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Paint Your Own Stone Mosaic

$27.99 $34.99
This all-weather stepping stone is ready to paint right out of the box, letting you skip messy cement-mixing and get right to the fun part: decorating and personalizing! A dozen vibrant paints allow for endless creativity—mix, blend and add custom colour accents.

My Fairy Garden: Bean Blossom

My Fairy Garden Bean Blossom includes 2 beans featuring a magical word on the side! Plant a bean and wait to see it grow--it will have the word on the side of the sprout! It's so fun watching the message appear!

Paint Your Own Porcelain Plates

$28.99 $36.99
Just paint, bake and display! This is one-of-a-kind art that's both fun and decorative. Kids can paint and oven-bake their creations for display-worthy finished pieces!

Paint Your Own Porcelain Bowls

$27.99 $34.99
Paint Your Own Porcelain Bowls is a one-of-a-kind art project. Design your own creations then oven-bake for a glossy, display-worthy finished product. Full-color instructions show you how to create the artistic effect you want—color mixing, brushing, sponging and more!

Paint Your Own Porcelain Vases

$27.99 $34.99
Showcase beautiful flowers and artistic abilities all at the same time with Paint Your Own Porcelain Vases! Design your own creation then oven-bake for a glossy finished work of art with this high-quality kit!

Lab Putty Sculpting Glass

Our amazing super-clear putty moulds like Liquid Glass. Our transparent Sculpting Glass putty looks like clear water, but it is solid like putty. Just knead it , twist it, sculpt it and see-through it! This amazing putty that never dries out! You get a 1.76 oz handful of clear Lab Putty in a round silver tin.

Lab Putty Color Changing

UNIQUE - Want to get your hands on a cool thermosensitive product? Try this crazy hypercolor putty which reacts to body warmth. Witness it morph from orange to red. FUN - Stretch it, tear it, shatter it, sculpt it, bounce it and ENJOY it! Keep your kids & grandkids busy all day without hearing a word from them.

Lab Putty Scribbler

Lab Putty Scribbler! is a powerful super putty that stretches like rubber, bounces like a ball, and tears like paper. This amazing UV reactive icy green putty changes to purple-blue when exposed to a UV "black light".

Lab Putty People

Lab Putty Putty People is a powerful super putty that stretches like rubber, bounces like a ball, and tears like paper. It's part toy, part stress reliever, part physical therapy and entirely addictive!

Lab Putty It's Magnetic

Lab Putty It's Magnetic! is a powerful super putty that stretches like rubber, bounces like a ball, and tears like paper.This amazing material has magnetically attractive properties!

Make Your Own Glitter Snow Globe Kit

Show off your awesome arts and crafts skills with the Make Your Own Glitter Snow Globe Kit! The Make Your Own Glitter Snow Globe Kit gives you the opportunity to create and sculpt your very own snow globes, the way you want it to be!

My Fairy Garden: Lily Pond

Grow your own garden with My Fairy Garden: Lily Pond, a toy that’s also a real, live garden! Children can enjoy this flower pot that’s a serene garden play area for fairy fun!