Deadpool Vs The World

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Deadpool makes his mark on adult gaming in Deadpool vs the World, a hilarious party game for mature audiences. Featuring 100 custom illustrations of Deadpool in very strange and unsightly situations, players face off against their friends by filling in the blanks on Caption cards to provide the most outrageous explanations of the Merc with a Mouth’s predicaments. The player who best describes Deadpool’s compromising situations wins the game!

Deadpool vs the World is the perfect party game for 3 – 10 players aged 17 and up. Each game lasts approximately 30 – 60 minutes.

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60 reviews for Deadpool Vs The World

  1. Amazon Customer

    Great item

    Great older family game. we’ve spent a fair few hours playing this.

  2. amanda brown

    Lots of fun

    Lots of fun

  3. Dustin Johnston

    Hilarious and fun

    Fun game

  4. Elizabeth

    Perfect for Deadpool Lovers

    We have a lot of creative card games like Snake Oil and Funemployed. This made a great addition to our collection and gets lots of laughs when friends are over.

  5. Ken Lamontagne

    Tons of fun

    Lots of fun. The pictures are pretty wild, brace yourself for the comments you get……..

  6. Annastashia

    Fun game

    Like cards against humanity but requires more effort.

  7. Aralc

    Good game

    Entertaining, fun gift.

  8. T. Dockery

    Better than CAH

    My sister got this for my husband and my birthdays, and we took it with us on a trip with friends and played it one night. OMG this had us laughing until we were all crying!!I’ll quote a few comments here: “We need to make a rule to only play this once every 6 months because I need time for my stomach to recover.” “This game is made of the stuff that can ruin relationships!” “This is better than Cards Against Humanity.” “Holy s***, please stop before I pee myself!”The little markers that come with it aren’t dry erase, they are wet erase so they don’t just rub off when the card czar shuffles and reads them. I used a wet paper towel and a dry one and cleaned them all after returning back home, didn’t have issues cleaning them up after a day had passed, no residue left behind. I will say we had one that was already drying out and I had opened the box up right before we started playing. Not sure where to buy additional markers from whenever these dry out so that would be helpful information to know.I will say, the target audience for this game is adults as it says 17+, so the whole point is to be vulgar and no holding back. The more you know the people you’re playing with, and the more inside jokes you have, the better the experience you’ll have with this. We had 8 people playing and that also made a difference.

  9. Mellon256

    Fun for Deadpool fans!

    Item was exactly as described.

  10. Sophie

    Fun game, might need to set a time limit on answers

    I enjoyed playing the game, but found that you do need to be a bit more awake and motivated to play it compared to similar games where the answers are already provided for you. I would recommend you set a time limit on writing answers (a minute or less), as otherwise some might take very long to complete their cards which really slows down the play. We found that it was funnier when everybody would write their answers as quickly as possible (but that is more our playing style, if you enjoy longer, more elaborate answers, the game allows for that too).

  11. Jay

    Love it

    My husband loves the game.

  12. DFC

    Buy it

    We loved it. Played it at a game nights other drinking and it was a blast. Naturally not everyone loved it like I did but I found it more fun than Cards Against Humanity as you can personalize the answers way more.

  13. Val

    Hours of fun for everyone

    Hours of fun for everyone

  14. Autumn Garlough

    A great gift idea

    Got this for my fiance and cant wait to play it. I’m worried the constant use of the markers and erasing the marker from the cards will cause a lot of wear and tear over time. I really would hate to have to spend a lot of money to replace the game.

  15. Maria Arias

    More of and adult game not as fun if kids are playing

    It’s a decent product, very funny

  16. Leila Clemente

    Great game

    Family love it and it fun

  17. geekygourmet

    Holy cow, this is fun as f___

    OMG this game is so funny. If you like Deadpool and a crazy card game that gets very inappropriate, you must add this to your collection.

    2 people found this helpful

  18. Ashes

    Good game, just gets old

    Loved it the first time we played it and the second,but we haven’t pulled it out for a third game

  19. Amazon Customer

    Looks Fun!

    Bought it as a gift – looks great and seems like it will be fun. Purchased for a gamer/comic book interested friend

  20. Amazon Customer

    Great product and fast delivery too

    Great product and fast delivery too

  21. Amazon Customer

    Great Fun

    It’s a fun game that allows people to make up their own answers. Similar to Cards against Humanity, but I find this more enjoyable

  22. Kerri Spiverson

    It is very fun but can be messy

    This game is easy to play and very fun. However, the markers don’t wipe off the cards as easily as they should. We ended up needed to use wet wipes to clean off the cards. Cleaning them up also slowed the game down a little. That being said, we laughed like crazy. This game is definitely worth the hassle.

  23. Debbie Tyityan

    Not worth it

    My family hated this game.

  24. Amazon Customer

    Fun game

    Nice game

  25. Cynthiaa92

    Funny people only pls.

    Super fun game. Try it out if you’ve got some funny friends.

  26. Jo

    Really fun!

    We have only played it once but it was really fun. Was like a better version of cards against humanity

    4 people found this helpful

  27. Amber

    Fun Party Game

    We have played this game once so far if that says anything. it is a lot of fun but it requires more equipment than if you were to play Cards Against Humanity. Still, the game was a lot of fun and all of the pictures are great and very fitting for a Deadpool game. You have to be really creative for this game too because everything you submit has to be written on the cards in dry erase makers. I could see these markers running out pretty fast too if you play a lot so you will have to buy more. It is nice though because the dry erase makers come off the cards without leaving behind residue.

    2 people found this helpful

  28. Adan Guzman

    Fun for game night

    This game is really fun. Anyone who has played Cards against Humanity and loves deadpool, this is the game for you.

  29. Madpuppy77

    Really fun!

    Brother in law loves this gift.

  30. Lorenso Carmona



  31. Collette G.

    Good quality

    Item as described

  32. joseph cheek

    Buy it!!

    Great fun!

  33. Robyn Campbell


    was a gift, he loved it, lol

  34. D. Palmer

    It was a lot of fun

    Fun game to play with adults

  35. Mujitsukyo

    card against the humanity but deadpool

    card against the humanity but deadpool – yes

  36. sheri aston

    Adult humor

    This was a gift for a friend he loves it. Adult only I might add.

  37. Cindy Wood

    very fun

    Adults played Christmas night and loved it

  38. Kristin Waldron

    but have played other card games like it. Love Deadpool

    Bought as a gift for my husband. Haven’t played it yet, but have played other card games like it. Love Deadpool.

  39. Angelel88

    Super Entertaining!

    My friends and I played this game not too long ago and LOVED it! Adding the creativity part to the game really gives it a nice twist. Highly recommend!

  40. Booker

    The game with infinities possibilities

    Lots of fun and endless creativity. The best thing about this game is that the answers are endless since you write your own.

  41. Louis Philippe

    Super fun game. Way better than Cards agains Humanity.

    Really liked it.

  42. P. Dellechiaie

    Hilarious game.

    The game is a riot. if you’re sick enough to like Deadpool (and if you’re reading this. . .), you’ll love it. The only caveat is that the included wet-erase pens are a bit funky and hard to handle.

    One person found this helpful

  43. Amazon Customer

    Its twisted, as expected, its deadpool

    We gave this away for a gift and the recipient loves it

  44. Jonteray Cain



  45. Amazon Customer

    So much fun!

    Bought this game for my boyfriend, we love it! Highly recommend it, especially if you like cards against humanity, but I like it more because you write in what you want rather then having the same cards over and over again

  46. Alexis C.

    Perfect game.

    Very fun, does need a group that has seen the movie.

  47. @67mcd

    Fun, ya gotta think though

    Fun game. A little thinking involved. But we really enjoyed!

  48. Johanna O’Bryan

    So much fun!

    Six markers, all the fun! Bring on your raunchiest comments!

  49. Candy

    A lot of fun

    This is a great game for all ages. Played it on New Years with my wife and two teenage boys and really enjoyed it. This is a game that has a lot of potential to be a lot funnier with a group of adults with adult humor. Fun for everyone nonetheless.

    One person found this helpful

  50. CDCS

    Perfect for fans

    My son in law loves this in his stocking

  51. Jennifer

    Buy it you wont be sorry

    Super fun to play

  52. Nacole Vickery

    It was a lot of fun!

    We opened this and played at a game night. It was a lot of fun!

    One person found this helpful

  53. Hope Cline

    A gift. Fun.

    Gave to friend.

  54. maria cabezas

    Person loved gift

    Purchased as gift

  55. Tracy

    Fun game!

    Bought this for my son for Christmas. He loves it. Reminds me of A Deadpool Cards Against Humanity with a twist. Fun and funny!

  56. CJL

    Great value

    Gifted it !

  57. Kathleen Hughes

    Christmas gift

    They thought it was funny

  58. Veronica

    Great purchase

    This game made a great gift!!

  59. serena white

    Hilarious game

    Bought this as a stocking stuffer for my hubby. We brought it out at game night and it was hilarious. The cards are good quality as well. Can see us using these for many years.

  60. Charity

    My son loved it

    Bought for my teenager for his birthday. He played it all day with his friends.

    One person found this helpful

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