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    Drinko Shot Game

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    Drinko Shot Game show classic is the perfect way to liven up any party or festivity, with or without alcohol! Drinko is a great drinking game of chance and luck, where everyone ends up being a winner!

    1) Fill shot glasses with drink of choice. Set them to the side and do not place them back on the board. Each shot glass is labeled to correspond with a slot on the board (d – r – I – n – k – o).

    2) The youngest player goes first. This first player takes a chip and drops it into the top of the Drinko board. The chip will fall and land into a lettered compartment.

    3) Drink the contents of the corresponding lettered glass. Refill the glass and it’s now next player’s turn.

    Each Drinko set includes 6 shot glasses, 6 coloured ships, and a playing board with acrylic cover.

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    Drinko Shot Game $19.99 $17.99
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    Drinko Shot Game:

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