Diamond Dotz Facet Art Kit – Eye Spy Kitty


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This intermediate kit – Eye Spy Kitty, shows a green-eyed kitten face with a bow in its hair pawing at the air.


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Diamond Dotz facet art kit – Eye Spy Kitty, allows you to paint with beautiful faceted diamonds onto high quality color printed fabric.

Kits contain: 1 high quality printed fabric, 1 Diamond Dotz stylus, 1 craft tray, 1 wax caddy, 1 comfort grip, all necessary Diamond Dotz pre-sorted by shade, and instruction.

Design Size: 12.6″ x 12.6″.

DIAMOND DOTZ® is the brand of choice worldwide with Millions of satisfied customers. We produce the most reliable, best quality diamond painting products available anywhere in the world.

Best quality dotz in the market today

  •  More sparkle
  •  Most vibrant color pigmentation
  •  Most reliable shape and easy to use

Highest quality substrate

  •  Especially engineered for diamond painting
  •  Woven polyester 100%
  •  Great surface to dot on

Unparalleled performance Adhesive

  •  High tech formula to exacting specifications
  •  Developed in the USA
  •  Tried and tested over many years

Best Design Interpretation

Designs are built pixel by pixel by experts which provides an spectacular end result

Safety and Compliance

The safest and most compliant diamond painting product available on the market


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