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Fingerlings are cute baby monkeys who love holding onto your finger and know when they are being petted, talked to and even hung upside down! These interactive pets have over 40 animations and SFX, including blinking, blowing kisses, swinging by their tails and talking in monkey babble! They come in a variety of colours including white, black, pink, purple, blue and turquoise. Adopt them all and have even more fun monkeying around! Clap your hands twice and your Fingerlings will sing together - Collect them all!

Fingerlings Baby Monkey Assorted comes in a variety of colours including turquoise (Zoe), purple (Mia), black (Finn), Blue (Boris), red (Bella) and white (Sophie)! Please message us if you would like to request a specific Fingerling with your order or we will send you whichever one strikes our fancy.

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