Family Guy: Stewie’s Sexy Party Game


    You’ve always heard of and saw Stewie’s sexy parties on Family Guy, but what does it take to actually be invited to one? Find out when you and your friends play Family Guy: Stewie’s Sexy Party Game!

    Family Guy: Stewie’s Sexy Party Game is fast-paced word game in which players take turns to play the role of Stewie, the host of the party. That player will determine the theme of the party by spinning the spinner and then drawing a party card. A party card will consist of uncompleted sentences that the other players must fill in. The guests of the party, the other players, will help throw the party by playing word cards from their hand to fill in the blanks on the party card. Guests will score points in the form of martinis by collecting sets of Family Guy characters on their word cards. If the guests together agree that the party card matches the theme of the round, Stewie will score points! The party ends when the martini runs out, and the player that has the most martini wins!

    Family Guy: Stewie’s Sexy Party Game is a hilarious and fun party game that will surely make your sides-split and offend your friends and relatives! Can you throw a great sexy party that you will never forget?

    Family Guy: Stewie’s Sexy Party Game is recommended for 4 or more players, ages 14 and up.

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