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I'm A Genius Laboratory Of Disgusting & Funny Fluids

This amazing kit contains everything you need to experiment with these fluids that do not behave like others: non-Newtonian fluids. They change color, they bounce, they crack!

I'm A Genius - Gemstones From Around The World

A fun and useful kit to discover the fascinating world of the minerals.

Crazy Science The Great Laboratory Of The Crazy Scientist

A collection of original experiments for all the "crazy" young scientists. There is something for everyone, a skeleton with multicolored slimes and even nice explosions.

Lisciani Science I'm A Genius Mineralogy Laboratory

The perfect kit to discover the fascinating world of minerals and create a collection of precious gems! It contains a bloc to dig, two display cases to mount the gems and cards of our planet's most beautiful minerals.

I'm A Genius The Great Science Laboratory

Explore the fascinating universe of science in a safe way with this fantastic laboratory, and have fun with 5 unique experiments.

I'm A Genius Laboratory Of Chemistry With Top Marks

A laboratory for carrying as many as 50 fun and safe experiments. It contains everything you need to play: reagents, test tubes, measuring cups and more! There are also special cards and a real diary where you can record your first scientific experiments.

HEXBUG Nano Robotic Cat Toy - Assorted Colors

Cat toy navigates around objects with lifelike moving patterns.

HEXBUG Scorpion, Electronic Autonomous Robotic Pet (Random Color)

Watch out for the motorized creepy-crawly Scorpion! Scare your friends as it scuttles around the room, exploring every area it can get to.

HEXBUG Micro Ant, Electronic Autonomous Robotic Pet (Random Color)

Autonomous Design for Hours of Fun!

All-Natural Forest Friends Spa Soaps Science Toy

Make cute critters, bubbly bunnies and more forest friends with this soap-making kit. Soak up the science behind the suds! the illustrated book is packed with soap-making recipes, techniques and activities. Learn the basics of skin care and how soap works to get you clean.

Thinkfun: Laser Maze Logic Game

Laser Maze is one of ThinkFun's most popular stem toys for boys and girls, and is a winner of the Good Housekeeping Best Toys Award. It's a beam bending logic game that comes with 60 challenges of increasing difficulty, from beginner to expert, and makes a great birthday or holiday present for kids who like smart games and challenging activities.

Thinkfun: Clue Master Logical Deduction Game

Clue Master is a fun logic game that develops the skill of deductive reasoning, a key ability in math, science, computer programming, and many other fields. In this game, you may deduce information based on what must be true even though you can't see it directly. The more you play, the more deductive tricks and strategies you'll learn as you reason logically from the clues you're given!