Digimon X Bandai Digivice Virtual Pet Monster – Purple & Red

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  • Digimon X – the next evolution in gameplay
  • The original virtual Monster you loved back in the 90s is back!
  • Everything you love about the original Digimon but with new exciting ways to play and battle: Reverse compatibility with Original Digimon, new facial expressions and exciting quest mode.
  • Feed him, provide medical attention, turn lights on/off, clean up after him, check his health and train him then pit in against your friend Digimon in a binary bout
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Digimon X – the next evolution in gameplay! Everything you love about the Original Digimon but with new exciting ways to play and battle: Reverse compatibility with Original Digimon, new facial expressions and exciting quest mode.

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30 reviews for Digimon X Bandai Digivice Virtual Pet Monster – Purple & Red

  1. R. Israel Sosa López


    Regalo a un amigo, entrega en tiempo y forma

  2. ernesto

    Justo lo que esperaba y mas

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     Es pequeño, cómodo y esta muy completo, el hecho de suspenderlo de forma ilimitada y sin concecuencias hace que sea más compatible con mis horarios, la función de reloj es sorprendentemente exacta 10/10

  3. Aurora Manuel Varela Saldaña

    Un buen V-pet

    Un poco más complejo que por ejemplo el Vpet del 20 Aniversario y no me termina de gustar la forma de entrenar aquí pero en todo lo demás es bastante mejor que el del 20 aniversario.

  4. Gnothi Seauton


    Awesome !

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  5. Professor ButtonsProfessor Buttons

    X Version Review From Original Version Owner

    Hello, had the original and received this (via Amazon as seller). Box and everything came with all needed to run/play and shipping was clean. That said, I had the OG brown in the 90’s. This version has more interaction to do (green/purple), training and questing. The combat system is a simple timing game; it’s entertaining as a pass-time. Haven’t done the link-battle but the Sleep Mode is effective to not bother you during school/work hours. Worthy of a gift idea to connect with siblings or friends.

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  6. Arthur Zapeline

    Very good product.

    Very good, my brother love it.

  7. Reed B.

    A big burly Digi-man.

    I’m a 32 year old grown man, with a burly man beard, power tool collection, and a full time job building power boxes for heavy machinery. I carry my purple digimon on my tool belt every day, and it makes me very happy. Nostalgia is a helluva drug, and a beautiful, comforting distraction from the crushing reality of the world we live in.Never grow up, it’s seriously not worth it. This little digital friend however, is very worth it. Buy a 2nd one for your best friend, make the life you want to live, and do whatever the heck you want.

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  8. Jessica

    Worth the money

    The pause feature, battery life, shell asthetics, gameplay. All amazing.

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  9. Juan Giraldo SanchezJuan Giraldo Sanchez

    Compra obligada si quieres divertirte!

    Aunque compré los dos DM X, hoy haré la reseña solo de la versión red porque es la que vengo jugando.Realmente uno no lo pensaría pero estos aparaticos son más divertidos que jugar COD Mobile y PUBG, o por lo menos para mí lo son; hablando de la versión X1 propiamente dicho, tienes un roster de 30 Digimon en cada dispositivo y 30 niveles de modo aventura más un área especial que se desbloquea conectando el otro color, el roster entre una y otra version comparte 15 Digimon iguales y 15 diferentes, lo cual, si alguien se pregunta si vale la pena comprar ambas, si, si lo vale, porque además tienes los desbloqueables que mencioné anteriormente.Por mi parte llevo unas 3 semanas criando y apenas he completado el 20% del dispositivo, así que tienes juego para rato con uno solo, la mecánica de subida de niveles hace que siempre haya una razón para jugar, lo que no pasa con otras versiones que no quiero mencionar jejeje. En fin, es una gran compra, y por lo menos a mí, la bateria no se me ha acabado, aún funciona con normalidad con la venía de fabrica.

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  10. Alec Maes

    Kid loves it

    Couldn’t ask for anything else. My boy loves this thing and all of its poops and battles

  11. BF


    Just like the original back in the 90s

  12. BetoXetoBetoXeto

    Excelente estado y producto

    Llego sellado y todo, funcionando al 100

  13. Jonathan

    Good nostalgic fun

    It’s alot of fun at first raising a digimon. However, in some of the later stages the digimon stay up really late and wake up really early. You can freeze them, but that pauses the time till they evolve. Overall, its alot of fun raising these guys and there are alot of guides online that can help you get the digimon you want.

  14. Bloaken

    Fun but Kind of An Actual Commitment

    I got the blue and pink digimon X toy and I’m absolutely loving it. The guide it comes with is a little hard to understand, so I recommend looking up more information on the web.My first digimon digivolved into damemon, which is a poop shaped monster, because I didn’t understand how to care for it. I backed damemon up and started over with a new egg and so far it’s going much better.Besides a learning curve, there’s also the matter of commitment. These little guys need regular attention. Much like a real pet, the digimon will die if you forget about them. That said, they are cute and nostalgic and the quests are fun.I have a lot of time on my hands so I actually ordered another, the glow in the dark version, so I can raise another digimon and battle both of them.Oh and I find they’re especially good for trips since there’s no worry about the battery dying or the device needing an internet connection. I barely put mine down while I was staying somewhere with no WiFi.

  15. David AntonioDavid Antonio

    Best Device I hope the make more for v2!

    Love my Digimon x it’s so much fun and easy to get into even for beginners! The color pops so hard too it looks amazing! I hope anyone on the fence of getting 1 gets 1 as it’s so worth imo especially if your trying to get into online battles like with a d-com or into w0rld!

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  16. Juan Angel TalamantesJuan Angel Talamantes

    Más entretenido de lo que pensé

    Cuando era niño tuve un Tamagotchi y me resultaba algo tedioso pero aquí es lo contrario. Más que cuidar al Digimon lo entrenas. No sabía si comprar la versión normal o la X que es ésta y la verdad la versión X es mejor por dos cosas:1. Incluye un modo aventura que recuerda a los viejos RPG y le da dinamismo.2. Tiene un modo congelador en el cual puedes precisamente congelar al Digimon por el tiempo que quieras sin consecuencias. Útil para cuando estoy en el trabajo.Eso sí, les recomiendo buscar una guía de evoluciones y uso ya que el manual, aunque está en español, si deja un par de dudas al aire.Excelente compra, estoy considerando comprar la versión X opuesta para poder tener todos los Digimon

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  17. Jason Dahl

    Great nostalgia.

    Overall I got this for my daughter to introduce her to the Digimon franchise and I’m happy to say she loves it.

  18. justin morganjustin morgan

    Just stopped working after 3 days

    Third one I bought was working fine then just stopped all of a sudden screen glitched out for a bit and is now unresponsive

  19. Matt

    Great Fun

    If your into VPets and Digimon this is for you. There’s a good amount of Digimon to raise and I like the Adventure mode. The battery that does come with the device does have a short life so make sure to order spare batteries with this product which is a CR 2032

  20. Henry Ferez

    Buena calidad y divertido, ofrece buena entretención.

    Buena calidad y divertido, ofrece buena entretención. Me gustó la opción de congelamiento porque permite pausarlo indefinidamente cuando no se cuente con el tiempo seguido para revisarlo y cuidarlo.

  21. luis casanovaluis casanova

    Es más divertido de lo que parece

    Llegó en buen estado, un increíble aparato muy entretenido

  22. Jennifer

    One of the Best!

    Great Digimon pet! Not only are they a great value, but the quest mode is challenging and fun! The XAI system adds a level of difficulty that can make or break your battles! These don’t have the same volume of Digimon as the 20th’s do, but I personally like these better.

  23. Ramos

    Did not work

    Was exited to receive and when I did the screen did not work was very disappointed

  24. Elissa Mobley

    Very fun, get extra batteries though!

    Got this as a gift for my husband and he loves the gameplay. There’s lots to do on this little device but because of that the battery didn’t last 3 whole days! I blame whatever battery they ship it with being cheap, we have since put an Energizer in and it hasn’t died yet.

  25. Some guy who got this

    Classic with a twist

    New games are exciting

  26. Joshua

    Pretty good color combination for the shell and fun device

    Its much better than the DM20th in my opinion, there is a quest mode and you unlock evolutions by completing the stages

    One person found this helpful

  27. Thyme Lord


    Swapped roster, but that was ok with me

  28. BrianBrian

    Llegaron perfectamente a España

    Compré a España y llegaron sin problemas, son preciosos y muy entretenidos, ojalá sigan lanzando mas productos de Digimon (Bandai saca los pendulum primer aviso)

  29. Alan Jacobo Huesca PerezAlan Jacobo Huesca Perez


    El producto llegó bien e incluso un día antes de la fecha , aún falta probarlo pero se ve bien

  30. Rusty Shackleford

    Thank you Bandai! Now plz X2 & X3!

    The best of the current virtual pets is the digimon x line. Quest mode, redesigned digimon, the xai (dice) feature, unlockable evolutions through questing plus additional features makes this well worth the $20.Really hoping Bandai comes through and releases the x2 & x3 digivices in the future cause its more of the same. If you’re even considering picking one up just do it, its the best one on the market currently.

    One person found this helpful

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