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    Haxtec DND 7 Dice Set Resin Polyhedral DND Dice for Dungeons and Dragons Roleplaying Games


    • These polyhedral dice with white color,the texture is similar to pearl,due to the unique pattern of the surface of the dice,they are creating a nice visual effects from different angles.
    • DND dice made from acrylic,which are waterproof and oxidation-proof,durable and hardwearing,you don’t need to worry that when roll the dice, it is deformed by accidentally falling to the floor.
    • This dice set perfect for RPG games,such as Dungeons and ragons,Pathfinder,RPG,MTG,D&D, Shadowrun,Heroscape,Warhammer,Savage World,Yahtzee,math games,board games,card games and many other role playing games.
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    Haxtec DND 7 Dice Set Resin Polyhedral DND Dice for Dungeons and Dragons Roleplaying Games
    Haxtec DND 7 Dice Set Resin Polyhedral DND Dice for Dungeons and Dragons Roleplaying Games $9.99
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    Haxtec DND 7 Dice Set Resin Polyhedral DND Dice for Dungeons and Dragons Roleplaying Games:

    Haxtec glitter core dnd dice or shelled dice is from our special line of polyhedral dice with special cores.
    This set uses color shiting glitters inside to make the dice more dynamic with a lot of fun in rolling.
    Extremely beautiful and vivid.
    Show us your findings of colors dancing in the air while rolling!

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    Dimensions7.62 × 1.27 × 7.62 cm
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    89 reviews for Haxtec DND 7 Dice Set Resin Polyhedral DND Dice for Dungeons and Dragons Roleplaying Games

    1. Missy

      Very nice quality!

      My son’s girlfriend will love these! So pretty!

    2. Rohan Patel

      People love the purple and Gold!

      I get a lot of compliments from fellow players

    3. lexie

      Sturdy and solid well balanced.

      I loved these dice, they’re super well balanced as well which is perfect because I’m making potion dice out of them!

      One person found this helpful

    4. ASL’er

      nice color

      The smokiness effect makes it pretty cool.

    5. Marffffaaaaa


      These were amazing, price and quality and durability as well. Recommend buying for the price

    6. W. Mark Akchin

      Just as I expected!!

      Nothing to complain about here. These came in just as I expected, and are serving their purpose exactly as they should!

    7. Amanda Scobie

      Beautiful & Good Quality (Teal White set)

      Bought these for a new player in our campaign. He had ever played D&D before and so I thought I’d surprise him with his own dice.He’s a fisherman in real life and so I went with the ones inspired by ocean waves. Teal White.They are GORGEOUS! Absolutely beautiful and I hope he loves them. I will be ordering from here again as the quality is lovely, even the dice bag is beautiful!! And the designs are so so pretty! Jealous of my new player!

      One person found this helpful

    8. Ashley Green

      Very cute.

      These are such cute dice. I like them a lot, but they are slightly oversized compared to the rest of my dice. The D4 is almost twice the size of my other D4s. But I do love their design and feel. I would buy again!

    9. Steven

      Hard to read

      The dice are good quality, but white translucent colour with gold text was really hard to read under moderate lighting.

    10. Mariah Earnhardt

      They are a lot dark then pictured

      They are more of a dark hunter green then the light that I thought it was going to be but I still love them

    11. RobinladRobinlad

      Favorite dice?

      A combination of clear lavender resin and milky-white solid, these look superior in-person because you can better appreciate the view within which the clear resin affords.Comes as a full roleplaying set: d4, d6, d8, d10, d12, d20 and d00, with a small Haxtec dice bag for keeping the dice together.

    12. Tank McStabby

      Color not as pictured, otherwise great.

      I ordered (& received) the black mylar dice. The black material is pretty light/thin. The D20 looks fairly close to those pictured, but the rest are too light. Definitely more grey than black. Still nice looking dice, I really like the mylar core, just not quite the look I expected. I’m still going to order other colors so obviously I’m not THAT put off.

      2 people found this helpful

    13. MarkMark

      Okay Dice, A little misrepresented or inconsistent

      Went with the “teal” set. These dice aren’t bad, they won’t go out and eat your cattle or anything, but they are a bit lacking when compared to the product photos. Looking at other reviewers, this mostly seems to be a consistency issue.The “teal” is more just a light blue, end the gold foil only amounts to a few random specks. They’re also a little cloudy when compared to some of the photos.All that said, they’re still reasonably pretty dice, I just would not have bought them if I had seen them in person. Fairly well inked, the color is nice, if not exactly teal. I think it’s just a “Food Menu Effect” they looked a lot better in the photos than in person.

    14. RebeccaRebecca

      Beautiful Dice But Small Gold Flakes

      The dice I received are beautiful but the gold flakes seem to be a lot smaller than depicted, the dice are weighted well and don’t have any air bubbles. They would make a good set to play with.

    15. Lawrence D. Mcmullin

      Beautiful dice

      They look great I can’t wait to use them with one of my characters

    16. Alicia Van De Kop

      You definitely get what you pay for.

      These dice are serviceable, but the glitter inside is a bit bigger than implied in the photos and isn’t pleasant to look at. But they’re dice and they roll well.

    17. E.s.

      Very Nice

      I bought this set of dice as a birthday present for a dear friend. Friend thinks they are great!

    18. Edward

      Very good.

      As described.

    19. Dillon J.

      Dragon’s Fire!

      I got these as a gift for my brother-in-law. He is fascinated by D&D, Dragons, and fantasy. He had only 1 set of dice prior to this one that was much harder to read. Upon receiving these, he proceeded to inform everyone of the dice and how cool they looked. He couldn’t wait to use them in our next D&D session.

    20. jesslrivera

      Love these dice

      The color in the picture is accurate and looks better in person than I expected. I look forward to using these at my next game night

    21. ShaSha

      Don’t get the red… update…

      The red is not the pretty red they have shown in the picture. It is more of a brown and yellow color, not bright and very dull. It was for a present but we are having to go a different route now….. update: sent them an email and it was quickly addressed with a new set sent that was red and clear however did not receive the set until February. Due to the quick fix from their customer service. I have updated the 1 star review to 4 and was able to give the red set to my nephew.

    22. MoonKnight783

      New campaign new dice

      Started a new character so needed a new set of dice. Standard size and easy to read.

      One person found this helpful

    23. TaylorTaylor

      Excellent Clunk Chunks!

      I ordered the Fox (left in pic) and Polar Sunset (right in pic) dice sets. The Fox set was stunning from the get go: brilliant colors, smooth color transitions, and sparkly throughout. I haven’t ever seen a dice set like Fox before, so kudos to Haxtec for making something unique. My particular batch of Polar Sunset was too dark, which is a common problem with swirled glitter dice that have dark and light colors together. The bright yellow highlights got a bit too muddied by the blue and purple, which was a bummer. I contacted the seller about the Polar Sunset dice and they offered to send me another set free of charge to make up for the defect. They sent me the Mermaid set (middle in pic), which is very vibrant and colorful. I am very satisfied with my purchase and am happy that the seller stands with their product. Will order more when the dice goblin makes me.

    24. Jacqui

      Not nearly as pretty in person

      These dice have a lot less gold shimmer in them in person. Just not nearly as pretty as the picture shows.

    25. Nate

      Less “Moss”, More smokey glitter rainbow

      In real life, the ‘glitter rainbow moss’ color looks more gray than green. I would describe it as smoke colored with a slight olive cast. Other than not being exactly the color I hoped, they seem good.

    26. Stingrhae


      Update: Haxtec sent me another batch of dice to replace the poorly balanced ones i first received. The new ones are pretty good! I did about ten rolls and got a nice spread of numbers. No 20s, but no ones either. I definitely feel better about getting some for gifts in the future.original review: I really love the look of these dice, I just wish they were weighted better. I swear, every third roll is aneight. They don’t roll around a lot like other dice, they just kind of plop on the table. They are stunning to look at, but I’ve switched to playing with other, better weighted dice.I did a dice roll test, and out of 100 rolls, I got 8 20s and only two 1s, which sounds great, except it rarely plays out that way in game. I still have only gotten one 1 in game, but I haven’t gotten any 20s.

      5 people found this helpful

    27. O. Blasingame

      Great set of dice.

      Great set of dice. Just as described and matches the photos. Excellent quality.

      One person found this helpful

    28. Amazon CustomerAmazon Customer

      Pretty Dice, Appropriate Price

      I’m taking a tabletop board games class for my university and needed a set of dice for the class. These are my favorite color so I decided to take a chance with them. I haven’t had a chance to play around with them yet since they arrived fifteen minutes ago but they seem well made enough and will work for my purposes. The bag included is big enough to hold the dice, and the dice initially come in a plastic baggie inside the dice bag. For $10ish, these seem like they should be okay for a tabletop noob’s first dice set.(Pictured with my partner’s headphones for scale, they’re not big dice but they’re legible and I think they’re pretty).

      One person found this helpful

    29. TravisTravis

      Color is not as pictured

      The dice themselves are not bad. Not great, but definitely usable. Like others my biggest complaint is that the color is not at all like the picture. Not even close really.

    30. His daughter

      Beautiful Dice

      Very beautiful dice. The small dice bags are very nice as well. They arrived in good time.

    31. Geek GlowGeek Glow

      As advertised

      The media could not be loaded.

       Update**: click clack goblin bought more. Me thinks click clack goblin has click clack addiction. Orange looks more gold-y in person**I bought the red set and love them! Ordered a few more sets so I may update when they arrive. They are worth it for the price. This click clack goblin is pleased.

    32. kouta

      Amazing quality for the price

      This product looks really good. it’s a good quality, it came with a little thank you note and it’s own bag. I really appreciate the dice and how well they were made.

    33. DD

      Great Dice

      GORGEOUS color – my pictures do not do these dice justice! They seem very balanced too, I’ve played a few sessions with them and they are always varied in the outcome. Playing a tempest cleric in service to a CE sea goddess, so I wanted some stormy dice to match – could not be more happy with these! They come with a nice little bag for storage too!

      One person found this helpful

    34. Dagothwave


      Nice dice, not as much gold as I would have liked, and it didn’t look so fire-like as it did in the picture. Some of the number paint is also a little scuffed.

    35. Francis Cornell

      Absolutely Beautiful

      Great quality, especially for the price.

    36. Victoria

      Great Company

      They have a bit less red than I thought, but the company left their card in the delivery and offered to fix any problems I may come across. To me thats worth 5 stars in itself. Besides that they are well balanced and easy to read. I would buy again!

    37. Kevin B

      Worth it

      All of them are very cleanly made and numbers are as easy to read as I had hoped. Great deal for price including a soft bag with them as well.

    38. AllenAllen

      Great quality, but darker than expected

      These dice are good quality and roll well. I rolled each 100 times and no numbers came up an unusual number of times. The gold lettering is bright and easy to read with no scratches, chips or blobs of ink. I also like how both the 6 and 9 on all relevant dice have the line underneath the number (pictured), which I prefer over the dot I’ve seen on other dice. The dice bag is handy too.My only critique is that the dice are darker than the pictures for my set, the black red and gold flake color. Any dice on a white well lit background will appear more vibrant than in real life. I was hoping that this set would have smoky wisps of red and black in a clear dice, but it’s mostly uniform red and a bit darker on a few faces. The gold still stands out though.

      One person found this helpful

    39. Mellie

      mostly looks like the pictures

      got the blue ones with gold foil and gold numbers and the red and orange glitter fiery ones. the red and orange ones look great, just like the picture – perfect for that fiery look. gonna get some use out of them next time i play a fire themed character.the blue ones are a bit disappointing. they’re not fully blue, they’re like half blue transparent and the other half is clear with gold foil. i’ve previously purchased a similar set with silver numbers that were blue all the way through and the side effect of that was the gold foil looked green. i suspect that’s why these ones are half clear, to preserve the look of the gold foil. they’re still pretty so i’m keeping them.i bought the purple gold foil ones too for a gift, have yet to receive them but i have a suspicion they’ll be the same. haxtec dice are generally quite nice and well made, and being on amazon makes them really accessible. i’ve bought many sets and will definitely continue to.

      2 people found this helpful

    40. ME

      Pretty cool

      I bought these because I thought the picture looked cool but in person they don’t really look like bone they look more like white die that were handled after poorly wiping…

    41. Katie

      Beautiful and quick

      It got here on time and the quality of the product is good, I know nothing about playing dice but I’m sure my brother is gonna love them

    42. Sparkle_Titsworth


      These aren’t terrible. The glitter is heavy on some sides instead of mixed well into the resin. Not sure I would purchase again. They roll okay.

    43. Will Walker Jr

      Beautiful set with slightly inconsistent sizing

      Beautiful set of dice. Great colors and the small sushi inset look great.The only thing is that all of the dice in my set are about 10% larger than standard dice, except for the d6 which is the same size. Now this doesn’t matter to me in the slightest, but if you order this set, and would be bothered by possible size discrepancies, be aware of the possibility.

    44. KK

      They’re…. Goood

      So the dice are fine, they work they were a good fair price. They aren’t really similar to the product listing picture in the way that a lot of them have little to no visible gold flecks. It’s kind of the statement part or the dice and you have to search to find it. Also the color gets lighter as you go from D20 to D4 like the resin wasn’t mixed well or settled or something. I know resin is a tricky but there is a consistency issue here.

    45. Slipflash

      Nice dice set

      Tiny American flags are so cute! Every American or America fan dice goblin will find these transparent dice a lovely gift. Also perfect for patriotic players that vote blue, red or mixed ballots.These are not the worst die I have tried to read. Nor are they the easiest to decipher. I recommend them for eyes younger than 40. Found lots of random rolls during my “testing”.Go ahead and buy them if you like American flags, clear dice or unusual dice designs. They are NICE.

    46. Anthony DiRuzzaAnthony DiRuzza

      Poor color match

      I would say two of the dice o received are a decent representation of the expected color. The rest are just a dark boring mess instead of the nice clear green and purple swirl.

      One person found this helpful

    47. brieahnj

      Color is a ruddy brown

      These dice are not the color advertised. They are a ruddy brown with gold. They’re fine. Round edges make for a slightly chaotic roll for the D20 that is often cocked. They’re fine for a companion dice set but I wouldn’t recommend as primary.

    48. Jon

      Don’t give to your DM

      I have dice to my Dnd party for holiday gifts. I custom picked all of the dice schemes to match the player / character. I gave my dm this one and he immediately rolled a nat 20 and then proceeded to roll well all session. This is a good friend gift not dm gift.

    49. Amazon Customer

      Pretty Dice

      Overall, pretty dice! The color is a bit inconsistent between the different dice shapes. Some are darker concentrated blue and others are more clear with blue swirls. But you can see that that’s how they’re depicted in the product images, so it doesn’t bother me too much and the numbers are easy to read.When I ordered these I knew that they would take a while to get here. When they finally arrived, I was surprised with another set of dice for free! These were an opaque white and black marble and very pretty. I got lucky that they were different from any of my other dice sets.

    50. Amazon CustomerAmazon Customer

      Misleading Item Photo

      Went with the teal colored set. There’s hardly any gold flakes in any of the dice and they are not nearly as vibrant as they are in the photo. Additionally, many of the numbers on the dice have chipped paint or have debris in the indentation. I might have just gotten a bad set but I’m honestly disappointed in these dice

    51. Sheila McLaughlin

      Great gift for my son

      He absolutely loves these. They’re of good quality, design, and the numbers are clear. Happy with my purchase.

    52. Ari Walt

      Secret Santa approved

      I got these for a secret Santa gift who’s dungeonand dragons nerd. She loved these, absolutely thrilled. Beautiful quality, gorgeous color, very easy to read, in the receiver’s words “nailed it”.

    53. FWAaron

      Colors disappointing

      I bought the black and red dice and mine are almost completely red with very little contrast. A couple of the dice really are all red, no black contrast at all. The rest have very little contrast. Color appearance varies, so a little bit of a range is to be expected but QC is apparently lacking.

    54. Lane

      Great Dice

      Good bounce to the material and super easy to read in the Nebula color (black/purple).

    55. xxtpxxofficial

      Good Quality

      The color I chose made it a little hard to read the numbers, with that being said they were the talk of the table. Especially since I kept rolling low. Very good set though, I highly recommend,

    56. Katie ElizabethKatie Elizabeth

      They’re okay

      The media could not be loaded.

       My camera makes these look more glittery than they are. The clear resin part of the dice is kinda cloudy and nice very clean looking. The glitter is very center focused and not dispersed at all. They’re okay for the price though.

      One person found this helpful

    57. Artretha

      Gorgeous dice!

      I’m a total dice goblin, and when I saw a set that was a) in my favorite color, and b) glittery, I had to buy them. Due to the pandemic resurging in my area due to the new strains, I haven’t had an opportunity to use them in a game yet, but I look forward to “breaking then in.”

    58. Paul

      Absolutely stunning

      I really love the swirled effect of these dice. The darker teal color is slightly transparent while the white is opaque. This makes for some really interesting looking swirls where you can see through some of the teal sections to the white underneath.I know the swirls are all random, mine came out with more white than the pictures but they are still very appealing with the high amount of contrast. My d8 is probably my least favorite of the bunch simply because the swirl effect isn’t as strong and it looks more evenly split with 4 dark sides opposite 4 white sides. The d10s and the d20 are absolutely stunning. My applause for the color choice, I don’t often like many two-toned dice as they often just look gaudy, but these dice have a very high quality look and feel to them. Any other set of dice I’ve purchased looks very cheap by comparison.

      2 people found this helpful

    59. Ashley N

      Misleading color

      I was disappointed when I got these. The color is nothing like what’s in the picture. It’s more blue than the greenish teal pictured.

    60. Jazmine barnes

      Damaged when received

      When I got the package nothing was noticeable until I opened it then I noticed the case they came in was smashed on one side and looked like a dog chewed it the dice were fine it was only the case to store them that was damaged

      One person found this helpful

    61. Amazon Customer

      I’m glad I got em

      I got 4 crits the first night I used these and it seems like I never get crits. I love em. It’s possible that the chips inside D20 put it a little out of balance to make the 20 come up more often (not on purpose I’m sure) I use Darkness or Shadow Blade or attack from stealth a lot so I get advantage on a fair amount of attack rolls but I haven’t gotten that many crits in 1 game since I can remember. I love love love them. The D8 rolls high too. Well really they all do except the d100

    62. Claire Usher


      They are really pretty and easy to use.

    63. IsabelIsabel

      Both sets left me dissatisfied…

      So, I bought both the black and the white sets of these. The black one (not pictured) i got a few months back and the color was unevenly distributed, the D6 being the worst since it has the smallest clump of black color. I was slightly dissatisfied since i bought them for my rogue and constantly use the D6 for sneak attacks, but overall they were ok and they grew on me, imperfections and all. Fast forward to the present. I got this white set for my circle of stars druid hoping that I’d have better luck. I got the same problem with the uneven distribution of color throughout the set with some being overly colored and others just not enough. On this one, you can see in the pictures that the D12 has the slightest whisper of white, it’s almost completely clear, while the D4 has 2 clumps of white, one on the 1 and one on the 4. Like with my D6 on the black set, the D4 is my biggest issue since its not even a swirl, just a clump of color. The D12 is sad, it looks like just a basic, clear die. I am really dissapointed with these sets because they really had potential, i wouldn’t reccomend these as a gift since you can’t forsee what you’re gonna get, however if you really like them maybe get two sets, make a decent set from them and keep the ugly ones as spares…

    64. Dylan Alcarese

      Great customer service

      Update: I spoke with Cecilia in customer service about my issue with the dice. She sent me a set of the Teal White dice to make up for it which look GREAT. I am however a bit shocked that there doesn’t seem be any quality control in place to prevent defects in the first place, but overall a good product and great people. Just DON’T get the White Cloud set and you’re good.Old Review: I ordered the white cloud with gold numbers set. Upon opening the nice carrying bag the dice come in, I was instantly disappointed with their quality. each of the dice just has a glob of what looks like glue inside of it off to one corner of the die. I was looking forward to these from what I saw in the other reviews and from the product images but it’s completely different and a big let down. I’ll be contacting the seller and will update with a response when I can.

    65. Katie

      3 of 4 sets look like the pictures

      fully opaque dice. the font is nice.both sets looked great and they were packaged well.the colors were as expected.I bought two sets of two and then split these two sets up to give as gifts to some of my party members.I bought the 2p monster set and 2p lillipop set. the monster dice duo look as expected. the purple pink dice in the lillipop duo look as expected.the green white set in the lillipop duo look more yellow in the pictures. in real life they looked like white and green dice, no yellow and no noticeable blue. so if you want this set for this set, be wary.

      One person found this helpful

    66. Ralex

      Double-check the Photos

      These dice are a lighter purple, so can look pink in neutral or light backgrounds, but they’re very pretty either way! The gold text is very easy to read, even in the gold swirls.

    67. Megan P

      2 out of 3 excellent, some issues with swirl set

      Teal Rosegold foil Dragon and Gemini (dark blue) sets:Gorgeous dice, exactly as pictured, well worth the money and came in a cute little bag 🙂 a few minor moulding issues (the 5 on the D6 was a little funky) but it was only on one die and one letter, very good 100% recommendSwirl set (black):Good, as pictured, however the moulding issue I had with my D6 from another set affected multiple faces of my D20, which I was very disappointed to find was so dark you couldn’t tell that it was swirled, just looked black. this is a problem I have seen other buyers reporting. I don’t think I could recommend this producer’s smoke set for this reason. Most were fine but another customer had 2 dice with this problem rather than one.

    68. Ryan

      Well Made, but Misleading Colors

      These dice are well made, roll well, and look stunning.My only complaint is that I ordered purple to complete the color pattern of dice I am collecting, this is 100% pink, with little to no purple tones in the dice.I’ll still keep them since they look amazing, and you cannot beat the quality for the price point. These would make amazing gifts (they come with their own felt baggy). I plan on buying a set for each of my players as a gift for surviving the first half of Curse of Strahd.Overall, I would highly recommend these dice. If you are not satisfied with the color, it is very easy to make an exchange. But after you feel these in your hand it will be hard to part with them.

    69. Shane Riddle

      Awesome Dice

      I could be pretentious and rave about these but ultimately they are just dice. You roll them and they land on a number the same as any other dice.I’m giving 5 stars because I really like the clear and black color combo with gold lettering. And if that isn’t your style I’m 99% sure one of the other 30 options will be

    70. Penny CenturyPenny Century

      For the most part they’re beautiful but the d6 is very flawed

      The dice as they were designed and intended to be made are beautiful and I like that, for 6 of the 7 pieces, they have the look I liked when I chose to buy them, but the d6 is flawed in that it’s much more pearlescent than the rest, so it literally looks like it came from another set, and on top of that, there is, like, a dent on the 5 side. It’s actually consistently rolling 5s, which is, like, kind of good for me in-game, but unfair to the people I play with and defeats the whole purpose of RPGs. I do well with finesse weapons where it’s the d6 I roll for damage. There are some dice I never use (d4, d8, d12) but the d6 is pretty important to all of the characters I’m currently playing. I’m disappointed with this set because of the d6 but I’m not going to send the set back because it was a good price and I really like the way the other 6 look and on the d20 I rolled a 13 then an 18 which makes me like her (the d20). Bummed about the situation but I guess you get what you pay for. I’ve bought a few really high-end d20s recently so it’s pretty disappointing to see that you really do have to pay a lot to get dice of real quality.

      7 people found this helpful

    71. Emmanuel

      Great dice

      They roll nice, and they look cool when hit with light

    72. Lex


      Couple of dice feel a little less sturdy than the others, particularly the d4, could just be due to the shape. Beautiful colouring and the gold ink for the numbers is gorgeous, perfectly readable and really nice quality

    73. David Slotnick

      Precise Rolls.

      Every roll I’ve had to roll, rolled exactly the number I needed. I wouldn’t roll with any other dice.

    74. ShaunaleiShaunalei

      Lovely set of dice, colors really deliver

      They are just at beautiful and kind of luminous looking in the light as the pictures. My cat approves.

    75. SaraSara


      I realize a product photo is meant to show it off in the most favorable way but… come on. These dice are dull, the resin is poured carelessly (too much black and all pooled on one side), and there is hardly any gold flecks. They aren’t terrible, just terribly disappointing.

    76. Steven J.


      Seem like good, balanced dice. Played with them for the first time and they are great quality for the price!

    77. Shanna HexihashShanna Hexihash

      Not the best quality for the price.

      I really like the color of the dice, unfortunately my d4 is defective. The numbers on the die are also inconsistent, the paint on some of the numbers are pretty uneven and spotty. Edit: After the review I was contacted by a member of Haxtec team concerning my defective die. They replace my d4 with a new one and also sent me a set of complementary thank you dice, which are white and dark green marbled with golden painted numbers (picture above). The Thank you dice has a much better paint job than the set I recieved. I’m very thankful for the replacement d4 as the coloring of this set of dice is very nice and I am currently using them to play my tabletop game.

      One person found this helpful

    78. MakkyZ and OAPV


      Nothing too spectacular but they look good and get the job done

    79. R

      Cute little candy dice!

      They are really cute and a good swirly peach color. I call them my candy die. I’m a terrible roller but others in my party have used them too and we all consistently get different numbers so they seem balanced and well made. I’m happy with them and would buy others of this brand for the pretty clear colors.

      One person found this helpful

    80. GammaT

      Surprise !

      Purchased these as part of a birthday gift for my granddaughter. I had no idea what I was buying. Searched on Dungeons and Dragons and based on the reviews I purchased. Well they were a hot and I was one pretty cool Grandma! I was so happy she liked them (loved the)!

    81. Heather

      Balanced and Cool!

      I bought these for my brother for his DnD and he said they are very balanced and cool looking! A great gift.

    82. Zane Smith

      pretty and roll well

      they roll well, pass the saltwater test, and have given my shadow magic sorcerer the chance to reunite with his long lost brother thanks to their every light except direct sunlight (which makes them look muddy and brown), they’re gorgeous, and the colors show well at different angles

    83. Alex ChletsosAlex Chletsos

      Great Dice

      This is my second time getting dice from Haxtec. My first set was the emerald and silver trim metal dice, also featured in the pictures for comparison. I was very happy with the metal dice, so I decided to try there plastic dice.First thing I noticed was the brilliant color. I got the teal swirl dice which a White color that will fade to teal and then to black in some very nice swirl patterns. And the dice are labeled with gold numbers which contrast from the teal white and black, making them very easy to read. The fact the the font is larger when compared to the font on there metal dice set. Overall I’m very happy with the overall appearance of the dice.One thing to note is how they differentiate between 9 and 6. Normally they are designated with line under the numbers. However with this set of dice it is designated with a dot next to it on some of the dice. Using context clues I figured out that the dot being on the right side of the number designates if its a 9 or a 6. However I believe it is just easier to use line rather than a dot. However, I assume Haxtec made this design decision to make the numbers bigger, and simply didn’t have enough room on the D20 and D12 dice to put a line. It’s your preference whether you like the dot or lines better, but I would prefer if it was consistent across the whole set rather than just have some dice use the line, and others use the dot. This is a minor detail of course, and doesn’t detract from the great quality and design of the dice.Obviously because these are plastic they will weigh significantly less then their metal dice. I find that because they weigh less that it’s easier to control when rolling them. Because the metal dice weigh more they have more momentum when rolling which means they will roll farther than plastic dice. Again this a preference thing, since I am just a player I like the heavy feeling of a metal dice, however I can see that Dungeon Masters would probably prefer players use plastic dice so dice aren’t flying everywhere.Regardless The teal dice feel really nice and smooth in the hand, and sound great when you roll them. It makes for a satisfying experience when playing with them.My final note on the dice is that some of them appear to be slightly bigger then their metal counter-parts. It’s preference whether you like that or not. I personally don’t mind.Overall these are great dice, and I’d recommend them to anyone who is starting off playing Dungeons and Dragons, or any tabletop RPG.Now another thing I should mention that differs from when you get the metal dice is the bag the set comes in. With the Metal Dice you get a PU leather bag with a fabric inner lining. Plastic Dice get a smaller fabric bag. It feels nice and soft however I feel the bag could have benefited from having a stitched logo, rather than a printed one.Still the bag is nice and holds all Dice in it comfortably.over all I believe Haxtec offers a great price for their dice and the bags that come with them, and will most certainly be a returning customer. At some point I think I will try out their glow in the dark dice.I’m surprised more people haven’t heard of Haxtec, because when I brought it up to my friends, who are more experienced in Dungeons and Dragons, they had never heard of it.After using both their metal and plastic dice, I can happily recommend this brand to them and to anyone reading this review.

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    84. Inger P Knudson

      In love

      Being a dice goblin these just fit the bill. Balanced, smooth and sparkly!!Will very likely purchase again and again. Everybody needs these!! Lol

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    85. Zach

      These look exactly the way I was hoping they would.

      The pictures show exactly what is delivered. They are the same great quality as the dice in the pictures. 5 stars for selling exactly what is advertising. I got exactly what I expected.

    86. KieraKiera

      Beautiful! Clear set is balanced! Slight flaws in teal set.

      I bought three sets of Haxtec dice: Clear, teal, and purple. The color is beautiful! The d20 in my teal set is a bit flawed and has very little white, however it has grown on me!***NOTE*** Dice balance doesn’t really matter in a game of D&D. Balance comes into play when a dice is rolling for a long period of time. Unless your are full on roulette spinning your dice in d&d, you should be fine with these!If you REALLY want balanced dice, I did a salinity test on all three sets of the dice. Here are the results:1. Clear set: Completely balanced!2. Teal set: Unbalanced. The d20, d12, and d10.d20: 19.d12: 4.d10: Vertex between the 0, 4, and 7.3. Purple set: Somewhat unbalanced. The d20 and d12.d20: Leans towards vertex between 13 and 15.d12: 8s and 4s.I’m giving 4 stars for the flawed d20, not because of the minor imbalance. THESE ARE A GOOD BUY FOR THE PRICE.

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    87. Zac

      Love them!

      These dice are beautiful and great quality, just like you see in the images. Definitely going to buy more in the future!

    88. Toby

      Pretty dice

      They work well and look cute, great gift for a dnd fan.

    89. DMCalDMCal

      Gorgeous Dice!

      I’ve been gaming a long time and my collection now consists of 1,001 dice. That’s small compared to some rpg players’ collections but I’m proud of it and it’s going to keep growing! These are some of the most beautiful dice I’ve ever seen. Haxtec scores a critical hit!

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