Charades for Kids – An Imaginative Classic Party Game For Young Children


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A Classic Party Game. Instant Fun and Laughter For The Entire Family – Especially Young Children.Develops Critical Thinking Skills, Builds Imagination, and Supports Creativity. Features 50 Charade Cards with 6 Categories Each – People, Characters, Animals, Objects, Actions, And Phrases. Includes Sand Time, Score Pad, Dice, Pencil, and 300 Different Charades. Recommended For 3 Or More Players. Ages 8+.


Kids Charades is a classic party game that develops critical thinking skills and builds imagination. Instant fun and laughter for the whole family. Geared towards younger kids, its easy to have the whole family join in on the fun of charades. For 3 or more players.Game includes 50 charade cards, sand time, score pad, dice, and pencil. In this game, players attempt to perform and guess a whole host of fun charades. The first player or team to cross off its row of dice on the score pad wins the game. There are 6 categories that can be acted out: People, Characters, Animals, Objects, Actions, or Phrases. All players will know the category ahead of time, making it easy, thoughtful, and fun for kids. Kids Charades is a best seller, and a great game for families. It encourages togetherness, concentration, imagination, creativity, and offers a great bonding experience for family and friends!

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