EXIT Theft On The Mississippi


    Can you solve the robbery on the Mississippi River? You’re a team of investigators traveling the Mississippi on a paddle wheel steamboat in 1872. Last night there was a robbery. A successful businessman was carrying documents of inestimable value, and now they have disappeared! The captain has asked for your help in finding out who did it, but time is running out. Can you find the culprit before the riverboat docks in New Orleans and the thief escapes into the night? Work together and solve all the puzzles together as fast as you can! Difficulty: 3 of 5.

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    EXIT Theft On The Mississippi
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    EXIT Theft On The Mississippi

    Can you solve the robbery on the Mississippi River? You’re a team of investigators traveling the Mississippi on a paddle wheel steamboat in 1872. Last night there was a robbery. A successful businessman was carrying documents of inestimable value, and now they have disappeared! The captain has asked for your help in finding out who did it, but time is running out.

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    36 reviews for EXIT Theft On The Mississippi

    1. Smishybaby

      The best one yet!

      My friend and I LOVE playing EXIT THE GAME boxes, and this is the 4th one we’ve played so far. This has definitely been the most exciting one to date!

    2. Mariah Keane

      Difficulty Rating Should Be Higher

      My boyfriend and I have done many of these, and we would say this Exit story should be a 4 or 5 difficulty. I would also base this off of the Exit level 2 (stormy flight) we did the day before and the Exit level 4 (forbidden castle) we did the day after. This Exit story (Theft Mississippi) was harder than the level 4.

    3. Amazon Customer

      One of the best in the Exit series

      Clever puzzles, but none of which required deep dives into Help clues. One of the most enjoyable of the entire series.

    4. Robert Mitchell

      A lot of fun to even two players

      We are working our way through all these games. Have had fun with all levels. Basis is the same but puzzles are different enough to still have a pleasant time on a cold winter afternoon or rainy day ,

    5. Andrew Richards

      Tad confusing

      I am not sure it is possible to play without hints.

    6. Damnatron

      Daughters go crazy for Exit games

      My 9 and 12 year olds love these games. We have played all of them. They even take the components and make their own Exit style games with pieces.You want to start off on the easier rated ones in the Exit series. There are common recurring game devices that Exit uses, and it hurts to get dumped in the deep end so to speak. On the easier ones, it constrains the options more about what riddle you are trying to solve at any given point.I tried to gift this to a couple of coworkers who had kids. I didn’t hear anything, so I assume they found it frustrating and not fun 🙂 I think you have to be into board games and solving puzzles perhaps.We tried several other Exit style games. We liked the Exit brand head and shoulders above the others. This was our favorite amongst them by far. Yes, we have played all of them. We also tried a couple of the other series the company makes. We didn’t make it very far in catacombs though.What is weird, in a good way, is that everybody seems to be able to help solve puzzles. Ok, SPOILER ALERT COMING: For example, my younger daughter spotted the box the game came in having something odd about it. That was part of solving the puzzle! There is no way I would have figured this out, I probably would have thrown it in the trash. Sometimes it’s by not following the rules per se that you make progress :)Perhaps this is a game that you love it or hate. Our family very much loved the series.

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    7. Elizabeth Fitch


      The game is great, we get one every Thanksgiving. It is good for all the relative to have to work together! This way they can bicker and still look like they are getting along!!!

    8. Gary Strang

      The puzzles are difficult to even begin solving them.

      Myself (31) and my parents (63) and (75) tried to play this and we couldn’t even begin to work out what the puzzles were asking.after 80 minutes and completing the initial 4 riddles by using every hint card and solution card available we decided to call it quits.Even after reading the hints we were no further forward in finding a solution.The 4 Solution cards we resulted to using made us groan at how obscure the answers and the method for gaining the answers were.I would not recommend this game to anyone and I wont be purchasing anymore from this series.

      2 people found this helpful

    9. Dani M.


      They are all incredible but in their own ways. Once you play one, you get the gist of the layout but every one has new surprises and twists! LOVE

      9 people found this helpful

    10. Wes Burgess

      Fun but Challenging

      We played this game hard in 3 sessions over 3 days and had plenty of fun. We found Theft on the Mississippi more difficult than other three-dot intermediate EXIT games. We became stuck twice: once for failing to follow instructions, and second for poor motor skills. Mea culpa.PLAYIn Theft on the Mississippi, you are detectives riding on an old Mississippi paddleboat. You have been asked to recover some important documents and discover the thief. In the process, you will travel around the boat and spend time in the lounge, while interviewing and getting to diverse passengers and crew who may or not be forthcoming and cooperative. The game is colorful and every riddle is different (and different from every other riddle we have encountered in EXIT games). Riddles, Answers, and Help cards supply the necessary data. When you solve each riddle, you’ll find a 3 part code that you enter into a decoder disk that will send you to the next step.HELPFUL HINTSFollow these helpful hints for the most fun:1) Be prepared to fold, cut, pull apart, and draw on all the materials to solve the riddles. The game doesn’t always tell you which, and neither will I because that’s part of the challenge — you will have to read between the lines. The skills of artistic and physically coordinated players will come in handy here.2) Be patient. Look at all the materials inside the cellophane for the solution — everything. For example, you will need to know the symbol for the riddle (circle, star, triangle, etc.) in order to access the Help cards. Keep looking — it is there somewhere, I promise.3) Draw Help cards freely — this is an essential part of this game and it is not cheating. Usually the first Help card will tell you what you need to solve the riddle and whether you need to solve other riddles first — that may be the only way to find out this information. If you are completely stuck, the third Help card will explain the solution — that’s OK. On the other hand, opening the deck and searching through the cards or asking previous players on the internet is cheating and it will ruin the game for you.4) Support your team members — their skills will be needed. Try every player’s solution to solve the riddle, even if it seems far-fetched to you. No one player has all the skills to complete this game. It requires teamwork. Sometimes it is necessary to try some incorrect solutions in order to find the right one.5) For the most fun, start with Beginning ** EXIT games and play them in order of ascending difficulty (see the charts on the Amazon pages). This is not an ego thing of showing you are a great gamer — if you take the time to learn the design of the games you will enjoy them more.LIMITATIONSThis game was fun and sometimes frustrating. No cards are missing — finding them is part of the search. We found one clue that seemed misaligned, but that’s all. Definitely too tough for most children — skills in all these areas are required: logic, attention, visuospatial (artistic), generalization, pattern finding, construction, and intuition. If you often use(d) many of these skills, and recruit appropriate teammates, you will love the game and do well. If my descriptions sound like work and not play, you are better off with another type of game better suited to you.RECOMMENDATIONSI am convinced that if you follow the instructions and the helpful hints above you will have a great time playing this game. Be prepared to get stuck and become frustrated when you cannot find the answers and elated when you solve each riddle one by one. If you have had a blast playing previous EXIT games, you know all this, already.I hope this review helps you find the game that’s right for you!

    11. Nicole Beeler

      So FUN!

      Great game, some of the riddles were challenging, but it was fun to solve. Definitely recommend for people that love escape room type games!

    12. New In ShrinkNew In Shrink

      More than the standard escape game, this plays as a classic mystery novel

      **No Spoilers, only my impressions and references to what is on the box itself as its description and of course the fun we had with it**I am usually first drawn to a new EXIT game by the title, they are always quite catchy and for me at least do a wonderful job at setting up a possible scenario for what I can expect. I can know ahead of time what type of theme and adventure awaits me.The title and quick blurb description tells me there has been a theft on board a riverboat sailing downing the Mississippi, and when I later opened the box for out game session I was happily surprised by some additional items and instructions. Like the other Exit games you have the clues, hints, and other secret items that many of you will be familiar with and recognize, but in this one we were provided a bit of a back story about a theft that has taken place. So as we begin solving the puzzles and riddles the game presents we are actually working through and solving the crime mentioned.This was very new for me. In this much more involved EXIT game solving the clues, puzzles, or riddles isn’t the end. Everything you learn over the course of the game continues to be used to try and catch a thief. This richer story and experience were something I loved; this has become my absolute favorite EXIT game yet. I have read now that Dead Man on the Orient Express has a similar gameplay element and I am excited to add that one to my collection.With the added elements this game includes you get a bit of artwork you don’t normally expect from this series of games. There are a varied cast of characters and all with a real feel for the time period in how they are dressed and their attitudes. This ranks very highly for me on how much I enjoyed this one, I adore the simple premise of an escape room in a box. Mississippi just upped the ante though on how I will judge all future ones; the extra visual immersion into the setting was fabulous.We did pretty well on this one in the end, as always there were a few puzzles that were tough and required some hint cards, and of course once we read some of the hint everything clicked and we saw how we just weren’t thinking creatively enough. This happens though with all the games, and as you play more of them you will be quicker to react and notice clues that a beginner to the series would not. Our very first one was geared at the Novice level and we thought it was hard back then, now the Intermediate ones come naturally to us. It certainly was not easy on us, but that is the fun of it, you want the challenge and degree of difficulty.I will always recommend if you are new to this series of games to start with one of the Novice level difficulties, maybe even complete two of them before moving on to a more advanced one, but do yourself a favor and get started on that track. Theft of the Mississippi was one of the best 2 hours in gaming I’ve had in a long time. The hands on solving, folding, cutting, and interacting with game clues and secrets are a wonderful interactive activity for a solo gamer, or you and your friends and family.My favorite part about completing any of these games is going through everything at the end and deciding which clues and puzzles and cards to save to add back to the box as mementos. We proudly display our completed ones on our game shelf and they serve as great reminders of all the fun we had. I will look back on this one in particular very fondly from now on as my favorite!

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    13. Betsy Lancy

      Great game!

      I’m surprised by the negative reviews—my husband and I have played 7 EXIT games and this was a favorite! It’s definitely different than the other ones, but that’s why we liked it. Some of the other puzzles get just a bit repetitive, but we enjoyed the variation in the format.

    14. Tessa Brown

      Another excellent Exit game

      We have tried all of the exit games this was one of my favourites as there were a few unexpected (but extremely thematic) elements to the puzzles. I can’t recommend the exit games enough!!

    15. Rivecchs

      Great Fun!

      I have to say these games are great fun and we love doing these as Family Game Night. They are challenging but still lots of fun. I would recommend any of these to folks looking for some fun games. Do know that they are one-use only but to us worth it!

    16. Shann

      Not Always Solveable

      I enjoyed the idea behind this game, and even some of the trickier puzzles this version had. However, I would say 2-3 of the puzzles were impossible to solve. Without giving away spoilers, lines and colors were not quite right. Thankfully there was the solution card after going through enough hints to tell me what the correct answer should be – but I hated “solving” them that way. Not the best, but not the worst. Definitely some manufacturing errors that made it impossible to solve this one without using the hint and solution cards.

    17. Amazon Customer

      I don’t know

      Gave to teenage grandkids and they loved it.

    18. G

      Well worth a try! Buy more if you enjoy it.

      These exit games are well worth trying. I’ve found that the easier ones seem to be the most enjoyable for my family and friends.

    19. Jaclyn Pytlarz

      A somewhat unnecessary challenge

      As with all exit games, very fun. Most of the puzzles were a bit challenging. There was one puzzle where we had to look for letters and it didn’t quite align which made it significantly harder to solve. Other than that, very enjoyable. Definitely not for beginners though.

    20. RKO99


      The vendor was efficient in processing and shipping. I have used other versions of this product and have always been satisfied.

    21. J. A. Bottomley

      Nowhere near the best. But don’t give up.

      We normally enjoy these games. This is by far the most difficult we have done. Some of the clues don’t make sense. And one in particular I think is wrong.We had to use many of the clue cards, and even then it was a puzzle to see how they had come up with the answer form the parts we had.My advice is don’t give up on these if it’s your first one. Please try a different one.

    22. minna42

      So fun!! And not illogical or really hard

      Okay I have to say I TOTALLY disagree with the bad reviews of this game. The puzzles are logical and it does not require huge leaps. I will say, however, this should not be your first exit game. This is my 9th game and this is by far one of my favorite ones. Not necessarily for the puzzles but for the overall theme of it. In this game you are trying to solve a crime. There are suspects that give statements. And based on those statements (and other provided items) you can solve puzzles which lead you eventually to the last puzzle, which is to decide which suspect did it. This part is different from other exit games and it made it more enjoyable. It made the game flow whereas in some other exit games, it feels like a series of puzzles that aren’t necessarily related.It will be helpful to have played a few of these before because, while the puzzles themselves are new and unique, there are a few concepts that are used throughout many of these games. This one utilizes multiple concepts. (IYKYK).There is one puzzle that I could definitely see people having trouble with, but my 11 year old daughter and I got it pretty easily- it’s just about how you look at things.To me, the secret lab and the cursed labyrinth were actually harder than this one. And less enjoyable. I put this up there with the abandoned cabin, sunken treasure, and mysterious museum. You should definitely try this game!!

    23. Ryan

      Hope your good a pulling clues from the most obscure details.

      My wife and I are pretty good at escape rooms, but this kicked our butts. Oh did you know notice that the roman numerals in the back of the last clue were reversed and that you should know to reverse the color code that you solved by folding a card in such a way that it spelled a color? well you should have!

    24. BioJo

      Challenging but enjoyable.

      Took us a week to finish. Very challenging if you have not done one before. Not used to ripping/folding/cutting everything. It had to be thrown in bin afterwards. Seems a bit wasteful.

    25. hollywood


      Sometimes, these can be a ‘hit or miss’. Definitely a hit with this particular story! Loved it! Was challenging, but not TOO challenging. Tons of Fun. Took about 2.5 hours to beat, which is great value for 15 bucks.If you’re on the fence for trying these, Theft on the Mississippi is a crowd pleaser.

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    26. Si PG

      Another Great One!

      Was super excited for this one to get here. They did not disappoint! Well, to my family, they never do! Super fans!

    27. MC

      Great fun!

      If you enjoy escape rooms, you’ll enjoy these games (at least we do!). It’s a good deal for a few hours of fun. We have begun making themed meals along with our game play. These games are well thought out and provide for some great entertainment.

    28. H. Acomb

      Innovative and exciting to play

      This was amazing. It took 2 of us about 2 hours to complete, but even after playing several of these games, this one still managed to surprise us! Such good value and so much fun. We needed a couple of the clues to get us on the right track, which did not detract from the satisfaction of completion. Would highly recommend.

    29. Jeffrey L. Thompson

      Do not start with this one. If its your first time with Exit pick a lower level

      This was fun but very very hard. I used all hint cards and most solutions. When you find out what the answer you still will scratch your head, and go “how in the world???”

    30. Elizabeth


      We haven’t play this one yet but we have played about 4 of the other exit games… I have 2 boys in college and we LOVE these games… some of the clues on the harder levels are a stretch…but we love them!!!

    31. Robby Housh

      Fun and challenging for the family

      We got this game to play with our family over Thanksgiving. The youngest participant was 9 and the rest of us are in our 20s and 30s. We appreciated the mysterious story and detailed artwork. We have played three “EXIT: the Games” before and, despite not being the highest difficult rating, this one was by far the most difficult we have tried – even with the help of the whole family. It kept us amused for a couple hours at a time for several evenings. We recommend it and suggest not giving up!

    32. michael

      A lot of fun

      It’s got a fun meta game inside the game.

    33. matt

      Loved this one

      Great game with an awesome ending

    34. Alualy92

      Excellent evening entertainment

      This was really good fun. It kept two of us busy for a long time. You can only play it once but some of the things you have to do are so clever, it makes it worth it. Only given four stars as one or two of the solutions were a little questionable! But overall, it was a very good experience.

    35. Izy

      So hard 🙁

      I see good reviews online but my partner and I are very good at puzzles normally and couldn’t figure this out for trying. We couldn’t even find the answer online to get us past the clue we got stuck on. Not one for me 🙁

      One person found this helpful

    36. Austin Green

      Loved This Item!

      Just had a lock-in for our Church youth group and it was a big hit…very clever and well put together..I would buy more to use for other engagements like family gatherings or work retreats.

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