Catan 5th ed seafarers exp


    • Set sail on an adventurous journey with Catan 5th Edition Seafarers Expansion.
    • Explore and tame the uncharted isles of Catan with your bold seafaring settlers.
    • Discover new seas, lands, and the valuable gold fields in each exciting game.
    • Expand your Catan experience with this immersive expansion for even more strategic gameplay.
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    Catan 5th ed seafarers exp
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    Catan 5th ed seafarers exp:

    Catan 5th Edition Seafarers Expansion allows players to take control of bold seafaring settlers as they explore and conquer new territories in the wild, uncharted isles of Catan. With its addition of new seas, lands, and valuable gold fields, this expansion offers an exhilarating twist to the classic Catan gameplay, providing endless possibilities for adventurous gaming experiences.

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    53 reviews for Catan 5th ed seafarers exp

    1. Richard M Schoedel

      Took the fun of Catan to the next level.

      My son loves Catan and this expansion made it even more fun.

    2. NinaJo Sandstrom

      Perfect Quality

      Perfectly as pictured/as expected. All pieces accounted for. Also we love this version of Catan. I love how many different versions you can play with it. Makes our game nights much more versatile.

    3. C


      Gave as a gift and the person was thrilled with delight and found it very enjoyable.

    4. Sam

      A great expansion for Catan!

      This review will be in question/answer form.Q. What do I need to play this game?A. You will need the base Catan game (called Catan) in order to play Seafarers.Q. How many players can play?A. 3-4 players can play. There’s a 5-6 player extension for Seafarers, but you need to get the 5-6 player extension for base Catan as well.Q. Does this expansion make the game take longer?A. The duration depends on which scenario you chose to play, but the estimated length for Seafarers is 90 minutes while normal Catan is estimated 60 minutes.Q. What’s the difference between 4th Edition and 5th Edition?A. Very little. In the 5th Edition, sea hexes are a slightly darker and bluer color (which makes them look slightly better, but only by a hair). The number tokens are a little different as well; in the 5th Edition, the higher-rolled numbers are printed larger than the lower-rolled numbers (so 12 and 2 are a small font size, while 6 and 8 are larger). This makes them a little less appealing, but it’s not bad. Also, the 5th Edition has slightly nicer artwork (at least in my opinion), but they look pretty similar.Q. Should I get the 4th Edition or the 5th Edition?A. Obviously, you want to get whichever edition your base Catan game is, so that they match well. If you haven’t bought Catan yet, though, I would recommend the 5th Edition (mainly because it’s newer) unless the 4th Edition is cheaper.Q. What pieces are included? How well made are the pieces?A. There are 6 frame pieces, 19 sea hexes, 11 terrain hexes, 50 Catan chits, 10 number tokens, 10 harbor tokens, 61 wood ships (15 each of red, blue, orange, and white, and 1 black pirate ship), and the rules/scenarios booklet. I counted everything and there were no missing pieces. As for the quality, it’s not bad. The hexes fit a little loose in the frame, but they’re not too bad. Some of the printing was a little off-center on my copy, but it’s really only very noticeable on the number tokens (the 4th Edition didn’t have this problem). All in all, though, it’s pretty good.Q. So what’s the Seafarers expansion all about?A. Basically, instead of having one island like normal Catan, there are now multiple islands separated by sea hexes. You start on the main island and get to the other islands by building ships, which work exactly like roads, except that they are built on water. There are also two gold hexes, which give you a resource(s) of your choice when you build next to them. There are eight scenarios, with different layouts and some slightly different rules. The scenarios are very fun, and add variety to the game.Q. And what about the other expansions?A. There are three other main expansions for Catan:There’s Cities and Knights, which makes the game more intense: In addition to the usual resources, commodities have been added. You get them by building cities. With these commodities you can get useful progress cards which give you powers (such as building free roads, stealing cards, trading capabilities, etc.). You also get knights, which protect your cities from the Barbarians. There are plenty more rules, but that’s the basic idea.In Traders and Barbarians, you have different variants and scenarios. It adds variety to the original game with such scenarios as “The Fishermen of Catan,” “The Rivers of Catan,” and “Traders and Barbarians.”Explorers and Pirates adds much more board space, and has four scenarios, plus a fifth scenario which combines the first four. Cities have been replaced with harbor settlements, and ships have been added to carry your settlers. Again, there are more rules, but that’s the main idea of the game.Q. Those expansion packs all sound great. Which one should I get first?A. Seafarers is the easiest to learn, and is great for even those without much experience with Catan. I would recommend getting it first. But Cities and Knights is also great for those seeking more depth and intensity. If you have a good amount of experience with the original game, you may want to get that one first. If you want, you could download the instructions for each expansion (they’re available on Catan’s website), and skim through them to see which one sounds good to you.Q. How fun is Seafarers?A. I love it, and so does everyone I know who has tried it. If you love Catan, you will most likely love Seafarers.Q. Can you combine the expansions?A. Kind of. Cities and Knights works pretty well with some of the scenarios in Seafarers. Explorers and Pirates is probably the least compatible (mainly because the ships move differently in Explorers and Pirates than Seafarers, and you can’t build cities, which are important in Cities and Knights), but with some rule tweaking, you may be able to get it to work with the others (if you like creating your own scenarios, you may enjoy that). Catan’s website has some ideas for combining different expansion packs.Q. So would you recommend Seafarers?A. Absolutely! If you enjoy playing Catan, and are looking to add some variety to your game, this is a great expansion pack. It’s easy to learn, but at the same time makes the game much more fun.If you have any more questions, feel free to comment on my review.Thanks for reading! Please feel free to comment or rate my review helpful or unhelpful.

      354 people found this helpful

    5. Tara Hayes

      Great game!

      Would recommend this game.

    6. sjorel

      Catan? More like Ca’tant (ever win)

      This game is great, super-fun. But really, would it kill someone to let me win every once in a while? Seriously, this thing is rigged. I prefer the method of turning over tiles as you reach them, and I swear to God I get desert EVERY SINGLE TIME. I get so much desert you would think I’d grown an extra hump (in addition to the hump I currently have on my right shoulder, and I’ll thank you not to stare). But overall I am very satisfied with my purchase, the Seafarer’s Edition is without a doubt the best of the expansion packs that I have played so far. One day I hope to buy all of the expansions and play across a giant table, like some sort of child king (in his late 30’s). I’d also love to play with other people too, but meh, can’t have everything…

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    7. Not of the world

      Every Catan fan needs Seafarers

      We really enjoyed adding this expansion. It makes Catan even more interesting and fun. It takes a long time to set up and begin play! Or maybe it’s just us? It’s hard for us to fit Catan, original or seafarers, in during summertime. We play a lot over our long, cold and dark Minnesota winters! Makes winter a lot more bearable.

    8. Jay E.

      Base game + this = my favorite Catan

      This is the only Catan expansion I’d call “essential”. The game feels complete with this expansion. Its the easiest Catan expansion to learn since the additions are more about making the map bigger, rather than introducing complex new mechanics.Game adds:* New unit, boats* Bigger maps* A bunch of setups/modes that add variety (4 islands, fog islands, across the desert)My game group prefers the fog island setup. You have two islands on either side of the map, and a region of undiscovered (read: face down) hexes in the middle. As soon as you build some ships out to the “undiscovered” area, you flip the hex and pull a number token from the bag. Adds risk/reward and incentive to move around the map. Very fun.

      7 people found this helpful

    9. Stu

      Great addition to Catan.

      Great extension to Catan. Seamlessly addes boats and a good bit of area to you normal Catan game. It requires the base game to play.

    10. lynn buri

      the availability

      I purchased this for my nephews for their birthday. They had a different version of the Catan game and they like this one also

    11. Amethyst


      good for family bonding and with friends. if you are a beginner, this game will lasts more than an hour. make sure to buy the default catan which is the red one(catan settlers). we also had to buy other colors like yellow and purple for the houses, roads and ships. overall it is a very fun game. i do not get tired and bored of playing this.

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    12. L. Pacitto

      this expansion package makes it even more fun! Everything fit well together

      If you have the original Settlers of Catan, this expansion package makes it even more fun! Everything fit well together. You absolutely need the original Settlers of Catan game and know how to play it before you purchase this. Also, you use pieces from the original game to make a large game board with the expansion game – you combine them. We just love this game!

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    13. Amazon Customer

      Great Expansion Pack

      Great expansion pack for a great game. This pack really elevates the original game. Its a must add for fans of Catan.

    14. Kurt

      fun game

      fun game

    15. Scott & Lori Hutchison

      Quality Product

      Excellent addition to Catan game. Lots of family fun. Great quality.

    16. Brandon S

      The Best Expansion

      This is the expansion to get. I heard that Seafarers was supposed to be part of base Catan and I can see why. I just adds another layer to the game and is by far the least complicated of the expansions. This expansion adds boats, islands, the pirate (sea robber) and some new ways to get victory points. A playthrough or two and everybodys got it. Can’t say the same about Cities and Knights (lol) or Traders and Barbarians (basically the collection of mini expansions Expansion). Highly recommend this expansion, my friends and I play Catan all the time and once we got this expansion we now use it every time.Some people give this expansion crap for not being as “strategical” as Cities and Knights but I think this uncomplicated expansion adds some much needed balance to the game. Since Boats are made of Sheep and Wood, Seafarers makes being a Sheep Lord more feasible lol. In base Catan if all you have too much sheep it’s pretty much over unless you have a sheep port or noob traders

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    17. Knightling

      Sheep for 2 ore?? YES PLZ

      I knew this when i bought it but the box was so big i almost expected that it came with the normal catan game also, alas it DID NOT . (so get that out yo mind! buy the base catan first)The board pieces were perfect and there is so much variability and replay-ability I’m so glad i picked this up when it was on sale.The biggest change is the NEED FOR SHEEEP! YES I WILL TAKE YOUR SHEEP THANK YOU. I love this game.You have to build ships as well as roads so brick, wood and sheep are huge. Ports are important so plan ahead and try to get a port for something near you and near one of the islands.

      16 people found this helpful

    18. Gene P.

      Excellent expansion.

      Excellent expansion. Makes me not want to go back to basic Catan. “Fog Island” is my favorite scenario thus far.

    19. E

      Great Game, Adds a new aspect to the game …

      Great Game, Adds a new aspect to the game of Catan… It’s simple enough for a new Catan player to understand and adds enough variation that a veteran Catan player should have enough new challenges to make the game interesting again.My board pieces were all cut very nicely. I know other reviewers complained about the images being off centered on their tokens but mine had no problem.I own the 4th edition of the Basic Settlers of Catan. This is 5th edition that features updated artwork and styles. I actually enjoy the 5th edition artwork over the 4th edition. If cost wasn’t a factor I’d update my original set to the 5th edition so everything matched. That being said all the 5th and 4th edition pieces are 100% compatible. The different art styles are distracting and take a few extra seconds to process but doesn’t hinder gameplay at all.My favorite update from the 4th edition to the 5th is a little silhouette symbol that indicates the differences between the expansion and the original. AKA it’s easy to sort the correct pieces into the correct boxes when game play is over. The 4th edition didn’t have this so I had to keep a list of how many tiles went in each box. If you buy the 5-6 player expansion for this game the symbols also change so you can sort the 5-6 player pieces into the correct box. (However you might want to use a fine tip pen to mark the bottom of the trade tokens so you know which set they belong too.

      2 people found this helpful

    20. Fadetogrey

      Phenomenal Game

      Excellent game that never gets boring..can last for hours. Has many extensions available, so this will never be tedious or repetitive.

    21. M. Lee

      Great Expansion Game

      We love playing Catan as a family and this added another twist to the game. I would recommend watching tutorials online but feel this one is easier than some other expansion games.

    22. Cecily

      We LOVE Catan

      We absolutely LOVE Catan! We play with Sea Fares along with City and Knights to make the ultimate game!

    23. Tami

      Most friendly Catan expansion.

      While punching out the pieces, one or two of them tore a bit, but it’s no big deal. The pieces for the actual board fit relatively well considering the fact that they’re not traditional puzzle pieces that snap into place.The Seafarers Expansion is the easiest one to add on to original Catan. Pretty much the same rules with the addition of ships which basically serve the same role as roads. Pieces to make the bigger were included, as well as a couple of fun scenarios to switch up the game play. It also added a few other features, but those are the highlights.

    24. El Cranky

      Great expansion for CATAN!

      Keep Catan fresh and play different scenarios! (Can play this expansion in parallel with Cities and Knights expansion)

    25. Katie Clark

      A great addition to the Catan you know and love

      Our family discovered Catan at the start of Covid and have been playing a lot of it. Now that we have the original game down, we were looking to throw some more wrenches into the equation to spice it up. Much like the OG Catan, the rules take a while to read through if you don’t have an experienced player who already knows what they’re doing. But once you learn them, things move smoothly!It adds a lot to the original- the formerly useless sheep have more value since they are needed to buy ships. Ships are the roads of the sea, but unlike roads- they can be moved after placing them! You will have to balance the benefits of expanding on the mainland versus the bonus victory points and desirable resources offered on other islands. Also, the game comes with preset “scenarios” of varying difficulty that have you placing specific tiles in specific locations (though latter scenarios introduce randomization in tiles so you have that option).I will say the board setup takes longer since you are not placing things randomly. The board is also a little bit fragile- it’s a lot more pieces and the expansion ones don’t always fit as neatly with the originals. That doesn’t impact my enjoyment of the game at all, just a little annoying.Overall, I love the added complexity of Seafarers. If you are getting bored with the original, it might be for you!

    26. Christine

      Absolutely perfect.

      My family and I got into Catan during Christmas time, and I purchased this expansion so we can get a little bit more from our gaming. We are all in love with the original and this expansion definitely adds to the experience. Seafarers itself is a cool expansion, which wasn’t too much to learn. My family had grasped all the concepts and additional gameplay by the end of the first game. The product is also sturdy. Enough so that when my father flips the board over because he’s a punk and a sore loser, it really holds up. I’m impressed by the gameplay and support the purchase.

      One person found this helpful

    27. Cronk

      Love this extended version

      Our family loves this extended version! I always felt like I wasn’t quite done playing when the game was over with the original Catan. This takes a bit longer to play and I’m satisfied by the time we’re done. It is long enough for me but maybe a little too long for my twin eleven year olds. The original Catan is a perfect length of time for them to play and have fun. I’d say the original Catan takes us about forty five min and these extended versions of seafarers more like an hour and fifteen.

      5 people found this helpful

    28. Multimom

      Love this game!

      We love having this edition to add to the original game. It has many scenarios to play. Our grandkids love it too. Lots of fun game nights.

    29. J F Dykstra

      Super fun to play!

      A very enjoyable expansion. It feels like the original game but with a new twist. Sometimes expansions change the game so much it is a new game altogether but this one doesn’t suffer from that. I am very pleased with the purchase. My only complaint is that the expansions should work for 5 or 6 players too, without having to buy a separate add on to the expansion to do so.

    30. meslt66

      Great gift

      Gift for my son and his wife for Christmas.They were very excited to see it

    31. Chloe

      Perfect gift

      It was a bday gift for my sister who has Catan already and it was the expansion she wanted! She loved it!

    32. NKL

      Addictive game

      I bought this game as a gift for my adult daughter at Christmas, and we immediately got hooked and have ordered several extensions, so that more can play. The game itself is well constructed, sturdy, and easily learned with a little focus. We play it at least 2 or three times a week, and never tire of it. It takes a while to set up, but it is worth the effort. Since there are no longer young children in the family, this is an adult level game, but I think children 12 and up would be able to play with no problem.

    33. Trevor A.

      #1 Board Game, if you have original too!

      Anything less than 5-stars is someone who either A) does not understand how to play this game B) is not a true game board nerd at heart, or C) bought this not realizing it is an expansion pack requiring the Original Catan in addition to play. Ideal for Catan players looking for more trading and competitive opportunities with other players.

    34. calb


      after playing with seafarers, it feels like an integral part of catan. it adds so many possibilities and allows different play styles, there is truly no reason to ever play catan without it. this is the true catan experience

    35. A. Chinea

      Fun Times

      Out of all the expansions, this one is the easiest to learn and most enjoyable. Only downside is you need the original Catan to play this one, and if you want to play with 5-6 players, you need to spend a lot of money on the original catan and the original expansion in addition to the seafarers expansion and the expansion for the seafarers expansion. Long story short, you’ll need to buy 4 different Catans to play Seafarers with 5-6 people.

      One person found this helpful

    36. C.J. Moses

      Awesome expansion game! SO MUCH FUN!

      Well worth the money! If you love playing the basic red Catan game, you’ll enjoy this expansion. I love the 10 different scenario games that are easy to learn and fun to play. We’ve gotten so much use out of this game already in a short time. We love it! (FYI, make sure you own the basic red Catan game first though since you’ll definitely need that to play this one, as many of the pieces overlap. I’d think that is well-known, but I’d hate for someone to be disappointed if they bought this for a gift or something.)

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    37. Rachel Davidson

      Really fun expansion!

      We’ve really enjoyed the expansion. The game gets a little bigger and the rules get ever so slightly more complicated but the increase in strategy options for players makes it worth it for sure.

    38. Kathleen Reilly

      Great Explansion!

      We love this expansion to our Catan game. We play to to three times each week.

    39. Betty

      Perfect addition to my Catan basic.

      Exactly what I wanted, giftable.

    40. Stanislav

      Great expansion to the original game

      Great expansion to the original game. It makes the game more interesting and fun. Quality of “cut” is not very good, some pieces are not cut well. Otherwise good deal.

    41. MollyJo

      Great family game

      We love this game! Perfect for family game night and easy to learn. Get the expansion pack if you have more then 4 people

    42. bjordan1138

      Excellent expansion pack for an already amazing game

      We started playing Catan and quickly realized we loved the game. The expansion packs are a bit pricey. But it adds a great strategic element and increases the fun factor exponentially! There are a few new twists in this expansion. In addition to the robber, there’s also a pirate ship. And shipping lanes have been added, similar to how roads are used. The board gets larger and the manual provides several game layout options. Fantastic!One thing to note: Be sure you purchase what you think you are purchasing. The expansion packs affect the board and its layout. There are also extension(?) packs that let you add the number of players. Those are less expensive so don’t think you’re getting a bargain if you really intend to get something else.

      One person found this helpful

    43. Brad D.

      Love the game

      Obsessed with the original Catan. Bought this knowing how to play because I’m weird and play online. I love this game, it’s a nice twist on the original to keep savvy players on their toes. Takes much longer to set up and overall longer game play.It’s annoying that they make you have the original version in order to play this one because of what they charge for it, but I was willing to pay for it anyway so that’s how they get you. 5 stars

    44. jakel

      Great expansion

      Remember that you need the original game to play this. It’s a fabulous expansion. My family always loved it. Now I bought it for my grandchildren.

    45. Dawn Shinault

      Fun addition to Catan

      We enjoy playing Catan so we bought this expansion. It is fun and challenging at the same time. Many different ways to set up the playing board. Game can take 1-2 hours or more depending on how many points you play to. Great family game.

    46. Matt


      The best and most basic Catan Expansion! Great for new and experienced players looking to make the classic game a little more interesting 😉

    47. Drew Yae

      Great expansion that keeps the integrity of the original game!

      As a huge fan of the original Settles of Catan, this is a great expansion that does not change the basic elements of the game, but rather expands on it. I have played other expansions, and some of them change the integrity of the game. While they are still fun, it isn’t the same as good ole’ classic settlers. Seafarers is an expansion that expands the board but keeps the integrity of the original game that we all fell in love with in the first place.

      6 people found this helpful

    48. Maria

      Perfect condition. Worth buying

      The game came in perfect condition and was not missing a single thing. I had read some reviews saying their games came broken or were missing pieces or the printing looked cheap but that was not my experience at all. It’s worth buying it here rather than the actual Catan website

    49. Tammy Bannick

      Wonderful family game. Great fun!

      Settlers of Catan was introduced to me and I loved it. So much that I bought it. Along with the Seafarers edition. The game looks more intimidating at first than it is. Super easy to learn and play right away. Each time we play we are all plotting and preparing our trade routes in our heads before we begin. I enjoy playing with 4 or more players. I have also just purchased the 5&6 player expansion packs as well…For a really fun game it is perfect for our family.

      One person found this helpful

    50. Jen9254

      Great Addition to the Original Game

      You must have the original Catan to be able to play this game!!! This is an expansion!!This is a great addition to Catan, it’s definitely going to take a couple of rounds to understand all of the rules but this really is a fun game!

    51. miribn

      Makes the original game more fun and interesting

      I play this with my 16 year old and its definitely enhances the original version. Makes it more interesting and more fun 🙂

    52. Reuter

      Added dozens of hours

      First of all, obviously the “real” value of the cardboard pieces that you get doesn’t correspond to what you are charged for. But taking in consideration the amount of hours of new gameplay added it “worth” its value.The main idea is that now you have ships to cross the sea, and building a settlement in the islands gives you more points. This solely idea doubles the time you can spend in Catan.HOWEVER it even add a lot more of variants: The “wonderful” variant is introduced (and well executed, for those who are not familiarized with the “wonderful” idea, is a building that takes a lot of resources/time to build but once you are done, you win).It has a more lucky laden variant were you fight against pirates using “upgraded” ships versus dice numbers which represent the power of the pirate fleet/fortress.Also introduces a “fog” variant (for those who are not familiarized with the “fog” idea, is terrain, in this cases hexes, unknown until you arrive to them).Also has a very well developed and balanced variant between standard and lucky mode, where you can go to a fix point in the map and you obtain points (instead of resources) each time you the number is rolled.I would preferred more quality in the new borders, but besides that, again, compared to all the new hours that this adds, you get your money back.

    53. RobinJBR

      Great expansion for proficient players

      What a great addition to the Catan series! I agree with a previous review that in order to fully appreciate this expansion, you need to be proficient in playing regular Catan. The scenarios are very fun, but it’s easy to want to play Seafarers like Original Catan, by setting up the hexes in a random order. That method doesn’t work very well with Seafarers (I know this because we tried and failed). It’s best to start with Scenario 1 and play each at least once before moving on (they are arranged in order of difficulty).

      24 people found this helpful

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