Hit Send: The High Risk Game of Text Roulette


  • Game Overview: Hit Send is a hilarious card game that involves sending outrageous texts, co-created by The Sidemen (KSI, W2S, Behzinga, Tobjizzle, Miniminter, and Zerkaa).
  • How to Play: Draw a letter and number card (e.g., M & 3), find your 3rd contact under M, and other players submit their most outrageous text cards.
  • Winning Points: The DM Don selects a text to send. Sending the text wins a point; backing out gives the point to the card submitter. Receive a reply to earn another point.
  • Game Night Fun: This game promises laughter and chaos, turning your game night into a high-risk, text roulette adventure.

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This twistedly funny, ridiculous card game will bring tears of laughter to game night. Hit Send is causing message mayhem across social media and Youtube after it was co-created and played by The Sidemen: JJ (KSI), Harry (W2S), Ethan (Behzinga), Tobi (Tobjizzle), Simon (Miniminter) and Josh (Zerkaa).

It’s easy. Take a letter and number card, e.g. M & 3. Scroll to your 3rd contact under M in your phone (your best friend’s mom). Other players put down their most outrageous text card. The DM Don chooses which message you should send.

If you send the chosen text, such as ‘Do you ever fantasise about me?’, then you win a point. If you back out, the person who put the card down wins it. Get a reply to win another point. Turn your game night into contact chaos with this high risk game of text roulette.

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