Fascinations ICONX Silver Dragon 3D Metal Model Kit


    This 3D metal model kit comes unassembled with easy to follow instructions. Once built, you have a stunningly detailed, etched 3D model of ICONX Silver Dragon. No glue or solder needed. Simply follow the illustrated instructions and pop out the pieces from the sheet and connect them using the tabs and holes. A specialized tool kit or tweezers are the recommended tool for building the kit. This DIY model kit is amazing for keeping both your brain and hands busy, with a museum quality end result.

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    Fascinations ICONX Silver Dragon 3D Metal Model Kit
    Fascinations ICONX Silver Dragon 3D Metal Model Kit $29.99
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    69 reviews for Fascinations ICONX Silver Dragon 3D Metal Model Kit

    1. JonesyJonesy

      Great model

      Great little model. Around 10 hours to assemble, really taking my time.

    2. Kathy

      Five Stars

      super cool and challenging model.

    3. Kenneth D’Alessandro

      Fantastic looking when complete

      Just finished it yesterday. Fantastic looking when complete.

    4. Lovesdogs

      Five Stars

      Love this type of puzzle

    5. Briar

      He said it turned out great — his wife said it was one of the …

      I bought this for a friend who collects Metal Earth figures. He said it turned out great — his wife said it was one of the more challenging ones he put together.

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    6. K.C.


      Challenging project. Splinded when done.

    7. Anthony Dees

      Five Stars

      Got it for my daughter. It took her 10 hours to assemble. However, she loves it.

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    8. SweeneySweeney

      If you did the red dragon, do this one too!

      The red dragon was my first metal model and was what addicted me to these. Now over 100 models later I finally decided to do the silver dragon. With the exception of a few different details these are exactly the same putting together. Which is fun! Well worth the money. I left pics of both for comparison, the only difference is the head, color, and tail. Now I have 2 dragons and am very happy about it.

      5 people found this helpful

    9. LadyBroadzillaLadyBroadzilla

      Came just fine looks as advertised! Is a gift.

      Looks Awesome! Can’t wait to get review after nephew puts together. Is a gift.

    10. Sarah

      Awesome product!

      This is a bit of a pain the neck to put together, but the end product is very much worth it! I highly recommend this!

    11. Robert

      Not for beginners

      Not for beginners, very challenging

    12. Joseph Nash

      Five Stars

      Given as a gift.

    13. Unicorn

      great model/puzzle

      Looking for a challenge, model cars have nothing on this beautifully made product, very difficult to master the art of shaping the parts, suggested looking up tools before buying and order those as well, you will need them, as the locking tabs are tiny, this will absorb about 2-6 days depending on your working times and skill level.

    14. Madbrewer

      Five Stars

      Great item, price was better than the hobby store and delivery was fast

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    15. Phyllis L. Meyer

      Great for grown ups.

      Fantastic fun, but needs preside hand tools. Tiny pieces and excellent appearance.

    16. Roman KlimenkoRoman Klimenko

      My introduction into the world of Metal Earth

      When I first got it I was a bit worried realizing it was not for a beginners. But since I’m not a new to miniature modeling in general I accepted the challenge. I didn’t force it working on it while there is desire. One hint of frustration – leave it for the next time. Otherwise you make mistake that will take longer to fix. This way it became my meditation during a long ‘corona-time’ work meetings. I din’t have a goal. I’ve enjoyed the process.With time I’ve sorted out the tools – pliers with lips I thinned using mini tool grinder, tweezers, cutter. While I don’t wear glassed I found magnifying glass as a very handy here. Oh, and a good light.I must admit the quality of the product. Given the miniature sizes I didn’t find 1 piece I had to adjust. When dealing with plastic airplane modeling I’ve got used to a necessary step 1 – cleanup and fixing minor defects before assembly.Bottomline, I’m into the game. Thank you Metal Earth!

    17. Shawn Todd

      A lot of fun to put together!

      Was a lot of fun to build for my first model like this and now it looks great sitting on my desk

    18. Anon

      Mildly challenging, fun build

      Bought as a gift for someone who needed a bigger challenge than Lego kits. Packaging made it easy to identify what was being built, and it was challenging without being overwhelming. You do need tweezers on some of the small tabs.

    19. Mr. BMr. B

      A good challange.

      Excellent details and 100+ parts, hope they make more like this in the future. Took twelve hours to finish and the result is one gorgeous metal beast. Would not recommend to someone starting out with this type of model. Even some of the simple 90 degree bends are on tiny parts. If you are clumsy goof make sure to have a strong magnet handy. These tiny metal bits have a habit of disappearing. The included tweezers are a bit too broad for some of the connections. Using a small knife I was able to get tabs folded over on some of the space restricted parts. I have gotten away with using markers and pencils with other kits. Ended up using nut drivers to get the shapes right.Tools you will need:Fine tipped tweezers.Round objects in sizes between 5mm – 14mm.Needle nose pliers.Flush cut wire cutters.

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    20. FernandoFernando

      Lovable dragon

      I’m so in love with the dragon, it was hard to assemble but wprth the effort, I highly recommend it for spending some free time

    21. kathi brown

      amazing detail

      only for an advanced modeler but wicked cool and worth the work

    22. Megam Wesolowski

      Nice challenge, looks great!

      Being a puzzle fiend, I bought this for myself to pass time and add another dragon to my growing collection. It took me about 8 hours to complete and was well worth it. The instructions are clear, everything goes together pretty easily, and the finished dragon looks great, with a really nice, shiny finish. I wouldn’t recommend it for kids, as it requires quite a bit of dexterity and patience and there are some pretty sharp parts, but anyone 12 and over will be thrilled.

    23. Tristan

      Love it!

      I’ve loved these metal models for years now, and I was extremely excited to put this one together. It did take me a few days to assemble (Actual working time, maybe about 6 or 7 hours), but it was well worth it and I am very happy with the results. It looks great and I’m very proud to showcase it on my shelf! I don’t recommend this model to people who don’t have experience with other metal earth models – it’s very easy to break something if you aren’t careful – but if you know what you’re doing it’s an absolute blast to build.

    24. Rose

      Five Stars

      Great !

    25. Morgan Sweet

      Good product!

      Was very easy to put together, just took a few hours.

    26. Kelli Parks

      Very impressive!

      I got this for my husband who is obsessed with dragons. It did not disappoint!! He doesn’t recommend it for beginners unless you have plenty of patience and deft fingers.

    27. Varena

      Best birthday present ever!

      I bought this as a birthday present for my friend’s kid. I know this is going to seem unlikely, but once assembled the dragon came to life! Suddenly he began to move on his own. Before I knew it he was talking and relaying the story of his kind. His name is Fred, he’s originally from a small town in the mid-west; for security reasons I can’t divulge where. Apparently an evil sorcerer cursed his kind to be statues and toys. A true believer can break the curse during assembly, my friend’s kid is just such a person. So now that we know dragons are real, we’ve decided to dedicate our lives to the preservation of the species. We’re going to be traveling to the dragon homeland to study with their scholars. Such a life changing purchase, highly recommend!

    28. Cynthia Ross

      Five Stars

      My son loved building this and we all love the finished product

    29. Glenn Skinner Jr.

      Follow the instructions and you can not fail

      I love building this model I done it 5 times now it always looks really amazing but it is really challenging to build but worth it in the end

    30. brad

      look awesome

      first “3d metal” kit ive ever done, this was a bit of a challenge to learn on, but worth it. only had one tab pull off on me but that was all my fault, few hours every day after work for like a week. others have done it faster but like I said, first one for me and didn’t want to mess it up. girlfriend loved it (present for her I wanted to make)

      One person found this helpful

    31. Dave

      seriously its kind of cool.

      a metal dragon model, seriously its kind of cool.

    32. Saraphenah

      Fun To Put Together

      Liked the fun putting together, cool outcome

    33. SRA

      pleasant distraction

      The completed dragon looks nice. It was a good project for a husband recovering from major surgery. He could put this and other metal earth puzzles together on a lapboard. There are lots of pieces in this one and some are tiny. I’d start with a simpler metal earth puzzle before doing this one.

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    34. Dennis


      One of the more difficult to construct,but beautiful when finished.

    35. Aimee



    36. Jacqui

      Try it!

      Comes with an extra set of leg pieces just in case you screw it up. I found it helpful to use cylinders (ie pens of various sizes) to bend the body pieces into circles. Directions are reasonable to follow. This is my second metalearth model, so I am not a veteran but found it straightforward to build.

    37. R. Takeshita

      She loved it. It was very detailed and looks beautiful

      This was a Christmas gift for my daughter. She loved it. It was very detailed and looks beautiful. Word of caution: some of the parts are extremely small.

    38. Tawnae

      Great gift

      Bought this for a 13 year olds birthday. He had it together within two days. He loved it

    39. Kelly Slater

      Engaging, Challenging, Fun

      Loved working on this piece- it had a lot of pieces and the challenge made this puzzle very engaging. I am a huge fan/collector of Metal Earth models, but I think this one has been my favorite so far

      2 people found this helpful

    40. gm


      super fun and loved that the instructions were color coded. I’ve done a lot of these and the dragon is my favorite. would definitely purchase again

    41. A.M.

      Recipient loved it!

      Bought as a gift for someone who loves dragons. He was looking for 3D puzzles, but when I saw this I thought he might like to give it a try. He absolutely loves it! It is a difficult model, and there were a few extra tools that were needed that had to be bought separately. However, he has had a great time with this so far and I’m sure there are many more he will want to try.

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    42. Nitin Kakkar

      Nice puzzle

      Very Nice puzzle, take lot of patience and focus to build

    43. JTBJTB

      This is my favorite piece to date

      This is my favorite piece to date. Putting the piece together can take awhile, probably a good 6-8 hours. Make sure you have varying width dowels or something ( I just use pens) for the tail pieces.You also really need a pair of angled fine point tweezers (see photo) to access the metal tabs when small sections come together. This piece comes with a nice set of tweezers, but you will definitely want a fine point pair too. You also REALLY want a pair of flush edge snips to get the pieces out, did one without these and it was not fun.Also, just as an FYI, I did the red dragon version of this from Piececool thinking the only difference would be the color. It was not. The face on this piece is way more detailed. Also the tail on this piece is a single spade, while the red dragon has a 3-point tail.Definitely get this piece if you have the basic tools to make it easy. You will not be disappointed.

      41 people found this helpful

    44. Bruce

      Five Stars

      Love it!!!

    45. David


      Product is as described. A little smaller than the pic presents but ok.

    46. Bill G.Bill G.

      Well Worth the Work!

      Likes: beautiful!! Laser cut to perfection! Good but not great instructions.Dislikes: could use a bit more information in the instructions. All you need do is: take your time, took me about 20 hrs, all totalled. TEST FIT as much as you can to get the tabs lined up and make sure it is facing the right way also,… the part/s. Be exceedingly patient.

    47. Lucky Lyndy

      Not an easy build but worth all the effort

      This was a gift for my husband. He is used to making models by Metal Earth, but this one was really hard to build. He never gave up and it turned out to be a real show piece. 125 pieces and most of them really really tiny.

      2 people found this helpful

    48. Whitney

      This was a great product that took a few hours of time to …

      This was a great product that took a few hours of time to make and it was a great experience! You will need a pair of needle-nose pliers in order to get certain curves in the sheet, but other than that, the instructions were clear and easy to follow, with a few extra pieces of the smaller details just in case you mess up which is nice. My only qualm is that it doesn’t entirely stand upright, the model leans a little bit to the side even after a bit of adjustment, but it’s not incredibly noticeable. A great quality product, which opened my interest in Metal Earth’s other products.

      One person found this helpful

    49. sgal

      Five Stars

      It looks cool. It’s a Xmas gift.

    50. Jenny A

      I loved assembling this metal earth dragon

      I loved assembling this metal earth dragon, not too difficult and has lots of pieces. It looks really cool when completed. My favorite so far!

    51. Mike

      Hobby Time

      Metal Earth is my new hobby. Love it

    52. JMP

      I loved it. It took some time but directions were …

      I loved it. It took some time but directions were easy to follow, loved it.

    53. Amazon Customer


      Wow! This turned out amazing. Didn’t have a whole lot of difficulty with it. Took my time about couple hours a day for 3 days, took breaks about every 30 mins. I recommend for someone who likes the Metal Earth puzzles.

      3 people found this helpful

    54. Amazon Customer

      Love Metal Earth projects

      Fantastic instructions for a gorgeous project. Not for beginners though, definitely advanced only.

      3 people found this helpful

    55. Wayne Sandoval

      Five Stars

      Arrived as stated. Daughter loves it.

    56. Contractor GregContractor Greg

      Best one ever

      My daughter asked for the toughest metal puzzles since she has been building these for about a year. I should point out that she is a 19 year-old mechanical engineering student and excels at puzzles. It is her favorite so far and asked for more. This one is only for experts or you will be frustrated but if you are good you will have the best model.

      15 people found this helpful

    57. Kindle CustomerKindle Customer

      Worth it

      Excellent gift, beautiful when finished. Only for the patient. The one who this was for is nearly 14, and extremely patient. Very happy with the results. A real challenge. Took two days on and off.

    58. Wesley G.

      This is so much fun to build and it is very satisfying to see …

      This is so much fun to build and it is very satisfying to see it finished. My only complaint is that it is very fragile, so if you want to put it in your car and take it somewhere, you need to be very careful. It does take a lot of time and patience but it is definitely worth it in the end.

    59. Kathi S. Monnig

      Five Stars

      My son found this challenging took him most of a weekend.

    60. Matthew Thomas

      It wasn’t perfect when I finished

      This was my first try at one of these and it was challenging. It wasn’t perfect when I finished, but would have been if I knew what I was doing and was more patient. I broke one of the spikes on the face, one of the spikes on the tail piece was loose and I was afraid other pieces were going to pop apart when I was squeezing things tight.Some advice, it’s not easy not is it something that can be done rapidly. Be very careful dislodging pieces, some break easy; however, breaking a piece is not always bad and can easily be recovered from usually. Be especially careful putting the head together.Follow the instructions verbatim. I tied to do some stuff out of order and had to retrofit which is a huge pain to go reverse.You want to twist the tabs into place whereever possible vs bending them. This is huge because twisting pulls the pieces together and is harder to dislodge. As you are working items can come dislodged because of pressure and twisting and sometime a previous tab can no longer be fixed as it is blocked.All of the problems I had were self induced. The instructions were good and it is very high quality.

      16 people found this helpful

    61. Mari

      Five Stars

      It was a gift and enjoyed building it

    62. Ryan T

      My 14 year old girl loves it

      She had fun putting everything together. It’s a bit more challenge than the 1500 pieces wooden puzzles 🙂

    63. Jason Humphries

      Dragon Slayer!

      I’ve done many Metal Earth models but always wanted to do this one as it just looked so impressive. Now under coronavirus lockdown I’ve got time to kill, so took the plunge! This took around 11 hours and was a pretty straightforward build. There were a couple of very difficult bits though – the eyebrows and attaching the legs to the body at the end were particularly fiddly! I would not recommend this model for beginners. It is definitely mid-to-advanced. The end result is just awesome though – the centerpiece of my metal earth model collection!

      One person found this helpful

    64. The Muffin Top

      … got this for a friend of mine who is super into dragons

      I got this for a friend of mine who is super into dragons. I was a little concerned that she was going to assemble this in no time, looking at the number of pieces. But she was working on this through both the AFC and the NFC championship games, and still hasn’t completed it yet. She says it is time consuming, yet enjoyable. I would buy more metal models from Fascinations, as they are clearly worth the money for the amount of time the user will be working on it. A+

      2 people found this helpful

    65. bdlk

      These are pretty difficult and require patience

      These are pretty difficult and require patience. You almost need needlenose pliers and small wire cutters. They look great when you’ve finished. This contains 3 sheets and is probably middle difficulty in the iconic and metal earth line.

      2 people found this helpful

    66. Daniel

      Experienced people only! Hard to assemble, but so beautiful it’s more than worth the effort!

      Really tricky to put together but absolutely worth it! You will need more tools than you think. Really good fine-tip metal cutting pliers. Some fine-point needle nose pliers, various size round objects to roll the peices into shape, and something small and skinny that is also long enough to reach inside the folded parts to bend down tabs. Also you will need smaller and better tweezers than the the ones that come with this model. I knew that when buying it though so it doesn’t affect my rating. All in all this model is totally worth it. It’s hard to put together, but so absolutely beautiful when you finish it. I would buy again!

      3 people found this helpful

    67. Kate Z.

      Not extremely difficult, just complex

      I’ve been self quarantining for awhile now and decided to get this for myself to pass the time. I’ve been creating sculptures and building things out of wood and other materials for 3 years now so I thought this would be a nice challenge. This piece took me roughly 7 hours to build. It was a very fun project that kept me thoroughly entertained and now I have a beautiful display piece to show for it. This was my first metal model kit, or model kit of any kind, and I got a bit worried when people said it was extremely difficult. If you have a knack for building and creating things I say regardless of the difficulty as long as you have enough patience this is definitely a good purchase.

      One person found this helpful

    68. Natalie Abigail Mitchell

      Looks awesome and was very fun!!

      Super fun to build and turned out AMAZING!

    69. Zheng Tu

      Our son-in-law built it and loved it.

      Bought it as a gift; our son-in-law built it and loved it.

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