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Work with your kids or race against them as you tear apart your house and scour your backyard for all of the items on your list in the Family Scavenger Hunt board game.


Scrounge around your house, or tear apart the neighbourhood as you try to be the first to find a random assortment of objects in the Family Scavenger Hunt board game. Whether you’re playing indoors or outdoors with your friends and family, this game has options for kids, adults, inside, and outside. So pick whether it’s kids vs. adults, adults vs. adults, kids vs. kids, or some combination of the bunch, make your list and hunt down the objects before the other team!

Teams each take a turn spinning the giant spinner to determine how many item cards they’ll be drawing. Once the hands have been drawn, play begins as each team scrambles to find as many of their items as possible. The first team to find their items wins the round, the winner of the most rounds wins the game. How many rounds you want to play and where you want to play is entirely up to you!

Family Scavenger Hunt comes with 140 kid cards (70 indoors and 70 outdoors), 140 adult cards (70 indoors and 70 outdoors), one giant spinner board, a pencil, a pad of paper, and instructions.

Family Scavenger Hunt is a fast-paced and active family party game for 2 or more players ages 6 and up. Each round of gameplay is approximately 15-30 minutes.

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