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Funko Pop! Jumbo: Villains – Maleficent Dragon

Original price was: $44.99.Current price is: $35.99.

  • Fueled by rage, Maleficent has transformed into a dragon. Add the Jumbo Pop! Maleficent as a Dragon to your collection of Disney Villains.
  • Vinyl figure is approximately 10.75-inches tall.
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Funko Pop! Jumbo: Villains - Maleficent Dragon $44.99 Original price was: $44.99.$35.99Current price is: $35.99.
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Fueled by rage, Maleficent has transformed into a dragon. Add the Jumbo Pop! Maleficent as a Dragon to your collection of Disney Villains. Vinyl figure is approximately 10.75-inches tall.

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Dimensions 7.62 × 5.08 × 4.44 cm

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35 reviews for Funko Pop! Jumbo: Villains – Maleficent Dragon

  1. Sinister Serenade


    Maleficent is my favorite Disney villain so I was really excited to see this Jumbo Pop! released. It’s pretty impressive in person with excellent detail and Pop! adorableness in jumbo size. So much about it is perfect and exactly what I hoped for except for one thing. The glow in the dark feature of this Pop! is just… not… there. The flames, tongue, notrils, and eyes are all meant to glow. They will not glow at all unless you set a light directly against them for a long period of time. I mean like, a flashlight pressed against the surface that’s supposed to glow. Even then the glow is still ridiculously weak.Yes, I have unboxed it and it’s displayed in our living room where there is plenty of lights sources, both natural and electric. I’ve had it sitting out for nearly 2 weeks now in constant light and it still has not picked up enough “charge” to glow in the dark. Put a flashlight right up against it though, and you get the faintest glow when the lights go out. I’m disappointed enough in this feature that I can’t bring myself to give it higher than 3 stars. 🙁

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  2. Samantharyan

    Just as expected

    In love with this Funko pop. Came in great condition

  3. Jessi Noel

    Love her

    She is perfect I have her under a UV light right now to see how she glows.

  4. skaterchickskaterchick

    Packaged well!

    Happy with the way it was packaged!! Already displayed with my other pops!

  5. robert-anthony leap



  6. S. Reid


    Huge, beautiful, and glows in the dark. Got it cheaper than the version that doesn’t glow in the dark found in the stores! Super happy!

  7. Amazon Customer

    Does not glow

    Item is much bigger than I thought it would be, I have regular sized funko pops and one larger one so I thought it would be the size of the larger one but it’s easily twice as big as that one. Which is good but no clue where I’ll have room to put it now. I am very disappointed that it does not glow however. I gave it ample time to charge in the light but still does not glow

  8. Anthony Sotelo

    Excellent collectible

    Bigger than I expected. Must have for the Maleficent collector.

  9. Amazon Customer


    Just ok the box little damage

  10. Drumsalot

    Great design

    The design is definitely incredible. I first saw this in a game stop and ordered it on Amazon instead due to the glow effect as part of our Halloween decor but I am quite disappointed. The glow paint is very dim and there are just globs of paint (that at first glance made it look like scuff marks) covering the Maleficent dragon figure. My wife and I were really excited to get this in but we wish we would have just gotten the one from game stop instead.

  11. vickivicki


    Pre Ordered awhile ago and sorta forgot about it.. It arrived today .. I didn’t realize how big it was going to be! It’s really cool and will be a great addition to my funko collection.. All the green and yellow areas glow in the dark!

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  12. Abigaillindsay

    Took over a year to arrive

    This pop is great and I love how big it is but I cannot get over the fact it took over a year to arrive with 0 communication.

    One person found this helpful

  13. jrdjrd

    Glow paint disappointment

    As you can see in the photo the glow in the dark paint job is terrible for the Amazon exclusive Maleficent as compared to the smaller one that blows fire. So disappointed.

  14. J. M. WardripJ. M. Wardrip

    Biggest pop I have

    I don’t know who bombed the ratings.I really like my new pop

  15. Odysseus

    Amazing! Strong glow; good size when paired with Maleficent

    Arrived today, double-boxed and in perfect condition (important for a collector who keeps the packaging); higher than I expected, but pairs very nicely with the 4” Maleficent. Very happy.

  16. Denise A DeLeon

    Great Funko pop, i was surprised at the size of it

    i was surprised it was so large for the amount of money it cost, great value!

  17. Jorge ibarra


    Llegó dañado el artículo y lo devolví

  18. Hailey


    I Love it!!!!!

  19. Kindle Customer

    Amazing. Love it.

    Have waited for a year for this opo. The detail is amazing. Glow doesn’t last long but still love it.

  20. Pablo Antonio Romero

    Excelente pieza

    Llegó muy bien empacado, y más rápido de lo que estimaba

  21. Amazon Customer

    Good for the price!

    I am in love with this item. Is better than what I expected!!! I really thought it would be smaller, but to my surprise is great for the price. I am so happy with this product.

  22. Michael Flores

    A Powerful & Imposing Disney Dragon

    As a fan of both Disney & Funko collecting, I absolutely adore this dragon Maleficient Jumbo Pop! figure. Highly detailed, with a great purple & green color scheme that not only glows in the dark, but also has cool accents when viewed with a blacklight.Highly recommend & cannot wait to see what other Disney villains come down the line. I would definitely love a blacklight version of this pop, @Funko!

  23. Nanette25


    Magnifique pop je suis heureuse d’avoir craqué je ne regrette pas, elle est grande et les détails sont vraiment superbe, je l’ai exposée sur ma bibliothèque ça rend vraiment bien.

  24. Eduardo

    Me encanta!

    Tiene un buen diseño y funciona perfecto como ornamenta de halloween si eres de los que sacan sus funkos de la caja

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  25. Tim LievrouwTim Lievrouw

    If only it glowed….

    Only the base on my Amazon Exclusive Glow in the Dark Maleficent Dragon actually glows. The eyes and mouth do nothing under blacklight, uv light or sitting in the sun. Am I the only one with glow difficulties?

  26. Eric

    It’s a Pop what else u need to know?

    So happy that they decided to make this character into a POP, and at the right price too.

  27. Cas


    Big funko pop that I didn’t know was gonna be big when I first order it. I only did so cause one, glow in the dark, who doesn’t like glow n the dark stuff; and two, Maleficent.I liked her way before Angelina Jolie made her popular lmao but mostly I like dragons.It does glow in the dark, my only complaint is that one eye ball wasn’t properly brushed/painted so the spot is noticable when it glows. I opened it way to late because it sat in the box for a bit since I didn’t have room to put it up.Now that I did, I think it’s too late to return it. So eh, guess I’m just gonna have to get use to one eyed glowing Maleficent lol

  28. Kevin M.Kevin M.

    Amazing Glow!

    Shipping and supply chain issues caused a lengthy delay between when I ordered this pop last year and when I received it! Overall, I’m very happy with this figure. The details are amazing, and the glow is such an amazing detail. Some small dim patches on the glowing parts of my dragon, but overall very impressed. A fantastic addition to my collection.

    One person found this helpful

  29. Chris Stocks

    Perfect for the Disney Villain Collector.


  30. Karen


    This is a beautiful glow in dark.

  31. mirkomirko



  32. RB

    It looks so cool!

    I bought this as a gift for a Maleficent fan. It looks so cool, I thought about buying another one for myself. lol The POP was nicely protected and it glows in the dark as described which is a feature that wasn’t available when I went to buy it from a box store.


    Quality piece

    The media could not be loaded.

     Really surprised about the size a bit. I find it very impressive. Detail is awesome

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  34. Rorie D Lion ‘(oo)’Rorie D Lion ‘(oo)’

    Bigger than I imagined

    Me and it are shown here in reference for size. It’s not the average FunkoPop. He’s BIG. I haven’t removed him from the box. It’s really cool he glows in the dark. I forgot about it and turned the lights off. Made me jump a second lol. Totally worth it.

    One person found this helpful

  35. Shelley


    She came in the original Funko packaging and then Amazon but it in there own box to ship it. Came mint and she fits in with my Blacklight collection.

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