ready to shock and amaze with this hilarious Shocking 3-In-1 Porsche Keychain prank!

Squirting Toilet Seat

The Squirting Toilet Seat is the perfect prank for kids and kids at heart! No batteries required, the Squirting Toilet Prank can be used over and over again until you've fooled all your family and friends!

Happy Man Bottle Stopper

Get a wine bottle stopper with some personality! The Happy Man Wine Bottle Stopper promises to grab some attention and laughs from your party guests, or even just yourself whenever you need it!

Mini Knockout Swearing Punching Ball

Work out some stress by hitting the Mini Knockout Swearing Punching Ball! This perfect mini punching ball affixes easily to any flat surface and, when smacked, lets out four swear phrases. Let your fists do the talking!

Fart Machine #2

Say hello to the new and improved fart machine! The Fart Machine #2 makes 15 new different fart sounds and can be hidden anywhere for a hilarious surprise!

3D Mirascope

You won't believe your eyes! This 3D Mirascope creates a holographic image that looks completely real - but you can't touch it.

Potty Putter

You get home from a long day at work. All you want to do is practice your putt but you don't have the time. Well why not work out the kinks in your putting game with our Potty Putter?