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Dc Comics, The Batman Batcycle Rc With Batman Rider Action Figure

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  • BATCYCLE RC: Race into Gotham City with the remote-control Batcycle. This RC vehicle features an easy-to-drive remote control, authentic movie styling, working headlights and a fixed Batman rider figure!
  • EASY TO DRIVE: Drive your high performance Batcycle RC in any direction with the 2.4GHz dual joystick controller! Race up to 6 vehicles at once without interference and control your RC from up to 100 feet away.
  • AUTHENTIC MOVIE STYLING: The detailed deco and movie-style sculpting brings the 1:10 scale Batcycle RC to life – just like in The Batman Movie! The Batcycle RC includes a fixed Batman rider with a fabric cape!
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Dc Comics, The Batman Batcycle Rc With Batman Rider Action Figure
Dc Comics, The Batman Batcycle Rc With Batman Rider Action Figure $39.99 Original price was: $39.99.$19.97Current price is: $19.97.
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OFFICIAL THE BATMAN MOVIE COLLECTIBLE: Collect all The Batman Movie RC vehicles including Batmobile, Batcycle and more! Use your imagination to bring your favorite The Batman Movie scenes to life!

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33 reviews for Dc Comics, The Batman Batcycle Rc With Batman Rider Action Figure

  1. Raegan

    Didn’t work

    It was a Christmas present and it never worked. The switch wouldn’t turn all the way on and when we did get it to it still didn’t work. Really disappointed kid on Christmas.



    This is so much fun! Who wouldn’t love Batman zipping around their house. The headlight makes it neat to use in the dark. It’s easy enough for my 8 yr old son to control but still fun for his 12 yr old brother and parents. Would be a great gift for any Batman fan.

  3. 101

    Super Awesome!

    This is probably the best motorcycle RC I’ve had. It has lasted thru several bumps and moves at a decent speed. The kids loved it. Plus it has Batman! Super awesome.

  4. Michele

    Cool toy

    I ordered this Batman RC motorcycle for our 5 yr old grandson for Christmas. He loved it! Easy for him to control and a cool feature is the cape on Batman flutters when you drive it. He plays with it all the time.

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  5. Nebti17Nebti17

    Fun Batcycle for kids…

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     This is a fun little RC Batcycle notable primarily for its design, being an inexpensive RC vehicle in other respects. The Batman rider figure is permanently affixed. Turns left and right via a pivoting front wheel assembly.Toy requires 4 AA batteries for the motorcycle and 2 AAA batteries for the remote, none of which are included.Headlight lights up. Two outriggers on either side of the body of the motorcycle stabilize vehicle and keep it from tipping.

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  6. T. Gaston

    nice toy

    DC Comics, The Batman Batcycle RC with Batman Rider Action Figure, Official Batman Movie is a cool toy. The grandkids enjoyed it and that is what matters most of course. Fun!

  7. Omri Ran

    Cool fan toy but don’t expect much

    It’s really nice toy if you are a young batman fan will definitely enjoy it but adult fan of the new movie will not appreciate it. It’s plasticky, simple and easy to handle. Older kids will probably lose interest very fast… At least it’s not over priced like other merchandise

  8. Lacie C.

    Broken from the box!

    Just opened this for my son’s birthday, his big present and it doesn’t not run. So disappointed!!! Can’t return it as it’s just beyond the return window. 30 bucks down the drain and a very disappointed birthday boy.

  9. HappyFamily

    Great gift

    It is a great gift to a batman fan.

  10. Nancy

    Our grandson LOVED it!

    Made well, great gift.

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  11. Olivia Stabler

    Fun Batcycle, Batman Doesn’t Come Off

    My nephew loves Batman so I knew he would like this. The Batcycle is well made (all plastic), and it does require batteries for the cycle and the remote. Batman rides well on hard floors, not on carpeted areas. He’s not super fast and can topple on turns. I do wish Batman was removeable to add extra play value to the toy.

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  12. MerryFinds

    Would make nice gift for young kids.

    If you’re a young Batman fan, you’ll definitely enjoy the Batcycle RC. It’s simple and easy to handle, and it comes with all the details you need to bring Gotham City to life. However, if you’re an adult fan of the new movie, you might not appreciate it as much because it is slow and very basic. The price is good, though. So it’s still a great gift idea for Batman fans of all ages.

  13. Liz

    Es mejor de lo que esperaba

    Pensé que no era tan rápida la moto y es mejor de lo que esperaba ami hijo le encanto

  14. Josh

    Fun batman RC experience

    I got this RC batman bike and the RC batman car, both are pretty fun to mess around with. I prefer this bike compared to the car, because it’s a little easier to maneuver and goes a little bit quicker. In particular, my cat loves chasing this bike around while he’s a little hesitant to chase the car around because of it’s size, I think.If you’re a batman fan, or are looking to gift this to a batman fan, then I think it’d make a great buy! Or, if you’re like me, and looking to have some fun with your feline friend, then I also suggest this product. It’s been a lot of fun so far.

  15. Amazon Customer

    The value

    It was okay

  16. Aybar Aybar

    Not happy about this at all

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     I order a new batcycle and I paid for a new one, not a used one so had to pay extra which I was more than happy to do so long as it was not pre-owned but I recieved a used version even with paying extra and there wasn’t even a remote control.

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  17. Eric B. Borgman

    Pretty cool.

    I have to admit this DC Comics, The Batman Batcycle RC with Batman Rider Action Figure is pretty cool. It looks really nice and does run. I wish there was more detail in the bike and figure, but, otherwise I like it.

  18. Simplyglamorous

    Nice bike

    Got this for my kids and they’ve been chasing it around the house all day. The bike is pretty sturdy and has a learning curve when driving it but it’s pretty quickly mastered. The bike and controller both need batteries (4AA and 2AAA not included) It works best on our hardwood floor and has a working headlight! It’s fairly quiet while driving. Overall recommend

  19. yalch⭐

    Great quality, great on turns (wide turns only) and plenty fast

    Great quality, great on turns (wide turns only) and plenty fast for 3 years old. it is also extremely durable, dump, throw, crush, toss, trash even got stepped on, not a crack or fallen a piece. This is like a tank!simplified remote controller is in small size, so little ones can fit in their hands and use their thumbs on thumb sticks to control. well done on this one!

  20. KadeKade

    Awesome toy

    I’m a huge Batman fan, and when I saw this I absolutely needed it. It’s a decent size, and so cool looking. I got it to put on display, but the RC function of it works and is quite fun! Highly recommend this for any Batman fan in your life, be them 5 or 35.

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  21. Heather C. ReddingHeather C. Redding

    This thing is awesome!

    This is one of the best R/C vehicles we’ve gotten for our child. I was wary because it’s a bike and figured it wouldn’t have good balance and would tip over a lot but oh my goodness it works great! It stays up and is super fast! It’s easy to maneuver. The remote is responsive and works great. Our 4 year old is able to use it with no problems. It’s jumped off coffee tables and flipped back onto its wheels. Very durable. The batteries last a long time. It’s very impressive. Especially for the price. It’s very reasonable. Would make a great gift for sure!

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  22. Amazon Customer

    Very nice gift

    Very nice gift

  23. Nora Danielson

    Really great Christmas gift.

    My grandson and granddaughter loved this.

  24. Kathi


    My grandson thinks this is cool. He drives it all over our driveway and sidewalk. The older gentlemen in our neighborhood enjoy watching it pass by their house.

  25. I always tell it like it is

    Batman rides again

    this will make a great gift, really fast great controls, need batteries, built heavy recommended, fun at Christmas time

  26. Brittany Jones

    Control didn’t work well

    The control stopped working after 2 days the motorcycle looks very nice but unfortunately couldn’t use it very long.

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    Comes as pictured

    Comes as pictured. My son looks the batman movie and really wanted the remote controlled batman. He loves it

  28. Lorraine Ericson-Smith

    Easy to control for a 4 year old.

    Grandson loved it! Easy to control.

  29. scubascaff

    Easy but slow

    It’s a basic remote control RC. The novelty of Batman is why you buy it not for functionability. Don’t get me wrong, it’s decent but not wow factor here. Durable and easy to control.

  30. Sherri

    A wheel fell off within the first week.

    Poorly made

  31. TipsyKibblesTipsyKibbles

    Fun for kids and also 30 year olds.

    I originally got this rc batcycle with my daughter in mind but now that we have it, I can tell you that I also have so much fun with it. It drives really good!

  32. Pete Chen

    Fun, but front wheel doesn’t work

    I got batcycle. The remote supposedly controls the back and forth movement on the rear wheel and turning on the front wheel. Unfortunately, the control on the front wheel doesn’t work. It needs batteries for the motorcycle and remote. They are not included. The whole product lacks fine details and feel of quality. If you are a big batman fan, you may want to consider it.

  33. Just me and my zoo

    Surprised how well made this is!

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     My daughter begged for me to get this for her after her cheap Spider-man motorcycle kept breaking. I figured this would be good enough to keep her happy for awhile. However from the minute we opened it, we knew it was better quality. I was surprised at how easily my 6 year old was able to control the Batman motorcycle without crashing. This is much higher quality than I anticipated so it gets 5 stars from me and my daughter.

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