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Flip a card and then spin the wheel to find its matching icon in the windows. Make sure to pay attention and search quickly- it’s Eye ‘N Seek! Spot the match before your opponents to win the round and a point.


In Eye ‘N Seek, players spin to win! Each player has a double-sided spinner that has images on each side that are visible through three holes in the spinner. On each player’s turn, they reveal one of the challenge cards and then everyone races to find the item or items on the appropriate side of their spinner. Whoever finds a match first wins the card and, at the end of the game, whoever has collected the most cards wins!

Eye ‘N Seek includes multiple play modes, many with a leader each round who gives the other players multiple clues: e.g., “This item starts with a D” or “This item rhymes with car”. All of the other players then race to find an item that fits the clue. Whoever wins scores a point, then serves as the next leader and clue-giver.

Eye ‘N Seek contains: 6 Double-Sided Wheels, 100 Icon Cards, and an Illustrated Rulebook.

Eye ‘N Seek is recommended for 2-6 players, ages six and up. Average playing time is 10 minutes.

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