Hasbro Monopoly Fortnite Collector’s Edition Board Game Inspired by Fortnite Video Game


    • MONOPOLY: FORTNITE COLLECTOR’S EDITION: This premium edition of the Monopoly game features artwork, themes, and characters inspired by the Fortnite video game. Game is for teens 13 and up and adults
    • INCLUDES 10 ZINC CHARACTER TOKENS: Players can choose to play as one of their favorite Fortnite characters; game includes Fortnite property spaces and Health Point chips instead of Monopoly money
    • DIFFERENT WAY TO PLAY MONOPOLY GAME: The Fortnite edition of the Monopoly game isn’t about what players own; it’s about how long they can survive
    • BATTLE OPPONENTS: This game comes with 27 Fortnite Outfits with pawn stands for characters not featured in the previous Monopoly: Fortnite Edition game
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    The Monopoly: Fortnite Collector’s Edition game has been reimagined for a Fortnite experience with Health Point chips instead of Monopoly money and Fortnite-inspired property spaces. With 10 zinc Monopoly tokens, players can choose to play as a favorite Fortnite character. Players make their way around the board claiming locations, battling opponents, and avoiding the Storm. The last player standing when all others have run out of Health Point chips wins!

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    35 reviews for Hasbro Monopoly Fortnite Collector’s Edition Board Game Inspired by Fortnite Video Game

    1. Avril

      fast delivery

      A great present for my grandson.Thankyou

    2. DontBuySkyrim

      Nice one

      My brother receive it , he’s really happy

      One person found this helpful

    3. Lachelle Marie Ruiz

      Be patient to learn the rules

      The code for the back bling is through the epic website, not just the console so it’s a little more complicated unfortunately. The game and rules are very unique and looks highly enjoyable. The game pieces were super cute. I only got to skim the rules Christmas Day when things got crazy and had to leave and I later found out that my nephew thought the rules were hard (he’s 11). I think they were only “hard” because this doesn’t feel like monopoly, it truly feels like a Fortnite game (in a good way). I recommend you take the time to go over the rules and play because it truly seems fun to play.

    4. Indecisive Mom

      eh it was ok

      my son prefers pokemon monopoly. This one is weird. You dont have money but health. Instructions to me not that great we were confused on what the wall building was and other spots.

    5. Shawndrizzle


      Not very much like actual Monopoly, but still a really fun game for kids. My son really enjoyed playing this.

    6. Hannah Dylan Harding

      Definitely worth it

      My son absolutely loved his game. We got this one because it has metal guys from fortnite vs cardboard. Love the game as well.

    7. Mason Brasher

      Not Just Fortnite Themed, Actually a Different Game

      This game was great. It is not just monopoly with a fortnite theme; it is actually a completely different board game. It is much shorter than actual monopoly because of the “storm” system. As a Fortnite fan I love the references to the game and all the locations. Easy to learn and change the rules up how you like. For example, me and my friends did a 4 person “duos” mode where we worked together and swapped our properties to each other if one of us was about to die.

      One person found this helpful

    8. Richard E Reed

      Fortnite Monopoly keeps with the Fortnite theme….fun game. My son loves it!

      Fortnight Monopoly is a fun game and slightly different from regular Monopoly. This is to keep with the Fortnite theme. We thought it would be difficult at first, but have played 3-4 games since we got it!! It is fun, especially to those that know Fortnite.

    9. Floyd

      Really fun combo of Monopoly and Fortnite

      I really enjoy playing games. I’ll try almost any game once. I also enjoy both Monopoly and Fortnite, so buying this was a no brainer. I wasn’t disappointed! I have played it many times now and it is so fun. It is my favorite version of monopoly that I’ve ever played!It plays like Monopoly in many ways, but is so much quicker and easier to play. I enjoy having the ability to not have to worry about money. Instead you just have health tokens. You can also attack other p!ayers, which I enjoy being able to do.Overall, I’d give this version of Monopoly a full FIVE stars!

    10. Nay

      Love the different play and perfect for Fortnite fans

      I want to start by giving a shout out to Hasbro. My packaging came damaged and they did send a replacement box as it was a collector edition. I love the different game play for this. No money is involved, HP points like in fortnite. Easy game play and the metal characters are a nice top to the whole game. Awsome gift for any young fortnite player or monopoly collector.

    11. Amazon Customer

      interesting take on monopoly

      My grandson loves this game

    12. Emily Guynn

      Cute fun game.

      My son’s favorite games are monopoly and fortnite so this was perfect. Fun family game. Very nice.

    13. C Smith

      Much better than regular Monopoly

      This is not like playing regular Monopoly, which for me, is a good thing. It doesn’t take forever to play and the rules are pretty easy to understand. You don’t need to know Fortnite to play either. It was a gift for my older elementary school age child and he really likes it.

    14. jean

      Great product

      My grandkids love this game

      One person found this helpful

    15. Luci-Anne

      Son is loving his gift.

      Thank you so much for everything.

      One person found this helpful

    16. Amazon CustomerAmazon Customer

      Has 2 slits on game box

      Opened the box and the game has 2 slits on it.

    17. ET

      Great Family Gift

      Quick delivery, great family game

    18. SometimesMaven

      NOT regular Monopoly rules – thank God!

      Wow! This game is so much better than I expected! We buy and play tons of games both with our kiddo and with our adult friends. I can’t stand Monopoly because it takes hours to lose. I bought this for our 10 YO son who likes FortNite, and was dreading having to play monopoly with him, but I supposed it is kind of a boardgamers right of passage, lol.The board is set up like a Monopoly board and has sets of properties, a jail and Go, but not much similarity after that. The properties match locations in FortNite and have cute, silly names. There is no money in this game – there are only Health Points which are small green plastic coin type objects. Once you run out of HPs, you are out of the game. Last man standing wins the game. It maybe takes 30 minutes to play once you get the hang of it and your game play changes each time based on the number of properties you can claim, etc. There is one number dice telling you how many spaces to move and another action dice that drops boogie bombs, lets you build walls, repairs health, attacks other players, etc.Properties are free if you land on an available one, but then you pay HP to the bank if you land on one that is owned. There are treasure chest cards and storm cards. Storm cards basically render spaces on the board unusable and more expensive to land on. Once you get enough storms on the board, players start dropping like flies. When a player is out, their loot gets dropped on the spot where they died, lol.Super fun game. The is a MUST BUY for your FortNite fans!!!

      11 people found this helpful

    19. Tyler JonesTyler Jones

      Game box damaged

      Game box arrived damaged inside a shipping box that was not damaged.

    20. ShivaShiva

      It’s really fun.

      My son loves it.

    21. kz


      Fun version of monopoly

    22. Chassidy A

      Different but fun! Son loves it!

      I purchased this game for my son for christmas. He loves fortnite and monopoly so we tried out this game. It is very different from the classic monopoly but still fun!

    23. Kevin

      Not really monopoly, but very fun.

      C this game is unlike other Monopoly games in that there are HP points rather than property taxes. The game escalates very quickly as more areas are captured and in a way it’s similar to a multi player shooter game. Definitely more fun with 4+ people.

    24. JociStar

      Loved the “new take” on Monopoly!!

      This isn’t your “normal Monopoly with just a theme change.” There are different rules, etc…to this Monopoly game. I’m mentioning this, because we didn’t realize that when we bought it as bday gift for our son, and our family has really loved the new rules/objectives that went along with the Fortnite theme (instead of having just another Monopoly game with a different theme). The quality of the set has been great! I would definitely recommend you buy this for yourself/your family or as a gift.

      3 people found this helpful

    25. Diana Martinez


      Está buenísimo

    26. Amazon Customer

      Good game to play with a family

      Easy to learn. Fun for the whole family.

    27. Stephanie TStephanie T

      One part was broken. ;(

      One part was broken but the others were ok.

    28. Happy zippy element

      Fun spin on Monopoly with a Fortnite theme!

      Definetly need to read the instructions…it is not Monopoly…my son loves it, we like it because it is easier than Monopoly for the kids. Wish the cards that are to be placed on “real estates” were the same size as the spots…PITA when you get alot of cards on the board. But over all…a great game!

    29. Lorrena TwilleagerLorrena Twilleager

      Great gift for the Fortnite lovers

      My 11 year old son was excited when he got this for Christmas but was disappointed when his favorite piece, the teddy bear was missing it’s head. Other then that the game was perfect.

    30. Amazon CustomerAmazon Customer


      As Mr mutahar says “LMAO” saw the video eneba for $50 so bought the board copped the code and donated it to st Mathews kinda ironic but won’t get into that any way 10/10 COP EM WHILE YOU CAN !!!!!

    31. Oscar Enrique

      Un nuevo Monopoly

      Muy buen juego y me encanta la nueva temática que le dieron a monopoly, una forma de jugar completamente diferente y recomendada. Eso si… está en inglés.

    32. PatrickPatrick

      Collector Edition box arrived damaged.

      I’m happy that I found that game for my son for Christmas but sadly the box was damaged when I opened my package today. The box that was used for shipping was intact so it means it was process as such. Shame.

    33. Pen Name

      Great gift

      Purchased for a 9yo. The kids enjoy playing !

    34. Jaime

      Excelente calidad.

      El producto es de muy buena calidad, al ser edición especial está muy bien, respecto al juego en si las partidas son rápidas y dinámicas.

    35. boomersgang

      Fun Twist on Monopoly!

      While this game has a tiny bit of a learning curve, it’s a fun twist on the original Monopoly game. I love that you don’t have to deal with money. The chips make the game run quickly and smoothly. There’s no fighting to collect all of the same color or dealing with hotels, etc. This game can be played within 25-40 minutes, which is perfect. I got it for my teenage son for Christmas. We’ve played it a few times so far. It’s just long enough to spend some quality time together without getting bored.

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