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Hanayama Cast Hashtag

Created by Mr. Yoshiyuki Odani and Kirill Grebnev, with Hanayama Cast Hashtag puzzle you'll spend hours trying to solve the intense challenging puzzle. Can you take it apart? Now try and put it back together!

Hanayama Cast Dial

Created by Vesa Timonen of Finland, Hanayama Cast Dial puzzle is a compact, pocket-size, tricky, 4-piece cast metal puzzle from Hanayama. Hanayama Cast Dial puzzle is one of over 65 metal brain teasers from Hanayama Puzzles of Japan!

Rainbow Mini Wooden Puzzle Asst.

€3.92 €4.57
Small, colourful, wooden puzzles with a wide variety of difficulty levels. Enjoyable not only for kids but also for mature adults trying to keep their minds sharp!

Hanayama Cast Marble

Easily mistaken for a piece of jewellery, the Hanayama Cast Marble is a gorgeous mind-wracking puzzle. This advanced design is the creation of Bram & Oskar and the key word of this puzzle is "Sphere."

Hanayama Cast Spiral

At first glance, the Hanayama Cast Spiral by Kennet Walker of Rivermore, California doesn't seem unlockable. The five pieces, however, can most certainly be taken apart. The Hanayama Cast Spiral key word is “Spiral”.

Hanayama Cast Chain

The Hanayama Cast Chain is an Oskar masterpiece creation consisting of three metal pieces that can be separated and then joined again in their original form. The Hanayama Cast Chain key word is “Chain”.

Hanayama Cast Baroq

The Hanayama Cast Baroq is an Akio Yamamoto creation consisting of two metal pieces fashion in the image of intertwining Bach melodies. The Hanayama Cast Baroq key word is “Music”.

Hanayama Cast Ring II

The Hanayama Cast Ring II is the second of the 'ring' puzzles. The five separate rings can be taken apart and put back together. This puzzle has five rings, like the Olympic rings, that stand the test of time.

Hanayama Cast Enigma

Hanayama Cast Enigma was patented in America in 1975, and has delighted and frustrated many people since. The key word to Enigma is "Twist". Don't use too much force!

Hanayama Cast Duet

It takes as much coordination to sing a duet as it does to solve Hanayama Cast Duet. At first glance, it looks as if there is only one ring hanging from the grid but there are in fact two rings attached with a magnetic force. Take them apart and put them in various places on the grid.

Hanayama Cast Nutcase

€11.11 €11.77
With most of the inner workings completely hidden, Hanayama Cast Nutcase is almost like a physical logic puzzle, challenging not just your hands but your mind to gather clues and wok towards a solution.