Hasbro Monopoly Super Mario Brothers Celebration Edition Board Game


    • MONOPOLY GAME CELEBRATES SUPER MARIO: Players can buy, sell, trade, and scheme to win it all with this Monopoly board game inspired by iconic Super Mario artwork, characters, and themes
    • FAVORITE CHARACTERS: In this edition of the Monopoly game, Toad houses and Princess Peach’s castles replace houses and hotels. Utilities are reimagined for Bowser Jr. and Magikoopa
    • GAMING SOUND EFFECTS: Press the Question Block to collect or lose coins or to take another turn, and hear classic Super Mario sound effects such as Bowser’s laugh, the Power-Up sound, and more
    • GAMEBOARD INSPIRED BY SUPER MARIO: Board spaces feature scenes and themes that Super Mario fans will recognize including Yoshi’s Island, Forest of Illusion, and New Donk City
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    The Super Mario Celebration edition of the Monopoly game offers action-packed excitement along with nostalgia. Choose from 6 tokens designed with the Super Mario enthusiast in mind, and buy, sell, and trade locations from iconic Super Mario games. It features beloved characters and themes through the years, all the way back to 1985 and the first Super Mario Bros. video game. The Monopoly game features a Question Block with sound effects that can change a player’s luck. Toad houses and Princess Peach’s castles replace houses and hotels. The board game is a great gift for gamers and a birthday or holiday gift for Super Mario fans, ages 8 and up.

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    120 reviews for Hasbro Monopoly Super Mario Brothers Celebration Edition Board Game

    1. Ron Palmer

      Christmas present for grandson

      Game was purchased for a Christmas present for my grandson, he loved it

    2. jasmine

      Lots of potential but they really dropped the ball. Incredibly unbalanced game.

      This board game has a lot of potential. But they must have left the numbers up to the intern.First, the good, and there is some: this game is colorful, the properties are taken from the Mario series, the concept with coins is cool, the question mark button with noises from the game is sweet, and overall my six-year-enjoys it (and that’s really what counts, right?).Now, the criticisms: you should not be able to pay 1 coin for a property that charges 1 coin base rent per visit. With 1 die in play, whoever gets out ahead first is cleaning up all the properties. And with them all paying 100% rent returns it’s basically game over after a few rolls. Literally. If you own a set (without homes/hotels) rent is 200% of the property price.We played this evening and one player went bankrupt before she made it around the board the first time.

      19 people found this helpful

    3. Philip Hahn

      Maybe too good…

      A simplified Mario version of the classic game. Easier set up and faster play. Beat my kid and my GF pretty bad. Now my kid doesn’t wanna play anymore and my GF left me for her ex so, no more monopoly for this guy.

    4. s@nti

      Fairly fun

      Game is somewhat fun on it’s own. The only thing is it does end pretty quickly, unless you make a rule to not buy properties until everyone’s gone around once.

      One person found this helpful

    5. Jad Chahadi

      You should always spend time with your family

      It’s very fun to play!

    6. Lorenzo

      Monopoly Mario Collection

      Did not realize there were so many Mario Monopoly’s plan to obtain them all

      One person found this helpful

    7. ryoko_san

      Good game

      It is the ideal board game to play as a family, it is entertaining and good for young children under supervision

    8. Missy

      Great game for super Mario fan.

      Loved it brought it for the kids they loved super Mario. They had fun playing it.

    9. Mike Alexander



    10. JoyL

      Great for kids

      We had been playing regular monopoly with our 6 and 8 year old boys, but it was a little hard and took so long! This version is much easier for them and can be played in less than an hour.

    11. Donna

      Great Gift

      My grandson is 8 years old and loves this!

    12. Holly

      Family fun

      My five year old loves it. Easy to learn and fun for the entire family.

    13. Eder Moron

      Excelente producto

      La verdad muy bueno aún que viene en inglés es muy básico y no es tan difícil de poder traducir

    14. crystal

      Loved it!

      Loved it everything was like described

    15. EC

      Great Game

      This game is really fun.If you love Mario then this is a fun Monopoly game.I love the ? Block you get to hit and it makes these awesome noises giving you a random chance at earning more coins or losing coins.With all Monopoly game it is a chance game so make sure to just have fun with it win or lose.

    16. Debi Shuman

      Great game for kids who love Mario Bros.

      I bought this to play with my 6 year old grandson who enjoys Monopoly and Mario Bros. His eyes lit up when he saw it. He loves the large question mark cube that makes game sounds and enjoyed the game very much. We had a great time. I recommend for any child that likes anything Mario-related!

      One person found this helpful

    17. CHP Favorite

      Lots of fun and faster paced Monopoly~! FUN!!

      The media could not be loaded.

       Buying because of the Mario theme of course… but put the theme aside. This is actually a pretty fun fast pace Monopoly game. Played together with my 6 yrs old and 3 yrs old.I like this version a lot so is my 6 years old; she like pressing the “?” block. of course sometimes could be deadly, she went bankrupt a couple of times cuz of the “?” block. If you get the “Game over” tone, most likely IT IS game over for you …. LOL6 tokens are pretty cute too, the only complaint I have is I just wish the coins are made of plastic instead of cardboard. But for those who are interested, I do see someone is making these coins with 3D printers and sell it on you know where but pretty expensive.

      11 people found this helpful

    18. Melinda Kronket

      Fun game

      My grandkids love this game. It’s different from the typical monopoly game

    19. Aaron Cruz

      Muy divertido

      Diversión garantizada

    20. JT

      Not really Monopoly

      This is completely different from Monopoly. We are returning.

      2 people found this helpful

    21. Riçh


      great! thanks

    22. Rommel Sealy

      Easy to play

      If you are looking for a quick game that is lots of fun this is the game for you. Bought is for my 9 year old nephew. He loves it. We use this game at family gatherings, loads of fun and laughter.

      One person found this helpful

    23. Libbie Kent

      Highest rating for a great monopoly set

      Bought for in-law who loves Super Mario. Since he’s not seen it before, he was delighted. As always, monopoly does a nice job on its games. Buy it.

    24. Renata Mendes

      Good gift

      Easy to play5 years old and upQuickly then the regular

      One person found this helpful

    25. charles planck

      Super Mario Monopoly

      The game was super fun when I’m playing with my mom and I I I got beat every time and it’s super fun every don’t like gel half of the time

    26. gerson

      Lo compre y no me fije, viene en inglés

      Tener presente que viene en ingles

    27. Ricardo A

      Buen juego

      Un juego muy padre ahora con la saga de Mario bros, me gustó la temática hecha para el juego con el bloque interactivo.Sólo un detalle con la caja que llegó maltratada de una esquina con un pequeño hoyo pero el juego en sí muy bueno.Viene en inglés todo el juego y las instrucciones así que si no es tu fuerte, un diccionario o traductor es ideal para entender cómo jugar.

    28. Tina

      Awesome game


    29. Julietta Ortiz

      Great game!

      I saw this at some other place and bought it here like 7 dollars less. Really great game ♥️

    30. Xorge Cervantes

      Good family time

      Was a gift for my brother in law. He enjoy it completely. Is a hard game, I consider it unbalanced, the last player have a more difficult way. But is funny

    31. Silvino Zapata

      Bonito monopoli

      Llego rápido en tiempo y forma.

    32. Just me

      Looking forward to playing this game

      The game looks to be a game that all of my family will join in ! Can not wait until Christmas and they unwrap it as the kids are Mario fans. Looking forward to hours of family fun with this game. I however did not open the box . I just wrapped it so it was ready to go under the tree.

      2 people found this helpful

    33. Rui W

      Easy to learn as first timer

      My kids are big fans of Mario so this is certainly interesting to them.They haven’t played any other Monopoly games before but they learned how to play this one quickly. Using coins is easier for them compare to paper money.They played with us, by themselves, & taught grandparents to play as well.

    34. eric lujano



    35. Thomas

      Fun and simple version of Monopoly great for any Mario enthusiast!

      I was given this as a birthday present and much to my surprise, I had loads of fun playing it. Unlike regular monopoly, Monopoly Super Mario Celebration Edition does not take long to finish. So far I’ve only played with three others (There’s a maximum of 6) and the game lasted about 30 minutes. Yet it was still really fun! There are only two properties of each color so only one six-sided die is used. It almost has a monopoly jr. feel to it because of the simplicity of the gameplay and because the “money” consists of coins with a value of either 1 or 5. The chance block, which is a ? brick from the Mario world, is a fun addition of random chance to the game that could easily bring life or death for any player. Often my wife and I will play it a few times in a night and sometimes we switch up the amount of coins we each start with to make it more or less challenging. This is a great game that will pride hours of fun for many people for many years.

    36. James Ford

      Very Fun!

      It’s the best of both worlds. Grew up playing both individually. Imagine Mario Party the game but in monopoly form. Our 6 year old loved it!

    37. Alan Gabriel Rodríguez Casanova

      Loved it!

      I loved it, really cute and good quality made

    38. Bill

      Awesome version for Nintendo lovers

      It was so much fun to take a trip down Mario World!This is a must have for any Nintendo fan!

    39. Kindle Customer


      Box to actual game was severely crushed, while outside Amazon box was in perfect condition. I bought for a gift and did not try to return.

    40. hogie

      Fun Game

      My six year old nephew loves this game. He may not play the rules right but he sure likes playing it and he loves the sounds that it makes. Great game for any super Mario lover

    41. Barbie

      Great game

      Grandsons loved the game.

    42. El Maletero Ecuador


      No es lo que se espera de un producto nintendo- monopolio

    43. Ehab

      Turns a 4 hours average game to an hour

      Different way to play Monopoly and a faster one

    44. Perri Stevedores


      Bought for my kid. And after o purchased. The price increased 5 dollars. Lucky me.

    45. Christopher Friski

      Nice and quick

      This monopoly was great, a lot quicker then the original version. Which is great when your kid is being a jerk because he didn’t get to buy the property that he wanted and proceeds to cry about it on every turn.

    46. Franco



    47. juan


      Beau jeau

    48. Busireddy Madhuri

      It has a block it sounds

      I like wow it so exting game

    49. Areg

      Economy is busted

      Economy is soo busted that the game ends before anyone could purchase a house, if you’re looking for a monopoly game this one is certainly not.

      One person found this helpful

    50. Eric Spangler

      Kids love this gift

      I gave this as a gift and they were really excited to get it

    51. SS

      Very happy with puchase

      Brilliant as described

    52. Amazon Customer

      Great game

      Super fun version of monopoly. Both kids (7 and 11) had a blast playing.

    53. Angel

      Great buy

      The game itself is so different but very similar to regular monopoly which makes it even more fun. Big fan if the mystery box button

    54. Alice


      My grandson love this game. Plus he collects Monopoly games.

    55. krista dubose

      Cute game!

      Easy to learn. My teens and 6 YO love it

    56. Steven Lynn

      Happy 35th

      Came with a bit of corner damage on the box, but overall great!

      One person found this helpful

    57. Kindle Customer

      Gift for a nine year old

      The whole family played and loved it.

    58. It’s Me T

      Mario and or monopoly fans: GET THIS!

      I think this is my new favorite version of monopoly. Not even because of the Mario theme but just because of the new mechanics. It’s a LOT faster paced and just super fun!

      10 people found this helpful

    59. Chad Arnes

      GREAT GAME!!! 3 and 5 year old.

      This is perfect for this boy mom household!!!! I have a 3 year old, 5 year old, and my husband. We have played this every other night and it’s so fun! Easy to learn- great for younger kids and goes by WAY faster than the OG monopoly.

      8 people found this helpful

    60. Luis Elizaldi

      great game

      Arrived very fast and before the date of release, but the box has damage

      5 people found this helpful

    61. Holly

      Family fun

      My five year old loves it. Easy to learn and fun for the entire family.

    62. Mario Arcos Gomez


      I loved how it’s like actual monopoly and Mario at the same time it has all of the fun levels throughout the games and all in all its amazing

    63. ryoko_san

      Good game

      It is the ideal board game to play as a family, it is entertaining and good for young children under supervision

    64. S.T.

      Great quick game of Monopoly with a Mario twist

      Kids love pushing the button. Way faster game than regular monopoly. Easy to learn. Great for kids to learn simple math with the $5 and $1 coins thru buying properties, building toad houses and princess castles, selling properties, and getting mortgages.

    65. Damian Fatale

      Real Life Mario Party but even more likely to split up your friends

      Good game. Definitely had some tense moments, but we keep coming back to play it again. :p

    66. Amazon Customer

      Family fun

      Had fun playing with family, easy to learn game and fun for all ages!

    67. edOpp Solutions


      Brought this as a Christmas gift for an 8 year old thinking it would be a fun way to teach money. However, there are no dollar bills, the coins are made of cardboard and have no denominations, and you get bored pretty quick doing the same thing over and over again. It didn’t impress the 8 year old. Plus, there’s no Mario or Luigi player token.

      One person found this helpful

    68. Ramses O.


      Muy bueno

    69. JR


      This was a Christmas gift.

    70. Francisco

      Muy bueno

      Llego todo en orden, completo y en buen estado tal como se muestra.

    71. Leah

      Fun alternative to original

      Lot’s of fun if you are a Mario fan! We play it often now!

    72. Barbara J Sanders

      My 12 year old grandaughter loves this! A huge hit with her sibling also!

      Bought it for my grandaughter for her birthday. Great value for the money. Arrived in good shape. My grandkids played this off and on the whole time I was there, and apparently it is still the favorite a couple weeks later!

    73. carolina


      A mi hijo y a nosotros nos encanto

    74. Lisa Quinn

      Damaged box

      This was purchased for a gift, but the box was damaged.

      One person found this helpful

    75. Renata Mendes

      Good gift

      Easy to play5 years old and upQuickly then the regular

      One person found this helpful

    76. Karen

      Cool game

      The game came exactly as pictured, new in box. Sounds on game work. Great gift.

    77. Star

      Love this monopoly

      A must have if you like Mario

    78. Josée

      Trouve sur amazone

      Wow qualité son on adore mon petit fils 5 ans aime beaucoup

    79. Ryan

      If you like Mario and Monopoly, then get this

      Great for kids! Easy enough for my 4 year old to play.

      One person found this helpful

    80. Julia Lizotte

      Worth every cent

      I bought this for Christmas for my brother It’s really cool even has a mystery cube that makes Mario game sounds

    81. Gloria retana

      Not sure


      One person found this helpful

    82. Rodney Hamelink

      Great game for all ages

      Are some game for all ages. Doesn’t take a real long time to play and get to an end so the smaller children don’t lose interest. The smaller coin denominations let children add and subtract easily. All around awesome game. Play it a lot.

    83. Kayla

      Very fun game!

      My 7yr old loves this game (as well as my 3yr old and ME)! Very fun Mario theme, the question block is a cool addition to this game.

    84. Terry

      Great Game For A Great Price

      Bought this for our grandson who is 7. He loved it.

    85. Saigal Shyamapanth

      Great Family Time

      We love it like anything. Our family tries to play atleast twice a week and we compete with each other to get the colour set. It’s not easy though. So far, only 1 of us has got the colour set. Looking forward to play with 6 players to see how challenging it becomes.

    86. Eric Spangler

      Kids love this gift

      I gave this as a gift and they were really excited to get it

    87. Grandma


      Kids love it

    88. JR


      This was a Christmas gift.

    89. Melody Brayford

      Fun game. Needs an expansion pack.

      Fun game to play. But needs expansion pack, as the game goes very quickly.

    90. RedStorm2214

      Just a fun game

      Just a fun game, it gave the boys something to do during their summer vacation to get them off the screens.

    91. Luis Elizaldi

      great game

      Arrived very fast and before the date of release, but the box has damage

      5 people found this helpful

    92. Kindle Customer

      Great game for kids

      I gave this game to my grandson, age 9, for his birthday. He absolutely loves it. When we were together recently, we played two games with him and had so much fun. He is a real wheeler and dealer!

    93. It’s Me T

      Mario and or monopoly fans: GET THIS!

      I think this is my new favorite version of monopoly. Not even because of the Mario theme but just because of the new mechanics. It’s a LOT faster paced and just super fun!

      10 people found this helpful

    94. Matt

      Fun. Easy. Quick

      easy to learn. faster than regular monopoly. me and my girlfriend play it after cheifing, its a blast. little yellow coin block makes mario related noises (battery operated) that are involved with the game

    95. DND Ozzy E



      One person found this helpful

    96. Dora Ordonez


      Money was poorly made.

    97. Missy

      Great game for super Mario fan.

      Loved it brought it for the kids they loved super Mario. They had fun playing it.

    98. latoya

      Fun game

      I like that it’s a fun game to play

    99. Rudy Hernandez

      Easy to learn.

      Enjoy playing this game with my granddaughters. Loads of fun.

    100. KatD

      Ordered 2 whoops

      Haven’t played it to be honest, but Mario & monopoly.2 brands that are strong in consistency, im confident it will meet all expectations.

    101. Martin Llamas G

      Monopoly celebración en Ingles. Muy bueno

      Es Monopoly. Pero si lo quieres en español lee bien la descripción. Te recomiendo este y el de Pacman que son los mejores.

    102. Lisa Quinn

      Bridge between Jr and regular

      I got this for my 7yo for Christmas. I would say it’s almost a bridge between monopoly jr and regular monopoly. He was able to play with little to no help. It’s much faster than regular monopoly and its Mario! What’s not to love?

    103. Motomom03

      Enjoyable game

      Enjoyable game,especially for a mario fan. Easy to learn.

    104. Danee

      Better for young kids

      Love Monopoly wanted one to play with my 8 yr old and it’s easier and faster but not too easy it’s great.

    105. mirage790

      Fun Family Game for Mario Enthusiasts

      This is a great game for kids to learn about math and money in a fun way. I gave it only 4 stars because the rules need changing. One is still allowed to collect rent while in jail so my husband quickly figured out that if he stayed in jail ( you can’t get out without rolling a 6 if you don’t have a Get Out Of Jail Free card) he got richer and didn’t have any risk of having to pay others rent since he was not advancing around the board, so we changed the rules to no rent collection while in jail but after 3 tries at rolling a 6, if you don’t get one you can pay bail of $2 you to get out got out. We also start the game with twice the amount of money the rules call for to make the game last longer. All in all, a great family game.

    106. Shelia Paschal

      My grandchildren ages 4-14 enjoy playing this game!

      I purchased this for my 9 year old grandson’s birthday and he loves it! My other grandchildren ages 4-14 enjoy playing it as well.

    107. Norm Hasti gs

      A Good Variant Of Monopoly

      The theme is definitely there. I like the question block. It’s a cool feature. It also play alot like standard Monopoly. Good game for Mario fans.

      7 people found this helpful

    108. Jennelle


      Great game. Kids love it

    109. Sébastien Dubois

      Livraison très rapide et beau rapport qualité prix!

      Livraison très rapide et beau rapport qualité prix!

    110. Alicia Coccho

      Love the game

      Box was damaged, and has a hole in the bottom of it and when it comes to games like monopoly you want the boxes in most perfect condition and there is a whole probably 2 inches in diameter!! Wasn’t happy!

    111. Abi Ramanathan

      Good one

      my daughter also loved the game and it is very fun

    112. CarolTecGame

      Very good

      Very good

      One person found this helpful

    113. eric lujano



    114. LLove

      Mario monopoly for the win

      Bought this game based on Mario theme for my godsons birthday. Easy to play, faster paced then regular Mario, like the question block and coins for money. Played with a 7 year old and 5 year old and a couple of adults and everyone loved it.

      3 people found this helpful

    115. Christiane Lemay

      MONOPOLY Super Mario

      Ce joue comme le jeu de Monopoly original. La planchette et toutes les cartes du jeu sont en anglais.

    116. Claudia Elizabeth Mujica Perez

      Juego mario

      El juego es estupendo la vdd me ahorre dinero, es igual al monopoly clásico solo cambia la cantidad de casillas que hay de compra no hay billetes solo monedas y esta el cubo que solo debes aprender el sonido para saber la acción

    117. Amazon Customer

      Great game

      Super fun version of monopoly. Both kids (7 and 11) had a blast playing.

    118. José Gabriel Sánchez

      Buen estado

      Llego en buen estado y es muy entretenido

    119. Harold H.

      Can’t go wrong with Mario!

      Kids loved it! Especially my son who is a Mario fanatic!

    120. GM

      Beat up box

      Item came beat up and not in plastic wrap. The box sides were cracked and it looks like it may have been used.

      One person found this helpful

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