Time to get those mental gears of yours spinning with Coggy, the brain-burning brainteaser game!

Coggy comprises of a 14” zig-zag coil of 16 connected colourful gears that you can bend, click and shape shift to your hearts content! Full flexibility in effect with this unique collection of gears, as the gears have the ability to shift up to 255 degrees, leading to exciting flexibility and many possibilities for a vast number of arrangements! Included is a deck of challenge cards in which you must try to bend, click and shape shift the gears that matches the image on the challenge card. Use Coggy’s bendy structure to strategize and plan how you will match the image! Having a hard time to match the image on the challenge cards? Coggy has you covered. Coggy includes up to 40 challenge cards with four difficulties: easy, medium, hard or extra hard. But it doesn’t stop there! If you’re bored of the colourful gears, flip Coggy over to reveal a set of black and white gears, matched with its own set of challenges. With Coggy, you’ll never be bored with it’s easy arrange of playing possibilities and covers a wide range of difficulties to satisfy everyone at any age! Put your brain to overdrive thinking-mode with Coggy!

Coggy is recommended for ages 6 and up.

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