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Smartlab Squishy Brain Science Kit

$29.99 $39.99
Let your kids explore the human brani and learn about what makes humans tick with the Smartlab Squishy Brain Science Kit. Unleash some serious fun and help your future neurologist on their way.

Hexus Color-Connecting Puzzler

$17.99 $19.99
Hexus is a brainteasing game of spatial reasoning. Choose a level, and try to fit the colorful hex shapes into the remaining spaces.

iTikes iDiscover Microscope

The iTikes iDiscover Microscope allows your child to explore the world beyond sight with a real microscope and slides. This innovative and interactive Kids Microscope uses Apple devices to expand play and encourage kids to learn.

Magnetic Racer Science Kit

$3.99 $5.99
Magnets are truly mysterious things. Using the Magnetic Racer Science Kit, you can see how a racer moves without electrical energy or a driver!

Mousetrap Racer Science Kit

$13.99 $17.99
See science in action with the Mousetrap Racer Science Kit! This kit lets you make an amazing mousetrap racer that is part mousetrap, part car, and 100% fun.

3D Mirascope

$7.99 $9.99
You won't believe your eyes! This 3D Mirascope creates a holographic image that looks completely real - but you can't touch it.

Pocket Volcano Science Kit

$4.99 $5.99
Have fun while you learn science with the Pocket Volcano Science Kit! This little kit lets you make a bubbling, eruption volcano with simple kitchen materials.

Fridge Rover

$4.99 $5.99
This little gravity-defying Fridge Rover will amaze you as it creeps across any magnetic surface when wound up, even vertical ones!

Potato Clock Science Kit

$13.99 $16.99
You may know potatoes as a good source of potassium, but did you know they can be used to power an alarm clock? The Potato Clock allows you to generate enough electricity to run a digital clock using potatoes!

Magnet Science

$13.99 $16.99
Perform fun magnet games and experiments, learn the science principles behind magnets!

Solar Mechanics Science Kit

$16.99 $21.99
Learn about alternative energy with the Solar Mechanics Science Kit! Experiment with solar cells by building a solar powered robot, fan, solar spinner and more, with included parts and recycled materials.

Metal Detector Robot Science Kit

$23.99 $29.99
Meet Metallicus, the little metal-detecting robot that you build from with the Metal Detector Robot Science Kit. He can teach you the principles behind metal detectors, and find you buried treasure!