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Looking to spice up your drinking nights with your friends? Your group will have a night to remember (or completely forget) with Drinkopoly: The Blurriest Game Ever!

No longer will you have to think of lame party ideas to have a good time, whip out Drinkopoly and you’re guaranteed to have a night filled with laughs, regrets, and beer in your stomach! The board consists of 44 areas that require you to stop at bars and take gulps of long or short drinks. Other areas of the board features a wide variety of hilarious crazy social challenges for you and your friends to perform; whether that may be arm wrestling challenges, kissing contests, sending text messages to your ex… any ideas out of your wildest dream you can do with Drinkopoly! The winner is the player who reaches the end of the drinking journey first.

Drinkopoly: The Blurriest Game Ever is recommended for up to 6 players, ages 21 and up. Please be of legal drinking age before partaking in this game.

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