Fab Pals Rylee Owl Plush 11”

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Fab Pals bring a little extra fabulousness to playtime with luxe plush fur that makes these animals as fun to look at as they are to hug! Rylee the wise and graceful snowy owl is a 11” plush with an elegantly soft and shiny silver beak and clawed toes.


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  1. Amazon Customer

    It very soft

    I bought this for my first Grandson’s first Easter it was a hit!!

    Amazon Customer

  2. r vickery

    Wonderful product for children.

    Great for kids

    r vickery

  3. Anna M

    Even little boys like it

    My grandnephew loved it! He couldn’t stop playing with the eggs in the basket.

    Anna M

  4. David J. Weaver

    Gund does it again

    This stuffie is too cute, soft, and huggable. My granddaughter will love it

    David J. Weaver

  5. Beach Mom

    Adorable Penguin

    My grandson absolutely loves it. It’s like a little playmate for him that he interacts with. He’s 4 months now but he has had it since he was 1 month and still enjoys it.

    Beach Mom

  6. Amazon Customer

    Favorite present of the season!

    I bought this for my two year old nephew and my six year old niece “watches” the puppy when my nephew naps. It’s an amazingly well made toy and the favorite gift of the season!

    Amazon Customer

  7. Bobby Muela


    My girl loved it

    Bobby Muela

  8. Shelby


    It’s perfect for the price and is absolutely adorable! Very soft too. Happy I seen it 🙂


  9. GermericanGuy


    This was a gift for someone. They absolutely loved it. It’s so cute!


  10. Sara

    Adorable !

    Purchased this for my Aunt with dementia. She loves it and it has been good company for her. The noises are very realistic. I am very happy with it and appreciate how much pleasure it brings to her.


  11. Marcey

    Soft and cuddly

    My daughter loved it.


  12. lisa k.

    Adorable, quality product & quick delivery!

    Super cute Gund plushie ! I received this in a day and it was packaged nicely in a box! My daughter is going to love this!

    lisa k.

  13. Julie not Julia

    Adorable puppy great for any age.

    I got this adorable puppy for my elderly mother since she can no longer look after a pet of her own. She really likes it and it is was definitely a more affordable option when compared to other animated stuff animals. You can hear the motor when it wags its tail, but I feel that it’s an acceptable level of sound.

    Julie not Julia

  14. Nicole

    Snugglie Easter Bunny

    My niece loves it! Carries it all around with her! It’s so soft and cuddly!


  15. Lu

    Lovable toy!

    It plays gengle little sounds when the head and face are touched. Soft and lovable toy!


  16. Leo

    Perfect Easter gift

    Good quality.


  17. NYNUT

    Fuzzy Easter bunny

    Adorable. Super soft stuffed rabbit.Eggs stitched into the basket, but can be moved a little.It was a quick & easy gift fix for small child. That loves bunnies!!Nice Easter bunny gift.


  18. Diannegg

    Happy Little Girl!!

    3 year old granddaughter “love him” She is happy so Nana is happy!!


  19. Browniepointe


    Perfect for Easter baskets and the eggs come out.


  20. T.Herrera

    Easter bunny

    So cute,. Excellant value for $. Well made


  21. Kirsten Melton

    Beautiful and soft!!

    Loved the bunny, so soft and beautiful!!! Great gift for Easter!

    Kirsten Melton

  22. Lambe Family


    My son just loves him!!!

    Lambe Family

  23. Hazel Detweiler

    Perfect for photos

    This was super cute in photos but baby was frustrated bc the eggs don’t come out.

    One person found this helpful

    Hazel Detweiler

  24. Jen

    Great deal

    My a little boy like it so much. And I got it in a great deal. Thank you


  25. nir

    my daughter really liked it

    great as a gift


  26. Kevin K

    Soft and Cuddly

    He’s very soft and cuddly. He feels high quality, especially for the price I got him for. Love his hair!

    Kevin K

  27. Amazon Customer


    Purchase this for my granddaughter after a trip to the zoo. It was perfect! She loves it.

    One person found this helpful

    Amazon Customer

  28. Sammy & LeAnn


    I mean it’s a Slothicorn, need I say more. It was a gift and was perfect for the little one who loves both of these things. You should have seen the smile. Perfect!

    Sammy & LeAnn

  29. Julie


    My grandbaby loved this and it was soft. I should read things a little better because I thought this would be bigger.


  30. Valerie

    Very soft.

    He is very soft and huggable.


  31. jason

    Great gift

    My granddaughter loved it.


  32. Cynthia

    Easter Bunny



  33. Phyllis L.

    Very Cute Bunny

    Perfect Easter gift for my Granddaughter. She loved it.

    Phyllis L.

  34. Kristi

    You will LOVE it!

    This bunny is super cute and really soft. Made a great addition to our Collection.


  35. L. Weber

    Great gift!

    Bought this for a unicorn-obsessed granddaughter. She LOVED it. Her older sister likes sloths so this was the perfect gift for the 4 year old. So soft, the perfect size and very cute.

    L. Weber

  36. Jillian

    The softest and sweetest little puppy!

    Purchased as a gift. Definitely a hit. You can’t beat Gund quality and the animation makes it so lifelike for little ones. Even my dog was convinced!

    2 people found this helpful



    Adorable with super cute spikey hair and very soft

    One of my twin 7 yr old girls is obsessed with sloths. She has an oversized one, but she forgot it at her dads. This had just arrived, and she is full of smiles again!


  38. Jennifer Blanchette

    So cute!

    My 1 year old loves it! She kisses and hugs it all the time.

    Jennifer Blanchette

  39. Cecilia

    Super Soft Bunny w Baby Chick & Easter Eggs!

    My grandson LOVED this super soft Easter Bunny, PLUS an Easter chick & Easter eggs! This was a great 3 in 1 stuffed animal! Thank you!


  40. Jim Turcoliveri

    Very cuddly.

    It is difficult to write a review for this product because the product is a gift. Other than it’s appearance I can not review it completely.

    Jim Turcoliveri

  41. Carmen Lopez

    Perfect toddler gift

    This was the perfect gift for my granddaughter. She carries it all day so she can watch the ears flop. She loves it!

    Carmen Lopez

  42. DSP

    Great gift for 2 year old grandaughter

    Snuggly and nice puppy noises, not annoying


  43. Danstepper

    Interacts well.

    Cute and cuddle. Mic does not repeat well.


  44. shane

    My son loves him

    My son loves this stupid looking owl. So while it creeps the hell out of me, the fact that my son loves it makes it a perfect purchase.


  45. Shelley Spear

    Cutest Baby Penguin

    I bought this for my ten month old grandson for Christmas. I was thrilled with all aspects of it. Soft, cuddly, cute voice and songs. Not annoying like some talking, singing toys. It even blows kisses with its little wings. I love it!!

    Shelley Spear

  46. PattyJ


    I got this “bunny” for my granddaughter, she loved very much. Would buy again.


  47. sf

    Great quality toy, realistic.

    Great quality and very realistic sounds


  48. L. Keller

    Cute and cuddly

    My two year old niece loves to hug and pet this puppy!

    L. Keller

  49. Evelyn Hernandez

    Perfect for Easter

    Great size, quality, beautiful.

    Evelyn Hernandez

  50. Jeanette F.

    the cutest stuffed animal i have ever seen. The grandkids love it!

    Very soft, adorable sounds that aren’t too loud like some.

    Jeanette F.

  51. debs53

    Unique Pastel Sloth

    This adorable, soft, pastel Slothicorn doesn’t surprise me being from Gund. It’s so unique and is loved by my one-year-old granddaughter! I looked specifically for a Gund and they never disappoint in value or quality!


  52. Peter S Carlstedt

    UPDATE: Makes baby smile a lot/ stopped working after 1 month

    Great toy friend for the little one! Soft and engaging. Cute voice, cute look.UPDATE: 1 month after minimal use for my 2-3 month old, it just stopped working. Can’t be the new batteries! I am upset because this should last longer, especially with this hefty price tag. And can’t return it because it stopped working a day after Amazon’s return window closed. What timing!

    Peter S Carlstedt

  53. Barbara L. Ruse


    So adorable. I bought this for 4 month old baby’s 1st Easter and he loved it. Grabbed ahold of it and didn’t let go. So soft and cuddly.

    Barbara L. Ruse

  54. Roberta M. Brannan

    Love it

    I bought this as a Christmas gift for an elderly friend, then after non stop cuddling and playing with it… I ordered one for myself. Guess I’ll give her the new one though. LOL It soft and makes realistic sounds when you hug ir or pet it. Great buy.

    One person found this helpful

    Roberta M. Brannan

  55. Paul

    great toy – you’ll even love it!

    Both my boys love this, 5 and 2 – a lovley comforting cuddly. It’s the softest toy we have and don’t worry, its super durable!


  56. David Granzin

    It works. Helped dog get up the stairs.

    Useful size, very effective. Dog seemed to get used to it pretty quickly.

    David Granzin

  57. lizalyo

    Love this guy@

    I purchased this little guy as a gift for my 4 yr. old granddaughter who loves her plushies. It is cuddly soft, has an adorable face and is not too big, not too small…he’s just right!

    One person found this helpful


  58. Amazon Customer

    Love it’s soooooo soft and cuddly

    Gund is and always has been the best stuffed animals

    Amazon Customer

  59. Pulkit

    Great while it lasts..ours lasted 6 months

    Gifted it to my niece. She loves it but the toy has stopped singing or moving after 6 months


  60. Donna Chapman


    This was such a hit with parents at baby shower.

    Donna Chapman

  61. Vanessa Gilileo


    She loves it

    Vanessa Gilileo

  62. anita fiandaca

    It’s exactly what I wanted

    It’s just adorable. I bought it for my grandson

    anita fiandaca

  63. Rodolfo Solis

    Cute Easter Gift

    My over 1.5yr old daughter loved this toy, if she was older she would probably appreciate it more

    Rodolfo Solis

  64. VICKI H

    Cute bunny

    My granddaughter loves this bunny. It so cute and soft.

    One person found this helpful


  65. stTeresyah

    It’s a bunny!

    It is a bunny. The color as true to the picture and it’s soft. Much smaller than I expected. It is an ok Easter gift but don’t think it will be lasting for a long time.


  66. A shopper

    Adorable easter bunny plush toy.

    Adorable easter bunny plush toy. Bought it as a gift for infant niece to enjoy once she turns a year old. Very soft and no small loose or glued on pieces that can pose a choking hazard. Overall great deal.

    A shopper

  67. TBSessions


    Delightful and lovable toy that gives hugs. Exceptionally sweet and adorable.


  68. EarlyChildhoodEducator

    Adorable, durable, and whimsical

    This is super soft, cute, and entertaining to a baby without being overly mechanical. Very cozy and cute how it sings and plays. I love that when you squeeze it’s flippers you can either have it “play” or sing a song. My daughter loves this toy!


  69. A

    super cute

    It is super cute and soft. My daughter loves it for her birthday.It is small and pricey.


  70. Amber R.Soderstrom

    Easter cuteness

    It’s definitely a cute Easter decoration.

    Amber R.Soderstrom

  71. cakefixeseverything

    Awesome bunny!!

    I absolutely LOVE my new bunny. I bought it for myself and I still have it out for decoration because I love it so much. Thank you for my awesome bunny.


  72. Gina F. Collins

    Cute pink gorilla

    My five year old was very pleased with this stuffed animal – unique color, cute and high quality.

    3 people found this helpful

    Gina F. Collins

  73. Amazon Customer


    This plush bunny is super soft and of excellent quality. My daughter is absolutely thrilled! It is larger than we expected.

    Amazon Customer

  74. 3kids here


    Adorable accent to a gift, and usable on it’s own as a decoration.

    3kids here

  75. Sam

    Incredibly soft wonderful quality highly recommend

    Incredibly soft wonderful quality highly recommend


  76. Joe

    Cutest most lovable soft toy

    So soft


  77. Zalo5

    Daughter won’t put it down

    Daughter barely puts it down. Cute, plush, it’s a gund high quality.


  78. sooz

    Love it

    I bought 2 more to give to friends.


  79. Diana

    Super soft

    What a cute little unicorn sloth! It is super soft and perfect size for a child to hug and snuggle with. My daughter just loves her unisloth!


  80. Donald Rought

    Perfect Easter gift

    Perfect size and price for gifts. Soft and cuddly

    Donald Rought

  81. Amazon Customer

    This is a great toy for babies. Very cool.

    Granddaughter really took to this toy. Sings along and gives it hugs! What joy.

    Amazon Customer

  82. Nina

    Best gift for babies

    Every time I give one plush from this company the child keeps the doll for life!


  83. J+A

    Baby is a huge fan

    Adorable little penguin that makes my baby squeal with joy. It is still a favorite toy after 3 months. For the price, I wish the penguin sang and said more.


  84. Thanys Barroso

    lo más lindo que hemos comprado

    Hermoso peluche de pascua excelente regalo para mi hija en navidad y cumplidores con la entrega

    Thanys Barroso

  85. Jessica

    One of the cutest and softest stuffed animals ever!

    I bought this adorable, super soft slothicorn for my 6 year old daughter and she loved it! It’s a great gift for children of all ages, especially if they are into any animals that have the “unicorn horn”. It is definitely a well made, high quality product, but the one thing I would suggest is to lower the price some to make it more affordable for families or parents to buy for their children. It’s a perfect size for a child to cuddle with… not too small and not big either! I would recommend it and even though I do feel it’s a little pricey, at the same time, it’s well made and worth the money. You get what you pay for in this case for sure!


  86. Wendy Coffman

    Best Treasure Truck Deal To Date!

    This has to be the softest, cutest bunny ever! The basket being plush too made it even more perfect!

    Wendy Coffman

  87. Monica B

    Easter bunny

    My two year old granddaughter really enjoys her bunny. She takes her everywhere!!

    Monica B

  88. divemom


    My big girl loved it. Perfect size for my grown up baby


  89. Cynthia a Robbins

    The little man loved it..

    Was bought as a gift for Easter for my coworkers little boy…

    Cynthia a Robbins

  90. Nick

    The wings come up to blow kisses. It’s adorable.

    My son loves penguins. He had just started blowing kisses before I got this. He gets so happy and blows kisses back to it or kisses the beak. Much better than the elephant one.


  91. KK

    Cute owl

    My niece loves this cute soft owl

    2 people found this helpful


  92. Bradley R.

    Simply the Best!!

    It’s a GUND…what else do you expect. They are the best!!!

    Bradley R.

  93. Crystal

    Cute toy

    My 1 month old loves this. Love using it for tummy time and he coos and laughs at it constantly.


  94. North Fork Happy

    Sweet puppy

    Very cute and soft.

    North Fork Happy

  95. JC

    Terrified my toddler

    So this is just our experience, but this thing terrified our two year old. We got it as a Christmas present and she initially was very excited, until she touched it and it barked and moved. She screamed and ran and refused to get within three feet of it all day. Eventually we had to hide it in the closet but she’s still talking about it weeks later. All efforts to reintroduce her to it have been unsuccessful; I’m pretty sure she’s traumatized and is convinced it’s possessed or something. Ymmv.


  96. Julia Sanders

    Slothicorn Snuggles

    So cute! A sloth and a unicorn! Great mint color and rainbow mane. Perfect size for my 7 year old to carry around and snuggle.

    Julia Sanders

  97. Penny Spinner

    Very soft!

    Smaller than expected but Santa got my 6 year old Granddaughter’s top gift!

    Penny Spinner

  98. Erin O.

    Cute, Soft and Snuggly!

    The Easter bunny brought one of these for each of my girls, ages nine and four. They both loved them! These are well made and very soft and snuggly. I highly recommend them!

    Erin O.

  99. An HONEST, Customer


    My granddaughter LOVES THIS STUFFED GUND animal!Psssst, and so does this grammy! Incredibly soft!!!

    An HONEST, Customer

  100. Brenda

    Entertaining to watch

    Our granddaughter loves watching this penguin, Keeps her entertained.


  101. Rut

    Good value for money.

    This Gund was bought as a friend for a Cocker Spaniel that lost his brother, his best friend and companion. A Gund is the best toy friend one can have, even if you are Cocker Spaniel that likes to eat.


  102. Nadine Lee

    So soft. A bit loud when it makes its noises, but very cute

    A gift for mr 2 year old grandson

    Nadine Lee

  103. BERESCO

    Super soft and cute

    I was really impressed with the quality. So soft and nice. My son absolutely love it, and takes it everywhere with him.

    One person found this helpful


  104. Belinda Faughn

    Baby shower gift

    Bought for a baby shower. Crib safe for new born and so cute.

    Belinda Faughn

  105. エメラルド




  106. KHD

    Buy it!

    Cutest puppy ever! Kids love it!


  107. Sharon Greene

    My grandbaby loved loved it.

    The Gund penguin was a Christmas gift for my grandbaby. The mother said it was so soft and loveable and the baby fell in love with immediately after batteries were put in. If she loved it im satisfied completely.

    Sharon Greene

  108. iris70

    Large label that sticks out!

    Delivery was delayed – one ear wants to stay up while the other ear flops down – tail is not fluffy – biggest problem I have with this is the huge tag on the bottom! It sticks out – supposed to have the “care instructions” on it – if you can figure out what the pictures mean! I can’t!

    One person found this helpful


  109. Aidan Kubesh


    She loves it

    Aidan Kubesh

  110. J. Gannon

    Soft and adorable

    I ordered this for my one year old niece. It’s so cute and soft! The color is very pretty. I thought it the price could have been a little lower but I loved it and so did my niece!

    J. Gannon

  111. Donna G. Davis

    Very soft stuffed Bunny!

    Great quality stuffed Bunny. My grandson loves it!

    Donna G. Davis

  112. Desiree Ayub

    Soft and huggable

    Super soft and huggable. My girl love it and like to randomly grab it and walk around with it. Only issue is I only bought one. And sometimes the twins will fight over it. Should of bought 2. I have learned my lesson. Totally worth the money and the quality is well worth it.

    Desiree Ayub

  113. Karrie Newman

    Worth the price!

    Adore able and durable!

    Karrie Newman

  114. Katzlover1

    A great value!

    This bunny was so soft and squishy! Definitely very huggable. A great value for the price. Arrived in time for Easter.


  115. Mindy D.

    So soft and cute!

    Super soft and adorable. It’s not super big, so it’s easy to store after the holiday.

    Mindy D.

  116. Amazon Customer

    Great toy

    My son loves this toy

    Amazon Customer

  117. Lisa Louttit

    Very happy

    Soft and adorable. Our 6 month old grandson loved it

    Lisa Louttit

  118. Katinka

    Our kids live and are enchanted with this Gund

    The littlest boy sits across the chair arm and watches and listens to this with enchantment in hiss eyes. He quickly learned how to push the foot to get it to play again. While the music might ruffle an adult listening to it endlessly, it is all good for these little ones to hear good and positive “I love you” messages.


  119. karin

    Que al receptor del regalo lo haga feliz

    Vivo fuera de USA y fue excelente regalo para enviar por pascua de resurrección a mis nietos ,que viven en California


  120. Amazon Customer

    Favorite present of the season!

    I bought this for my two year old nephew and my six year old niece “watches” the puppy when my nephew naps. It’s an amazingly well made toy and the favorite gift of the season!

    Amazon Customer

  121. sf

    Great quality toy, realistic.

    Great quality and very realistic sounds


  122. Gene Rinaman

    Top quality

    Gund products are always the best quality and very cute. Never a bad choice to go with Gund.

    Gene Rinaman

  123. Teri


    Granddaughter age 1, loves this puppy!


  124. miriam lopetegui

    My grandson is four month old and love it .

    Huggable, great gift .

    miriam lopetegui

  125. Meribeth


    Gift for my grandson. He lives it.


  126. Connie

    So cute.

    My granddaughter adores it. Takes it with her wverywhere!


  127. JLBM

    Get it!

    My niece loved it.


  128. Jamie

    Cute and snuggly

    I added 5 stars on value for the money because it was a deal of the day, otherwise it might be lower. I purchased this for Easter for my granddaughter. She, and her brother, thought it was so cute! It’s soft, snuggly and light—perfect for a toddler!


  129. crystal ray

    Soft and so cute!

    So so cute!!! my daughter loves hers! Perfect size for a 6 year old. Its really soft too

    crystal ray

  130. D

    Great for a little kid

    Super soft, huge hit with the 3 year old niece!


  131. SaraAnne

    Cute, soft and adorable!

    My daughter loves it! So unique and soft!


  132. CheriB

    Very Cute ~ Very Loveable!

    We purchased this for our six-month-old grandson. They don’t have a dog so he didn’t know, or understand, what to expect and was a little uncomfortable initially. We removed the batteries. He holds and cuddles it and his five-year-old sister likes it with the batteries in. Everyone seems to be happy! And the dog is adorable although a little on the expensive-side.


  133. Nicole Carlson

    One year olds favorite gift

    Kissy the penguin is without a doubt my one year olds favorite gift. She loves snuggling, blowing kisses, and carrying her around everywhere. Definitely worth the money.

    Nicole Carlson

  134. Steve Lewis

    Very cute stuffy…..but…

    This would be a five star except my daughter had this stuffed animal for about two weeks before a hole began to open along a seam. Amazon was amazing about an exchange but my daughter was bummed about being without her slothicorn for a week.

    Steve Lewis

  135. SBell


    Love this guy! My daughter will too!!!


  136. aramnauth

    Too cute!

    Size is just right, super soft, and the most adorable bunny I have ever seen! No regrets on this purchase at all!


  137. Adam F.

    Very cute and soft

    My 4 year old daughter loved this bunny. She says it is very soft and cute, though she wishes the eggs came out of the basket.

    One person found this helpful

    Adam F.

  138. amanda

    So cute and cuddly

    Very soft


  139. Mary Hope

    Safe fit babies

    Beautiful for 10 month old and not loud.

    Mary Hope

  140. Julie Petty

    Soft and cute bunny

    My lo loves this bunny and it’s the perfect size.

    Julie Petty

  141. Eileen Gatti

    Stopped working after one month

    This was a gift to my granddaughter. The puppy stopped making its cute sounds after one month. Changing the batteries did not help.

    Eileen Gatti

  142. Ila

    Buy this. You won’t regret it

    This is my daughters favorite thing ever. It’s super cute and soft and durable. I’d buy 10 more 🙂


  143. Melissa Jones

    Cute face but disappointed

    I am an avid Gund animal owner. I have close to fifty animals now from all kinds of categories. Mine are for cuddling with as an adult, so I have a lot of hands on experience with Gund stuffed animals. Gund’s Growler 11” is definitely a cute bear, he or she looks just the picture on Amazon. The fur is very soft but to me I am still disappointed with this bear. The stuffing inside the bear feels very lightweight to me. Other Gund animals have a thicker kind of stuffing inside of them, still soft and squishy to the touch but more dense feeling. There is also a very small amount of beans in the bottom of the bear. If Gund and Amazon are charging $25-$30 for the 11” bear and $40-$45 for the 15” bear there should be a higher quality to the bear and that includes the stuffing in the bear. And more beans in the bottom of this bear. When you have a thicker stuffing but still very soft inside and more beans in the bottom, the animals feels more high quality. That is the best way I can explain it. Growler is very cute, very soft but I feel the quality isn’t as high with this bear like other animals from Gund. There is truly nothing really wrong with the bear but I feel the quality is lacking some with Growler, in my opinion. It doesn’t mean you won’t like the bear but just keep it in mind.

    5 people found this helpful

    Melissa Jones

  144. Melanie

    So cute!

    My 14month old loves her penguin!!


  145. Carole

    very nice

    bought it for my mother who has dementia. She just loved it right from the start. it’s soft like a gund should be.

    2 people found this helpful


  146. Nadine Bookaholic [Nadine’s Obsessed with Books]

    So soft

    I purchased this as an Easter gift for my grandson and it’s perfect. He’s too young for candies so this was a nice alternative and it’s so soft and cuddly I’m sure he’s going to enjoy it for a long time.

    Nadine Bookaholic [Nadine’s Obsessed with Books]

  147. Fox

    Very cute!

    Adorable little bunny for my grandson’s first Easter.


  148. Michelle Bertsch

    Terrible deliver

    Amazon needs to read numbers on outside of apartment buildings luckily the person who got my package found my apartment and delivered it tome the funny thing is they were 1572 my is 1586 and it was clearly labeled! Other thank that the product itself was good

    Michelle Bertsch

  149. Mary Shioutakon

    Super Cuddly

    Love this sweet bunny very soft and larger than exprcted

    Mary Shioutakon

  150. Alexandra J Bobbit

    Kissing Cutie

    My child loved this toy. Great soft soothing voice. Durable. Soft. Great sweet gift.

    Alexandra J Bobbit

  151. katie

    2 year old’s best friend

    My 2 year old daughter is obsessed! She takes “Waffle” everywhere and is constantly giving him hugs and kiss. Sweetest little automated stuffed animal.


  152. Melissa Marquez

    Soft & great quality!!

    Super soft! My granddaughter LOVED it! She’s 18 months!

    Melissa Marquez

  153. jennifer j moser


    This just makes you smile. I got it for my senior dog who loves all types of rainbow unicorn creatures. She LOVES IT. Its her newest cuddle and toss toy.

    jennifer j moser

  154. Erin Johnson


    It was a gift. They loved it.

    Erin Johnson

  155. John Pittman

    So fluffy

    2 people found this helpful

    John Pittman

  156. Robert K.

    Curious affectionate bear

    We have one large and two small Growlers. They like to touch & sniff our other stuffed animals who bask in their affection and dote on their curiosity.

    One person found this helpful

    Robert K.

  157. THock

    Happy Bunny

    Well made keepsake for my Godson’s first Easter Basket!


  158. Linda C. Byerley

    Gave it as an Easter gift.

    My 1 year old niece loves it.

    Linda C. Byerley

  159. Sarah

    LOVE the slothicorn!!!

    I work in a hospital and we were joking about needing a magical emotional support animal and decided on the slothicorn. No regrets…we named him Gunther.


  160. Debbie Mullen

    Soft and Cuddly

    This a perfect soft bunny. I used it as an Easter gift for my grandson and he loved it.

    Debbie Mullen

  161. Carol Van Leer

    Gotta be Gund

    My both God daughters loved their Easter bunnies.

    Carol Van Leer

  162. kristine gillespie

    Granddaughter loves it

    My granddaughter loved it at first glance. All the other Christmas presents didn’t matter after this..I’ve bought her another one since on standby.

    kristine gillespie

  163. Stacy Criscione

    Great Easter gift for child

    I like how soft the rabbit is and it’s a nice size!

    Stacy Criscione

  164. Mishka

    Easter gift

    My great-grandnephew loved it


  165. Gratefulshopper

    Such a cute addition to our stuffies!

    My 6 yr old grandson loved this bunny! He loves the softness, cuteness etc.. he loves stuffiest and he also picked out another bunny before I bought this (from the Easter Bunny) so he sleeps with both cuddles them and makes them kiss! I love having a sweet boy around me!


  166. aromacj

    Cute toy

    The penguin is my baby’s best buddy now!


  167. beatlefan

    Beautiful plush toy

    Bought this as an Easter gift for friend’s child


  168. Ronda

    Great value quality product.

    The bunny was super soft and my one year old grandson loved it.


  169. G. Vu

    Fun, interactive, and adorable

    The media could not be loaded.

     My MIL gifted the elephant one to our oldest for her first birthday and it was (and still is) a hit. Decided to get one for my youngest for her birthday because big sister doesnt want to share her toys yet. Since this toy has kids be interactive with singing, dancing, and playing, we wanted to get one especially for our youngest. Super cute and cuddle-able. Adding a video because I’m mostly seeing videos of the elephant but none of the other animals.

    12 people found this helpful

    G. Vu

  170. Cheryl L

    Absolutely adorable!

    Absolutely adorable!

    Cheryl L

  171. Ellen Martin

    Basket permanently attached-disappointed

    This was great quality but with the basket was detachable

    Ellen Martin

  172. Nancy A.

    Adorable Stuffed Penguin

    Bought this for a friend’s little girl. It’s very soft and squeezable, and she loves playing with it and loves the fact that it talks.

    Nancy A.

  173. deirdre richardson

    Soft and cuddly

    Gift for my granddaughter.She loved it

    deirdre richardson

  174. James

    Baby loves it

    This interactive stuffy is so cute. The song it sings is super cute and the material it is made of is soft. Our baby loves her Ms. Penguin. We also have the elephant which baby likes as well but the penguin is cuter and softer.


  175. Amazon Customer

    Soft and cuddly

    Granddaughter loved it

    Amazon Customer

  176. TazeeTima

    Cute and fluffy

    Loved the stitching quality… For durability…. So soft and sleep cuddle worthy! So cute features…. Does not look cheap… My baby loves it!


  177. NoneYa78


    I bought this for my newborn grandson’s 1st Easter, he’ll be a little over a month old. It arrived in its own box and in pristine condition. It’s the perfect gift for little ones.

    One person found this helpful


  178. Melissa Lucio

    So soft

    So soft and beautiful colors! Made a perfect gift!

    Melissa Lucio

  179. Crystal

    Cute toy

    My 1 month old loves this. Love using it for tummy time and he coos and laughs at it constantly.


  180. vivianrene bruin-betancourt

    Hop To It !!

    Absolutely perfect my grandson loved it I appreciate it I’m able to maintain our family Easter tradition by gifting this to my grandson as we celebrated the blessing of Christ rising and it’s a Gund on top of it Great value , absolute perfection!

    vivianrene bruin-betancourt

  181. Zjunichkornhshuwilkuthourhare

    Warm hugs

    Cutest unique plush my baby loves it so so so much. And it’s in her fave color. Super soft and great huggable size.


  182. Barbara Y

    Perfect for my Sister-in-Law

    My S-i-L has Down’s Syndrome. She was thrilled with this new stuffy and loves it all the time.

    Barbara Y

  183. Louise Smith

    Fabulous for 1 year old….

    My grandson just adores Kissy The Penguin….he is all smiles when Kissy talks to him, Kissy is just a good size for cuddling and so soft. The best toy ever…..

    Louise Smith

  184. Isabel Blevins

    Easter bunny

    It’s very soft. The eggs can be removed. The child loved this bunny.

    Isabel Blevins

  185. Annie

    The Gund Animated My Pet Puddles Puppy Plush Stuffed Animal, Yellow, 12″ is great!

    I recently purchased the The Gund Animated My Pet Puddles Puppy Plush Stuffed Animal, Yellow, 12″ , for my 12 month old nephew. He was sick and I wanted to cheer him up. After researching at least 100 other stuffed animals online, I chose the plush puppy by Gund. The puppy is a perfect size for a 12 month old to hold. The animation and sounds are adorable. My nephew held on to the toy and literally, jumped up and down with glee. He would look at it and repatedly squeeze it, as the toy would move and make puppy sound. Its adorable and I would highly recommend it to anyone.


  186. Reda

    Our baby loves the penguin.. her favorite!

    Love everything about it! Super cute and interactive baby kisses it! Also have the rabbit and the owl. All of them are AWESOME!


  187. Jennifer Oaksmith

    Awesome stuffie

    My 4yo and 7yo love this thing. It is so soft and adorable

    Jennifer Oaksmith

  188. Kandy B

    Too Cute!

    I bought this for my 7 month old Grand daughter and I can’t say enough… She just loves this happy little penguin!!!

    Kandy B

  189. Amazon Customer

    Cute as a “Bunny”

    Perfect gift for a little one and super adorable. Exactly as described and squeezably soft.

    Amazon Customer

  190. Linda Hess

    Great quality

    It’s a lovely soft stuffed toy . So cute and loveable for any child

    Linda Hess

  191. Amazon Customer

    So soft and cute!!!

    This darling penguin was a big hit with our grandson

    Amazon Customer

  192. Roger & Francine

    1 year update

    We’ve had this for over a year now and our daughter still loves it (17 month old)Her kissy penguin has been covered in oatmeal, milk and dirt but we wash him up every time and he comes out just as soft and cute as he was when we first got him.He’s been stepped on a bunch and taken some damage and now when he kisses his hands don’t go fully to his lips like they used to, which is a shame but our daughter learned how to blow kisses from him and we are absolutely happy with our purchase.Kissy Penguin is a great gift for the little loved ones in your life.

    One person found this helpful

    Roger & Francine

  193. Valerie H.

    This GimD Baby “Kissy Penguin should be on everyone’s gift list!

    This is a great product for a baby or small child. Sweet and soft!

    One person found this helpful

    Valerie H.

  194. SweetLife

    I did not expect this owl to be SO CUTE, SO CUDDLY, and SUCH GREAT QUALITY!

    I should have known that this owl would be amazing quality, since it is a GUND plush. I have no doubt that it will hold up in the washing machine, like all great plush animals. This one is beautifully soft, cuddly and fluffy (but sturdy and sits well). Every once in a while the price dropped to under nine dollars which is such a bargain for this large, premium quality plush. You cannot go wrong with this one!


  195. Michael W

    Made our child’s first Easter very special

    My wife and I bought this for our 10-month old son. He loved playing with this on Easter and has played with it every day this week. The toys in the bunny’s basket are very soft and sweet, and get taken out of and put back into the basket repeatedly. Looking forward to many years of use for this one.

    One person found this helpful

    Michael W

  196. Hauge Bear

    Who doesn’t love a Gund?

    So stinking cute! Part of me wishes the eggs came out of the basket (they’re stitched in). Made a great focal point for this year’s Easter basket.

    One person found this helpful

    Hauge Bear

  197. John A Leonard

    Well worth it!

    Our granddaughter absolutely fell in love with this. She is only one and the first night she slept with her new “dog”

    John A Leonard

  198. Michelle Bertsch

    Terrible deliver

    Amazon needs to read numbers on outside of apartment buildings luckily the person who got my package found my apartment and delivered it tome the funny thing is they were 1572 my is 1586 and it was clearly labeled! Other thank that the product itself was good

    Michelle Bertsch

  199. Kathy Snead

    Very soft

    I bought this for my granddaughter and she loved it! It is well made and very soft!

    Kathy Snead

  200. Amazon Customer

    Our baby loves this cute toy so much.

    Got this for my daughter and she loves it it’s soft and cute she loves it very much

    Amazon Customer

  201. Mayra Santos

    Beyond soft

    Bunny was so cute, softer than expected, very comforting and great value for the money. Highly recommend! My Granddaughter loved it! Thank you.

    Mayra Santos

  202. sooz

    Love it

    I bought 2 more to give to friends.


  203. Amazon Customer

    Very well made and very soft

    It was a Easter gift for a seven year old and she loves it and takes everywhere with her.

    Amazon Customer

  204. JavaTechie

    Cute, soft and cuddly!

    So soft, cuddly and cute! My wife loves the bunny!


  205. kristen

    Super soft and cute.

    This was a gift from me to ME. I love sloths and this guy was my favorite colour as well. Always loved Gund stuffed animals. Aside for my toddler trying to steal it from me I couldn’t be happier with it.


  206. Amazon Customer

    Favorite toy

    We now have 3 of these different animals. They are my daughters favorite toy. They are so soft. volume is perfect, and easy for a baby to push the buttons on the feet.

    Amazon Customer

  207. Sarah R.

    So cuddly!

    This sloth is very soft and makes a great cuddle buddy.

    Sarah R.

  208. Victoria Regina

    Easter bunny so soft and cuddly

    My daughter was so happy when she opened the Easter bunny. She carried it with her all day.

    Victoria Regina

  209. Parrot27

    Wonderful gift

    I gifted this to my 1year old great granddaughter. She absolutely loves it.


  210. Jlmn5058

    So cute and Interactive!

    Love how adorable this is! I started tummy time with this interactive penguin and my baby is obsessed! 10/10


  211. Texasdragonslayer

    Plush & Precious!

    Adorable and my daughter LOVED it! She’s 17 and still loves plushies and this was perfect for part of her Easter surprise.


  212. Jennifer Dunlop

    Fluffy, cuddly Easter Bunny!

    So soft and cuddly! Love Gund stuffed animals. Chick basket is really cute. My daughters love it!

    Jennifer Dunlop

  213. B Scott

    Really cute and soft!

    Gave this to my grandson in his Easter basket and he loved it. It was good quality and very cute!

    B Scott

  214. T. Riley

    Grandson LOVED it!

    It was perfect – Grandson opened it up and it’s now become the new favorite that he loves on everywhere! I probably need to get a backup!

    T. Riley

  215. Chris

    Not as pictured. Softness great. Over priced

    This doesn’t look like the pictures posted on page. Ears are down, face is smooshed and tail is not fluffy.My little one looked at it and threw it away. Waste of an Easter present

    4 people found this helpful


  216. Mary E. Routt

    Very sweet gift for any age baby

    So cute and fun. Sounds and music are soothing, not startling! Sweet, fun toy for all ages!

    Mary E. Routt

  217. Jeff B.

    Cuddly, cute, durable.

    Got two of these for niece and nephew. Both love it and are easily able to initiate the animation and sound.Highly recommend!

    Jeff B.

  218. Athenaaa

    So CUTE!

    Perfect, my daughter loves it


  219. Lauren Cole

    Slothicorn cuteness!

    I love this little guy. He is so soft and a pretty shade of blue! Perfect gift!

    Lauren Cole

  220. Barbara Durham

    Big hit with my chosen family member.

    Unique design. Expressive. Good buy.

    Barbara Durham

  221. Amazon Customer

    One year old is obsessed

    My baby loves this puppy. Cuddles him whenever he sees him!

    Amazon Customer

  222. shopro

    Soft and adorable!

    This bear is so adorable and soft. Excellent purchase!

    One person found this helpful


  223. BERESCO

    Super soft and cute

    I was really impressed with the quality. So soft and nice. My son absolutely love it, and takes it everywhere with him.

    One person found this helpful


  224. Barbara efchak

    Great gift

    I bought this for my 2 yr. old nice. I soon became her favorite stuffed animal.

    Barbara efchak

  225. Diana Reynolds

    This little guy is darling!

    Bought this for a baby’s Christmas. He’s darling and so soft

    Diana Reynolds

  226. Terri Ann Trumbo

    Perfect for companion for anyone that can’t have a real pet. Super soft and cuddly.

    The media could not be loaded.

     I loved everything about it. So inexpensive for what you get. When it’s nose is touched it sounds like it’s giving you a puppy kiss. Just precious

    15 people found this helpful

    Terri Ann Trumbo

  227. Sally O. Fallis

    Cute, soft, and cuddly

    I bought this product on the chance that my family should ever put me in a nursing home where I couldn’t have a dog. A horrifying thought, to me, but at least I’m partly covered this way.

    Sally O. Fallis

  228. NYC May

    Super soft

    My 21 month old daughter loves this! It is super soft and just the right size for her to hug.

    NYC May

  229. James

    Baby loves it

    This interactive stuffy is so cute. The song it sings is super cute and the material it is made of is soft. Our baby loves her Ms. Penguin. We also have the elephant which baby likes as well but the penguin is cuter and softer.


  230. luanna

    Soft and safe for a child.

    What a great Easter gift? Very cute and great timing of Easter gift on Amazon.


  231. Diane R

    Perfect Rabbit in a Basket

    The rabbit was very soft & cuddly. The rabbit is secured in a perfect basket for a 2 year old.

    Diane R

  232. Brooke Maciejczyk

    very soft

    soft 🙂

    Brooke Maciejczyk

  233. Jennifer Norton

    It’s so FLUFFY!!!!!

    This has to be one of, if not, the softest stuffed animals I’ve ever come across. It’s assembled quite well and seems durable. I’m very pleased with this purchase. I got it for my grandbaby for the first Easter gift from us. And I can say it was received very well!! I recommend this to buy. And it came exactly on time, the day before Easter. That was amazing for me because I ordered it less than a week before the holiday.

    Jennifer Norton

  234. Cindy

    Gift for my granddaughter

    Soft and cute any young child would love it


  235. Selena Reyna Palencia


    This was a gift for my grandson who was only 2 weeks old at Easter time. It was perfect.

    Selena Reyna Palencia

  236. O. Ranney

    Very cute!

    Actually purchased for my Shorkie for Easter. He loves it.

    O. Ranney

  237. Y. P.

    My great niece loved it!!!!

    Too cute and a great price!!

    Y. P.

  238. H. Schloemer

    So cute and cuddly

    So cute and very soft and cuddly! The kids loved it and continue to love on it!

    H. Schloemer

  239. Patricia Gift

    Love the soothing voice of this penquin

    The kids just love to hear this soothing voice, whether singing or talking.

    Patricia Gift

  240. Z

    Great buy

    Great rabbit, very soft. I was tempted to cut the basket out of the rabbits hands but my child liked it the way it was.


  241. Jazz, Percy, Kylo


    My daughter stumbled across this little Gund slothicorn and couldn’t resist his cuteness. Slothie is her new best friend, she takes him everywhere and he brightens her day with his beautiful coloring and rainbow horn. You can’t help but chuckle when you see the little guy. GUND stuffies are some of the cutest ever and one of my daughter’s favorites. Soft, adorable and addictive. Be careful when you buy them as you can’t just stop at one! They are like potato chips!

    6 people found this helpful

    Jazz, Percy, Kylo

  242. Tracey Benoit

    I love this!!!

    I bought this for my nephew on the way, and almost kept it for myself. It is absolutely adorable and works great. I have had a hard time not giving it to my sister.

    Tracey Benoit

  243. LMJ

    Hes extra adorable!

    Slow mo the slothicorn…He is very soft and cuddly, he likes long walks to nowhere which is great since we are in quarantine. His favorite activities include being a friend, cuddles, and head banging to get his hair perfect!


  244. Roy Peshek

    Child loved it.


    Roy Peshek

  245. Angela Preuit

    Love this bunny

    My 2 year old great granddaughter loved this bunny

    Angela Preuit

  246. Amazon Customer

    So cute! We love them!

    My mom bought the bunny first, and my daughter loved it at just 4 weeks old! I ended up buying the penguin when she was 6 weeks old and she still loves it now! Definitely recommend these! The songs and other play/talking features are so cute.

    Amazon Customer

  247. TruthSayer

    Sloth + Unicorn = Magic

    As a sloth lover, I never thought I could fall for any other species. Enter the Slothicorn. A soft cuddly body and rainbow hair and horn. If you leave the Gund tag on his wrist, you can tell him (my guy’s name is Bub, short for Bubbles) that he has an Apple Watch and that he is face-timing his friend Cloud the Polar Bear.

    One person found this helpful


  248. Melanie

    So cute!

    My 14month old loves her penguin!!


  249. Susan Capps

    “Big Smiles and Cooing from a 2 month old!!!!”

    I sent this Penguin to my Great Nephew via his Grandparents to deliver it. The parents and grandparents were quite delighted when upon seeing the Penguin, he began cooing, smiling and, reaching for penguin!! Since his parents have declared that it is his favorite. He loves the music and movement of throwing kissed!!Wonderful and Happy toy.

    Susan Capps

  250. Addie

    Here comes Peter cottontail

    This was a gift for an adult and she loved it


  251. junera

    Overall satisfied

    Gunds toys always make my granddaughter love playing with it. It is worth the money. Very educational. Interactive my granddaughter learn to do flying kiss special with the covid, flying kiss is the new way of kiss, dance with the music, fluffy and huggable, and does not break easily even with lots of dropping and falling on the ground. We have all the animated collections. It’s the best.

    2 people found this helpful


  252. Jas

    So cute

    My daughter loves this puppy! She’s obsessed with puppies so it’s great this one barks and wags it’s tail. It’s also soft enough that she sleeps with it (just turn off beforehand)


  253. Tracy Purley

    My Grandson Loved it.

    He smiled when he got it. That all I need to see. He is on 5 months.

    Tracy Purley

  254. Tasha

    Baby favorite

    Our seven month old loves interacting with his penguin! We were gifted the peek a boo elephant when he was born and after seeing how much he enjoyed that, we ordered the penguin. 🙂 great quality, soft and baby friendly


  255. nafrotiti

    Beary Adorable

    This bear is so soft, cute and bigger than I expected. Gund makes the best stuffed animals. This is a perfect gift for a child, ad well as an adult.


  256. dana

    Soft cuddlable owl

    Adorable owl. Very soft and full. Very cuddlable. My daughter likes this stuffed animal. Very high end quality. I love the details. It looks like feathers. About 10in tall. Very giftable. I got this owl on sale and it’s well worth the price. Highly recommend

    One person found this helpful


  257. Elaine Brown

    The perfect fun and entertaining gift for our new great grandson

    I loved this little guy, fun singing by the penguin

    Elaine Brown

  258. Cyn Rene

    Perfect bunny gift!

    It was super cute and soft perfect for the girls for Easter!

    Cyn Rene

  259. D. Lovely

    adorable bunny

    super soft, cute bunny, keeps it’ shape.

    D. Lovely

  260. nana

    Cute toy

    I have ordered 3 of these total! That way my granddaughter has one at her house and mine as it’s her favorite toy! My only negative is if a child hugs it too hard while it’s turned on it malfunctions and no longer works right.


  261. MMZM

    I love my doggie.

    My 2 year old god daughter love this toy doggie for Christmas.


  262. workingit2

    Gund bunny is a perfect gift!!

    What is better than a Gund bunny?? Nothing. Soft and squishy for little peeps!


  263. EricaRW

    My Lil Princess Loves It!

    My daughter loves it and that’s all that matters!


  264. Pamela Meade

    Cute but stopped working

    The first penguin I received did not work at all. Returned and replaced with another one which stopped working after 10 days. It is adorable, but not taking a chance on ordering another one.

    Pamela Meade

  265. Christy Smith

    Great gift

    The sloth is so cute and soft.

    Christy Smith

  266. TJBaker


    A bit smaller than expected. Expected a bit more detail from Gund. But kid was happy and it was on time


  267. CBR

    Soft and huggable. Well-made.

    Oh, so soft. Sent to my out of state college student. Just perfect!


  268. nims

    Great buy

    This owl is the cutest ever! It’s a high quality product.


  269. JC

    Terrified my toddler

    So this is just our experience, but this thing terrified our two year old. We got it as a Christmas present and she initially was very excited, until she touched it and it barked and moved. She screamed and ran and refused to get within three feet of it all day. Eventually we had to hide it in the closet but she’s still talking about it weeks later. All efforts to reintroduce her to it have been unsuccessful; I’m pretty sure she’s traumatized and is convinced it’s possessed or something. Ymmv.


  270. Lindy P. Smith

    well made

    Bear is cute soft perfect.

    Lindy P. Smith

  271. Rina B

    Perfect to introduce a dog to my one year old granddaughter!

    Soft and cuddly, it’s a great toy for tots. The noises the dog makes are really cute. Great gift!

    Rina B

  272. Nancy

    Just as pictured

    Sweet gift for granddaughter. She takes it with her every where.


  273. Ashok Bhatraju


    Looks cute and perfect gift for my nephew. The inbuilt songs and talking is good.

    Ashok Bhatraju

  274. Carol K.

    It’s so cute and soft

    I like the sounds it makes and very soft

    Carol K.

  275. Mark R.


    Looks like it should be bigger

    Mark R.

  276. Pat Coonan

    It’s sooo cute

    This dog is adorable. Bought two for my granddaughters. I know they will love it. Watch the price- bought one For $31.

    Pat Coonan

  277. Brat242

    My grandson loved it! It was soft and squishy, and Gund products are class A

    My grandson loved it, as he likes stuffed animals and Gund products are just the best


  278. BagLady100

    Perfect size for an Easter basket!

    Just like the photo, only even cuter! Very soft. Just adorable!


  279. Amazon Customer

    Good quality

    Good quality soft and cute

    Amazon Customer

  280. Amanda Pi

    My grandson loves it

    Description was correct. An amazing toy. My grandson loves hugging and playing with it.

    Amanda Pi

  281. 512-567-9771

    Love him

    Loved all of it


  282. upstatechef

    We love this!

    The plush is very soft and the movements it makes are very cute. I like the limited nature of the electronics. No flashing lights or obnoxious music. The voice of the penguin is that of a child and you can choose short phrases with kissing, or short, not too loud singing with kisses. Great value for the money and my granddaughter loves it.