Now five to six players can sail into the wild, uncharted seas and explore and settle the many mysterious islands near Catan!

Add one or two more opponents without sacrificing ease of play.

Try one of 9 new scenarios! This rich extension adds even more drama to the award-winning game of seafaring, discovery, and trade.

(59 customer reviews)

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Try one of 9 new scenarios! This rich extension adds even more drama to the award-winning game of seafaring, discovery, and trade.

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59 reviews for CATAN 5TH ED SEAFARERS 5-6 Extension

  1. Stefanie

    We lvoe Catan

    Friends and i played catan settlers and wanted to try out the different expansions. you nee the regular seafares catan game with it but its stupid amounts of fun!!! Fog island maps are our favorite

  2. Margaret

    Nephew loved it!

    Nephew loved it!

  3. Amazon Customer

    Family Game

    We love this game.Our 8 yr old grandson plays also.The expansion packs get alittle pricey.But it’s a great game for the entire family!

  4. Amazon Customer

    Extension pack ONLY

    Bought this thinking it was the expansion buts it’s only the extension adding extra players

  5. Amethyst


    good for family bonding and with friends. if you are a beginner, this game will lasts more than an hour. make sure to buy the default catan which is the red one(catan settlers). we also had to buy other colors like yellow and purple for the houses, roads and ships. overall it is a very fun game. i do not get tired and bored of playing this.

  6. Laura Read

    Fast service!!!

    awesome addition to the Catan game, we are really enjoying it. This game came in perfect condition and quickly!

  7. Amazon Customer

    Fun game with more people

    Great addition to a great game. I just wish the Seafarers came with 6 sets so you didn’t have to buy the extension.

  8. Adam Johnson

    A great expansion

    My family loved this. Adding ships to the game really enhances the experience. It’s easy to learn, too.

  9. Smith in Exile

    Five Stars

    Came as expected. Thanks!

    One person found this helpful

  10. Mom and G-Ma in Georgia

    Fun on the water

    The Seafarers is a natural to follow the original game. The sequenced levels are challenging but not frustrating.

  11. Amanda L. Simpkins

    Seafarers Cantan

    My family plays Catan whenever we get together and has added a new dimension to the original game.It is easy to play and not complicated to understand.

    5 people found this helpful

  12. Yakko

    Shipped fast, great game

    So very fun, but a heads up you need catan extension 5-6 players and regular catan. Shipped fast and in excellent shape.

    One person found this helpful

  13. Regina Ratner

    Five Stars

    Love Catan, seafarers really adds a lot of dimension to the game.

  14. Shiloh

    Fun for the family

    It’s a lot of fun

  15. B4Me


    This product was as described, arrived on time in new condition. Would purchase this item again if needed.

  16. TECINC

    Five Stars

    Great family game night game, wish we could have more players.

  17. deborah pawlowicz

    family game night

    this game is super fun and now we all get to play because we bought the expansine pak . Makes it for 6 players instead of 4

  18. Sandra L. Racioppo

    Great Expansion

    I have played all expansions except barbarians and traders, and this one is by far my favorite. A slight variation from the original game that is easy to learn, but a welcome addition to the base game without changing too much.

  19. Sherry


    Great product received as expected

  20. avidreader1973

    So much fun. Great family game night game

    So much fun. Great family game night game.

  21. Blossom

    Five Stars

    Super game and a nice addition to the collection.

  22. Amazon Customer

    Catan is the best!

    LOVE Catan! Board game came in and was in great condition!

    One person found this helpful

  23. Alex

    Great Expansion, but Maybe Not For The Price

    This is a great example of “what’s it worth to you”. I enjoy the expansion with friends, but it definitely costed a pretty penny. You might want to wait for a sale unless you want the same conflicted feelings

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  24. Lori Lindemann

    So excited to play with more players.

    My family loves this and other Variations of Catan.

  25. Amazon Customer

    Great game night addition

    We have played once. It brings a new challenge to the regular game of Catan. Looking forward to another game

  26. Hunter Bolte


    It is great being able to play Catan Seafarers with more than 4 people, just don’t forget to get the expansion for the original Catan.

  27. Crystal Laiben

    Read the fine print

    Be sure to get the original 5-6 player expansion first, or you can’t play this

  28. SamIam

    Seafarers: You NEED This player extension!!!

    This is a fun game. If you have 5 people in your family like I do, we have to buy the Extension for this game! Remember that you need to have the original Catan and the extension for that too. This is just an add on.

  29. zieller fuentes


    The best expansion in my opinion – feels good man.

  30. Beth L Slabaugh

    Love settlers.

    Love settlers! Great stuff. Have the 4th edition, and it fits well. The art of course is different, but the 5th edition is compatible

  31. Justin and Caitlin

    Boxes, and boxes, and boxes, and boxes of fun

    This game is amazing! However, the Seafarers 5-to-6 player expansion takes things to a whole new level…4 boxes, 4 instruction books – it can be harder to put everything away than it is to set it up. Absolutely worth every moment and dollar spent, however!Just make sure you’ve got someone patient and familiar with the rules at the helm for this one. (Pun not initially intended, but I’m so glad to acknowledge it!)

  32. Danielle

    Love this expansion

    Lots of different scenarios to be set up. Easy to learn once you have played one or two rounds. We were able to teach our friends fairly easily after we had played a game or two as well. We prefer it to regular Catan board.

  33. Heidy Johnson

    Recommend at every game night we have!!!

    We’re settler of catan freaks!!! And we enjoyed playing this addition to it!!! It made it so much better

  34. Brandon Foiles


    Extension pack. Great quality

  35. Nicole

    Needs all the extensions to work!

    Bought this for my boyfriend for Christmas because he loves Catan. He loved it! My only complaint is that it’s so unclear (not this seller’s fault) what packs you needs for this extensions to work. For this one to work you need the regular Catan board PLUS the regular extension PLUS the regular seafarer’s board.

  36. Paul H

    Ordered, Shipped, and Delivered as expected.

    Ordered, Shipped, and Delivered as expected.

  37. Solomon A Latham

    This is an expansion, not standalone!

    My favorite expansion for Catan!

  38. C. Bullock

    Five Stars

    Great game for our family

  39. Sean Mccrry

    it came in great condition and it was great and i love catan …

    it came in great condition and it was great and i love catan if you want more people to play this is a great 5-6 player expansion.

  40. Susan Scammon

    Fast shipping

    Be aware this is the EXTENSION to the Actual game, great game for ages 8-99

  41. Alexandra Ingram

    Fun addition to the origional

    I really love Catan but wanted to be able to play with more people!! This expansion is fun and adds a whole new element to the game!! We play Catan all the time with this expansion pack and it is so worth it!!! Definitely check it out.

    One person found this helpful

  42. Oswaldo Romero



  43. E

    My board pieces were all cut very nicely. I know other reviewers complained about the images …

    This is an expansion to an expansion. Make sure you buy both 

    Catan 5th Edition

    , and 

    Catan: Seafarers Game Expansion 5th Edition

     before you buy product.My board pieces were all cut very nicely. I know other reviewers complained about the images being off centered on their tokens but mine had no problem(The rest of the review will explain game play for Catan: Seafarers Game Expansion)Great Game, Adds a new aspect to the game of Catan… It’s simple enough for a new Catan player to understand and adds enough variation that a veteran Catan player should have enough new challenges to make the game interesting again. .I own the 4th edition of the Basic Settlers of Catan. This is 5th edition that features updated artwork and styles. I actually enjoy the 5th edition artwork over the 4th edition. If cost wasn’t a factor I’d update my original set to the 5th edition so everything matched. That being said all the 5th and 4th edition pieces are 100% compatible. The different art styles are distracting, and it takes a few extra seconds to process but does not hinder game play at all.My favorite update from the 4th edition to the 5th is a little silhouette symbol that indicates the differences between the expansion and the original. AKA it’s easy to sort the correct pieces into the correct boxes when game play is over. The 4th edition didn’t have this so I had to keep a list of how many tiles went in each box. (However you might want to use a fine tip pen to mark the bottom of the trade tokens so you know which set they belong too.

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  44. Tball

    Great game to play.

    Fun game, but this so we can have more player to play. Big fan of Catan.

  45. Rachel M.

    Fun Addition for Groups

    We love Catan and we have a big family so this seafarers extension was a must for us. Great game as an addition to the original. We play all the time.

  46. Clay F.

    Best for veterans

    Fun game but it takes a long time

  47. SEB

    My family and I love this game

    My family and I love this game. We continue to add to the game and make it even more challenging.

  48. mark kiraly

    Great fun!

    Super fun. if you like the original, you’ll enjoy the pirates twist. This expansion requires you to have both the original catan and the pirates espansion before getting the pirates 5-6 player expansion

  49. B

    So much fun!

    I love this game! This expansion pack is an easy way to keep the fun going.

  50. ChucksAreForSchmucks

    Five Stars

    Perfect condition.

  51. Brandi

    Many scenario options!

    We have had so much fun, with our medium sized family, playing this. There are so many scenarios to play out and then we’ve been able to put our own twist on them. Endless fun!

  52. Mr Phoenix


    Best game ever. Not much really comes in this expansion so it’s pretty cheap. However, it’s necessary to build a complete Catan set – totally worth it.

  53. kyfan

    Five Stars

    exactly what she wanted

  54. Cecily

    Love this game!!!!!!

    We absolutely LOVE Catan! We play with Sea Fares along with City and Knights to make the ultimate game!

  55. Jamie Shea

    Best Catan Expansion

    One of if not the best expansions, arrived in good condition with no pieces missing from the factory.

  56. Kindle Customer

    Awesome flat and easy to separate when done.

    This was a gift for my twins so their friends could play. The board to expand it were flat unlike the original so they work well. Everything was shipped. It is marked so you can separate the games if needed to do a different expansion.

  57. Brad

    Buy a New Copy, not a Used one.

    I had noticed upon ordering this extension that some have had issues with the coloring and matching of the components relative to the base game and Seafarers expansion. I however had no issues with that. The pieces and board look great together. The discoloration may be due to the fact that some have ordered used copyright of the extension. An issue you might encounter is given the fact that you require both the base game of Catan, the 5-6 player extension to the base game, the Seafarers expansion and this item be prepared to have an experience getting them all to fit in the two base game boxes. Although I wouldn’t really consider that an issue. It can be quite expensive for all 4 of these purchases to be able to play a 5-6 player game of Seafarers however I will note that it is well worth the money. A 6 player game is a genuine experience and i recommended it to anyone.

    One person found this helpful

  58. Grand papa

    Christmas Present

    Just what she wanted.

  59. Friendly redwood

    Seafarers is a bit confusing to set up but it’s always a blast and a nice change of pace from conquering the original island

    What can I say, another catan game added to my collection. This is a part of my weekly game night we all never get tired of catan games. Seafarers is a bit confusing to set up but it’s always a blast and a nice change of pace from conquering the original island. Always fun to start with an entirely random map. Cheers to my fellow settlers of catan, may your kingdom reign victorious

    9 people found this helpful

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