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  • Your dream of becoming a Trainer is not out of reach! Catch this Pop! Games Sylveon to add to your S9-Pokémon collection.
  • Vinyl figure is approximately 4.19-inches tall.


Your dream of becoming a Trainer is not out of reach! Catch this Pop! GamesSylveon to add to your S9-Pokémon collection. Vinyl figure is approximately 4.19-inches tall.

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  1. Michael HuardMichael Huard

    La boîte est endommagé…

    Entant que collectionneur, il est très important pour la valeur de ma collection que toutes mes figurines soi dans un état parfait.. je comprend le risque de la livraison, mais la boite Amazon était intacte. Ce qui veut dire que le produit était déjà endommagé avant la livraison…

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    Michael HuardMichael Huard

  2. Miguel Miguel

    Good condition!

    The item came in mint condition, thank you!

    Miguel Miguel

  3. John Young

    Fairly good.

    Arrived early, and nearly perfect condition. Box and small bend and dent. But nothing major. Was packed very well.

    John Young

  4. Amy L’Estrange

    It’s perfect

    I love Sylveon, I was so happy they released this Pop

    Amy L’Estrange

  5. April C.April C.

    Damaged box. Poor handling.

    As a collector, it’s super important for the boxes to be in decent condition.

    April C.April C.

  6. Kira

    I’m in love with Sylveon I could cry

    It came in perfect condition like everything from the box to the tails are perfect okay. Colors are on point, cuteness is off the scales like !!!!!!!!!! She’s absolutely worth every penny I paid. Literally in my top 5 favorite Pokémon I could cry


  7. Honesty

    Adorable, added to my Eevee collection

    I’m not a “Funko Pop” collector. In fact, I even take mine out of box & throw the box away. But I am a huge Eevee fan. I already had the original Eevee with the 3 original evolutions so when I saw this was being released, I pre-ordered. Looks adorable. Love it in my collection. The price was right($11.99).

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  8. Andrea

    So cute!

    I just love it and it’s little smile!


  9. Tiffany

    My son loves it

    I have been looking for this funko pop since November finally found it for Easter came in perfect shape and it made my sons whole day


  10. Erika D. Richard

    Omg!!! Super cute!!

    So cute! Love it in my collection! Came bubblewraped and mint condition.

    Erika D. Richard

  11. SarahSarah


    It came in perfect condition, and soo cute.


  12. Victor


    It’s perfect. Another added to my ever growing collection of funko pops.


  13. Andree a.

    Très bien emballé

    Très bien emballé, la boîte est arrivé intacte. Cependant, je ne crois pas que ce sois un vrai, mais tout de même adorable dans ma bibliothèque.

    Andree a.

  14. Julianna.VJulianna.V

    Finally got the pre-ordered!

    Almost two months since I pre-ordered it, and I was super excited to get it. I love the Funko Pop, especially Sylveon being adorable. It came in perfect condition! This was worth the wait! :)PS:The clear box doesn’t come with it, I forgot to take picture of it without it.


  15. Amazon Customer

    Perfect addition to my collection

    Perfect additon to my Pokemon pop collection. Box arrived in pristine condition which is important to me seeing as I collect them.

    Amazon Customer

  16. Grant H.Grant H.

    Cutest pop I’ve ever gotten

    They’ve really are stepping up their game with funko pops!

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    Grant H.Grant H.

  17. Sydney Kidd


    This item took months to ship out to me. It was originally a preorder, and after the release date still took months… once arrived though, it was cute. The painting on it isn’t perfect, but that doesn’t bother me too much.

    Sydney Kidd

  18. Jazzy


    Arrived undamaged and looks great! Finally a sylveon pop figure!


  19. Luis A. Pantoja Calderon

    Its great!

    I got this item as a pre-purchase for my GF because this is her favorite Pokémon and she’s been playing Pokémon Arceus a lot. It got delayed for a couple of weeks, but it did arrive and its super cute!

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    Luis A. Pantoja Calderon

  20. Briana Marie

    Finally, a pre-ordered FUNKO that came ON TIME!

    So happy this came on time! Sylveon is my daughter’s favorite! Can’t wait for the other Eeveelutions to get Funkos!

    One person found this helpful

    Briana Marie

  21. Efrain A Manotas C

    Few paint defects

    Amazing Funko, sadly it came with a few small paint defects but still ok.

    Efrain A Manotas C

  22. Martí Herreras

    Bonito pero…

    Es muy bonito, pero para el precio que tiene tendría que venir impoluto (27,90€, el doble de su precio normal) y más siendo un producto funko donde la caja si está dañada pierde valor (la caja tiene una abolladura en la parte de atrás como si hubieran doblado la caja, y algunas esquinas de la caja levantadas), el funko en sí es lo esperado aunque tiene pequeñas manchas negras, supongo que es normal los fallos de pintura.

    Martí Herreras

  23. Julio


    It was excellent


  24. Nicolino coppola

    Molto gradito

    Bel regalo per il compleanno della nipotina che ha molto gradito

    Nicolino coppola

  25. Sarahi Carolina DiazSarahi Carolina Diaz

    Box came Damaged

    Good thing I wanted it out the box, but I want to share for those who want to box collect. Box came ripped and smashed, literally got it out the box like that. The brown box came damaged too, so not sure if it was delivery that caused it but item could have been wrapped more carefully. Think it was because it came in boxing peanuts and not bubble wrap. The pop itself is very cute and nicely detailed, but again, if you’re a box pop collector I would be wary.

    Sarahi Carolina DiazSarahi Carolina Diaz

  26. Sherinda

    My favorite pokemon

    It’s a good pop. Sylveon is my favorite pokemon and I was happy to see it as a pop.


  27. Marissa McCrady


    I collect Funko pops. Great for my collection.

    Marissa McCrady

  28. Noelle

    So cute!

    I love this figure, sylveon is my favorite Pokémon!!


  29. SariSari


    Llego muy rapido y en muy buen estado. Es muy bonito, excelente compra


  30. Lakota McDermitt-Bailey

    Great product as long as you weren’t part of the pre-order then delay fiasco.

    Great product, shipping was a hassle. It was an initial pre-order and then ended up being a month and a half late. Also had to work with Amazon on giving me the original price as it increased after the release.

    Lakota McDermitt-Bailey

  31. Ryan

    10/10 Purchase Traa

    Great item, highly recommend.


  32. Rylee Mahler


    I just about died, despite me dressing the polar opposite of girly Sylveon has always been my favorite Eevee-lution it’s just so cute…and girly like I love the other Eevee-lutions but this ones adorable I pre ordered as soon as I saw it and it can keep my Flareon company now

    Rylee Mahler

  33. CaptorRaptorCaptorRaptor

    Gluttony ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

    Great, now release glaceon, umbreon, leafeon, and espeon

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  34. Cody EdwardsCody Edwards

    It great pop for your house^^

    great item^^

    Cody EdwardsCody Edwards

  35. Taylor

    had a small flaw

    fast shipping. so cute! the pop itself had just a small flaw but other than that, great quality


  36. bebe1613

    Cute pop

    Slowly adding the eeveelution pops to my colection. Such a pretty pop


  37. Manuela Manuela

    Perfect condition (both the figure & the box)!!

    The Sylveon Funko Pop is beautiful. The colours are nice and the paint job is excellent. In addition, the box came bubbled wrapped and there is not a dent or scratch in sight. Overall, 100% pleased.

    Manuela Manuela

  38. pinky4squishy

    Perfectly perfect

    Perfect had no problems. Totally giftable. Beautiful pop.


  39. Leila Leila


    The product was perfect, except for a little dent in the paint.

    Leila Leila

  40. Bambi

    Perfect condition, fast shipping

    Item arrived quickly and in perfect condition.


  41. Emilee




  42. Aurora Nicholas

    Looks great from the front! But….

    It’s absolutely adorable and looks great from the front! But mine has a lot of blemishes, the paint is worn completely through on the back in a few places, splashed where it doesn’t belong, and one of the back legs looks genuinely dirty. But it is absolutely adorable and for the money I spent I can’t really complain too much! I bought it to live on my desk after all!

    Aurora Nicholas

  43. Kenzie Jones

    Smashed and paint defect

    My box came smashed in and there is bubbling paint on the pop figure.

    Kenzie Jones

  44. TaylorTaylor

    Box arrived damaged, but Funko unharmed

    Super happy I could finally get this Funko, but it’s unfortunate that the box came damaged. This isn’t the first time I’ve had the Funko boxed damaged when ordering on Amazon so I kind of expected it. Only real way to ensure perfection is to buy it in person. Nevertheless I am happy with this purchase and I certainly recommend getting this one because it’s so cute! Just keep in mind that it may not arrive in pristine condition.