Clue Dungeons & Dragons


The Archmage has been killed! A doppelganger has murdered the Archmage and infiltrated the party. It could be anyone…even you! In Clue Dungeons & Dragons you must solve the mystery in classic Clue fashion. The six suspects have to deduce who the doppelganger is and which magical weapon was the one to do the deed…if you can’t you’ll all be trapped here forever.

A majority of the gameplay in Clue Dungeons & Dragons follows the classic Clue formula where players take turns rolling a die, moving around a game board into different rooms, and making accusations with who/where/ and with what weapon. When a player makes an accusation if any player is holding those cards they must reveal them narrowing it down until a player guesses right. An optional addition for Clue Dungeons & Dragons is the wandering monster deck. Where a player can step on a tile marked with a claw to fight a monster. Winning will result in a special item that grants various bonuses. Losing against a monster will move your figure to the center of the game board. Put your mystery solving skills to the test in this fantasy style take on the classic game.

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