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    Hover UFO Drone – Hand-Controlled Mini Quadcopter with LED Lights (Assorted Colors and Styles)

    $29.99 $26.99

    Small but Mighty: The Compact and Lightweight Hover UFO Drone

    • Please indicate your preferred color (blue or red) in the notes section when placing your order.
    • The Drone can fly in the opposite direction when your hands are close to it. You can use your hands to control it in the air for interactive play, super cool and super fun to use!
    • The UFO aircraft has 4 powerful rotation motors to provide the power of 360° rotation flying.
    • There is also a high flight hover when flying to a certain level. If you don’t operate for 1-3 seconds, the aircraft will descend a little and hover again.
    (63 customer reviews)

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    Hover UFO Drone
    Hover UFO Drone - Hand-Controlled Mini Quadcopter with LED Lights (Assorted Colors and Styles) $29.99 $26.99
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    The Hover UFO Drone: Easy to Fly, Fun to Master
    The Hover UFO Drone is a hand-controlled mini quadcopter that provides endless hours of entertainment for kids and adults alike.

    This innovative drone is easy to fly – simply toss it into the air and use your hand to control its movements. The drone is equipped with infrared sensors that detect obstacles and prevent collisions, ensuring a safe and enjoyable flying experience.

    The Hover UFO Drone also features colorful LED lights that make it easy to see in low-light conditions, and its compact size makes it perfect for indoor use. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced drone enthusiast, the Hover UFO Drone is sure to provide hours of fun and excitement.

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    Weight0.06 kg
    Dimensions14.0 × 13.0 × 12.0 cm
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    63 reviews for Hover UFO Drone – Hand-Controlled Mini Quadcopter with LED Lights (Assorted Colors and Styles)

    1. Rolly Astrom

      Met Expectations

      Entertaining and works well.

    2. Jody Lezard

      Great product

      So fun and easy to use

    3. K

      Very cool!

      Pretty cool little toy. Kids love them. The only thing is that the battery doesn’t last long.

    4. Amazon Customer

      great for kids

      solid product.

    5. Amy


      My nephew loves it! The only thing I don’t like is that the battery only lasts 5 mins

    6. Karl

      Never enough flying machines.

      The 4 year old can start it flying. The 18 month old is fascinated. But he has not yet caught it. What wonderful fun with grandfather. Another toy for boys. Big and small.

    7. Amazon Customer

      Jouet surprenant

      Très surpris de ce que ce petit drone autonome peut faire , dérisoirement facile à utiliser.

    8. Amazon Customer

      Mesmerizing to play with or watch

      This is REALLY fun to play with or just watch. Both kids and adults I know love it, so I bought more. My only complaint is the short battery life of around 10 minutes. One of my charging cables died within a couple of days but a replacement is being sent hassle-free so I greatly appreciate that!

    9. Lisa

      Lots of fun

      I bought this for my husband as a stocking stuffer but my twin almost 3 year old boys love it. They can throw it in the air the activate it, they can change its direction by standing in front of it or waving at it and the slits are too small for their tiny fingers so it been great fun around the house. Since it flys its self nothing has been damaged only down side it the battery only last about 5 to 10 mins but it charges quite quickly.

      One person found this helpful

    10. Mandy

      Très bon service après vente.

      Excellent service à la clientèle. Achetez en toute tranquillité ! Je recommande.Merci

    11. Joe Cheong

      Great gift for kids

      easy to use

    12. tomy botelho


      Exellent jouet, fonctionne super bien très amusant. Seul point négatif est charge du Jouet il se decharge rapidement, 35 minutes de charge pour 8 minutes de jeux. Sinon rien à dire mon garçon joue à chaque jour avec ce bidule je le recommande.

    13. Steve G

      Works better than expected

      At first, I couldn’t figure out how to get it to work. The instructions say to turn it on, hold your hand out with it on your palm then lower your hand away. It didn’t work for me…I finally realized that you virtually have to drop it…it doesn’t react if you lower your hand any less slowly. Only then do the blades start spinning. Once I figured that out, I was pretty happy…works well. Battery lasts about 4-5min. Not sure if it will die after the kids get ahold of it on christmas….but so far, so good.

    14. Trudy

      So much fun but poor battery life

      So much fun. My 9 and 11 year old had a blast. The only downfall is the battery life, only lasts 3 or 4 minutes. Otherwise, a lot of fun.

    15. Amazon Customer

      Exactly how it was presented


    16. Brian Gorman

      Fun toy

      It doesn’t respond quite as well as I was hoping but still a lot of fun.

    17. Amazon Customer

      Bien mais

      Mes enfants adorent ,le seul problème c’est la durée de la batterie .

    18. Jessica Gillam

      Perfect toy for kids

      Battery doesn’t last too long but it is extremely durable. My dog has went after it a couple of times and it still works great. Keeps the kids occupied. Will definitely buy another one.

    19. flyingcat


      fun toy. a bit noisy though. if you have a auditory sensitive kid, don’t buy it.

    20. David

      Awesome and really fun

      Great toy! I bought this one and the $40 one and this is exactly the same one. I thought it would be the knock off version but it works great and my kids love it! Definitely worth the price and don’t get the more expensive one they aren’t what they advertise.

    21. Barbara Belyea

      I tried it out, it is a fun gift

      I think it will be a fun gift to open Christmas morning

    22. Katherine

      Love it

      Fun for the whole family. Battery life is about 30-40 minutes…definitely keeps ya busy. Love it

    23. Rejean Bernatchez

      Très petit pour un enfant

      Diffille pour un enfant à le contrôler

    24. Gabrielle Lasalle

      Petit drône

      Il est petit mais amusant …. 8 minutes ce n’est pas de longue duré , quelque peu bruillant .

    25. Amazon Customer

      A good toy that kids will like

      This toy was for my grandchildren and they love to play with it. Its a decent toy but they need help to hook up the charger and turn it on but they like it.

    26. Henry

      UFO for kids

      Our 6 years old kid is simply loved this Xmas toy. He stated that this is his very best gift that he has received this year. And this was exactly what he asked Santa for. So far easy to use and his family doesn’t seem to have any complaint about the product.

    27. Mylène Lavoie


      Fonctionne bien et très amusant. La durée de la pile est d’environ 2-3 minutes ce qui est pas mal équivalent à d’autres modèles.

    28. Amazon Customer


      This thing so fun when people came around my office i just trow it in the air and he flow away trying to not get stuck the real deal would be 10 of them in the same room

    29. Cindy Douglas

      Good product.

      Bought for my grandsons for Christmas and they absolutely loved them.

    30. Jill L. Morton

      Such a FUN toy!!

      Believe it or not, I purchased this for my husband as a stocking stuffer. He absolutely LOVES it. It doesn’t go very long after a charge, but it is so much fun. We all (husband, myself and our 2 dogs) love to chase it around the house. It even came upstairs from the basement! Would purchase again…..probably for the grand son as he was just as fascinated at 3.5 yrs of age!

    31. Isabel Mendez


      Difícil a allumer

    32. Amazon Customer

      Out of the Park

      Such a fun and amazing toy for kids (and adults lol). This was a hit this Christmas. After multiple use and some bumps in the wall, i’m sure the sensors are a bit off but the kids love chasing this drone. The sound can become a bit annoying after a while but it does keep the kids quiet.

    33. Clifford P.

      Fun for kids

      Easy to set up and use but can be noisy but kids will love it

    34. France Paradis

      Beau gadget interactif

      Beau gadget interactif, moment agréable pour les petits et les grands. Facile à utiliser, mais doit être rechargé rapidement. Brancher doucement pour le chargement car le branchement du fil n’est pas de bonne qualité. Pas besoin de toucher l’appareil, seulement mettre sa main vers la direction désirée et il partira dans le bon sens.

    35. mercedes

      FUN for all ages

      Great toy for all ages who just enjoy simple fun- some focus and alertness is required.

    36. Dennis Alfoldy

      Battery life could be better.

      Battery life is a little less than desirable.

    37. Tyler

      Neat toy, recommend for child 7-10

      Battery life is not long, but sufficient. Kids enjoy playing with them but they are fragile. Item does work but needs to be well taken care of 🙂 neat toy for christmas

    38. Deborah T.

      BIG HIT

      Wonderful for 7-12 year olds – they LOVE it and will play nice together

    39. Jacey


      Value for money

    40. Barjil

      So much fun!

      We love tgis little gadget, very cool and so much fun for the whole family. I as an adult even like playing with it. My 3 yr old is obsessed with it. It lights up, it buzzes quite loud. The only downfall is it only flies for a max of 10 mins before it dies. Chargibg time is 30 mins.

    41. S.B.

      mini drone

      This is all of fun. WE all play with it at home. My son loves it and even my dog chase it.It’s good that it’s rechargeable, although it doesn’t last long.

    42. Amazon Customer

      Good product

      Easy to use

    43. BCHearterBCHearter

      FUN! FUN! FUN!

      so fun! Both adults and children can’t put it down!Charge for half an hour, you can play for 10+ minutes! Too little play time? Then buy one more!Hope there will be a newer and better version in the future! I will recommend it to all my friends!

    44. Chey

      Short battery life

      The battery life isn’t the great but it’s cool and my son loves it

    45. Peter A

      short flights, but fun

      This is a fun little drone and does some really interesting auto-piloting. The battery really only lasts a few minutes, but it’s advertised as such and recharges pretty fast. I bought this because I thought my indoor-only cats would have fun chasing it. However, they hated the whining sound it makes, it probably hurts their ears, so I don’t use it. Whenever I pull it out they run and hide. I’m wondering what child I would give it to!

    46. Amazon Customer

      what fun!

      This is a lot of fun and our cats are going nuts over it.

    47. Amazon Customer

      Fun toy for kids of all ages

      Lots of fun to play with. It drove the dogs nuts though…lol.

    48. Amazon Customer

      Fun game

      It doesn’t last very long before it has to be recharged but since it is quite noisy, I am always grateful when it stops. Fun to play with, good for playing with others, too. Once in a while, it bumps against objects even though it is supposed to sense it and go the other way, but for the most part works great.

    49. SyedR

      It is fun to play with but battery and sensors should be improved

      Kids love this and they keep running around with takes a beating too, getting bumped into walls, falling to floor, getting smackedd a few times. but it has stayed, good soft plastic mesh around keeps eyes and faces safe from rotating fans.obviously batter life could be improved. give about 4/5 mins of play and charge is about 30-45 mins.IR sensors need more improvement. has 3 in total, one underneath, and 2 across each keeps calibrating often and flips to do that.Once you let it go, stay away for about 5 seconds for it to stablize then come close to “sense” it away.all in all, 3.5/4 stars.

    50. Rache

      Exactly as advertised

      It might be a bit difficult for kids to figure out to begin with, but once my husband and I got the hang of it, it was pretty cool and worked exactly how it was shown in the video. Quite a neat toy for the money you pay for it. We don’t know how it lasts long-term as we just received it.

    51. Wendy

      The kids have so much fun with them

      Gifts for the kids, 3years to 10 years, even the adults have fun with these,it is a very good price as well and we’ll be get more.every one can join in with all the family fun my three year old grandson uses better than some adults

    52. brooklynroads

      Fun toy for child, and for grownups

      I wanted a simple, flying toy for a three year old, who is too young to use a controller. This lights up brightly, has a soft, encasing plastic cage with the props inside, and needs no controller. It works as described and better than I thought it would. The only negative is not the product’s fault – props make noise. If the child is fearful of noise – my grandchild is – you’ll need to acclimatize them to it.

      2 people found this helpful

    53. Edward Scammell

      The kids love it

      Nothing to dislike at present. The kids love it. It arrived a few days early.

    54. Amazon Customer

      Lots of fun!

      Got this for my son after his first one broke, different brand and style. This one is way better and he’s been having lots of fun playing with it.

      One person found this helpful

    55. Carol D.

      Short charge, but fun

      Does not hold charge for very long, maybe 10 minutes max. Fun to play with while it works though.

    56. maci

      Whatta blast !!

      This is a novel toy so was a hit with each of 3 adult sons for Christmas. All three functioned as advertised. Great play value and cheap enough to be a short term toy. All three still working though. Battery life 5-10 minutes, charges in 40 min from dead. Loud. Totally fun.

    57. Tanguay S.

      Petit jeu agréable


    58. J. W

      Fun but beware!

      So much fun, HOWEVER it flew into my hair and became tangled. Could not get it out. I had to cut it out LOL > and now it isn’t working. It lasted like a week. It was so much fun while it lasted though.

    59. Leslie Dungey

      limited battery

      Grandchildren really enjoy it. Battery life is limited to amount they want to use it

    60. Bushpig



    61. Martine

      Rigolo à voir voler

      Cadeau original, mais quand même bruyant

    62. GulraizMKhan

      Good product

      Good product and kids love it. Just if some better sensors placed it will be a hit hit product. If something that can be worn on the finger that can call or sense the origin of start will do wonders.

    63. Amazon Customer


      AMAZING product. My kids went nuts over it.Was able to use it straight out of the box, no charge necessary.Works like a charm, and the plastic cage around the blades is very flexible so it bounces off of anything it hits.

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