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Life’s full of ups and downs, just like in this remake of the classic Chutes and Ladders game. Spend too much time playing around and the slides, and you’ll be put back quite far, but maybe if you help out the right person you can get yourself to the top


The classic game of climbing, sliding, short cuts and setbacks gets an updated look so your kids can learn just a little bit about positive and negative consequences. With all kinds of scenarios like being kind to animals leading to a new best friend, or not listening and falling into cold water, Chutes and Ladders will be sure to keep the kids laughing and learning. Be the first to reach the top but watch out, those chutes may look fun, but they’re not without repercussion.

Hasbro is known for its fun and lighthearted kids’ games, and this one is no different. Help your kids learn proper behaviour and etiquette in an entertaining and colourful way. The game comes with the board, three cardboard pawns with plastic stands, spinner with arrow, and instructions.

Chutes and Ladders is a fun and easy game for 2-3 players, ages three and up. Gameplay is approximately 15-30 minutes.

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