Calvin's Square-1 Cube is a shapeshifting brainteaser variant to the standard 3x3x3 cube that is sure to provide hours of enjoyment each and every time you try to solve it. Mix this cube up and enjoy trying to get the colors of each side to match again. The Calvin’s Square-1 Cube is a 3D rotational puzzle cube also known as the Cube 21, it adds an extra level of challenge to solve due to its changing shape. This smooth turning Square-1 Cube will keep you mentally engaged every time you attempt to solve it. The Calvin’s Square-1 Cube features a black plastic body with coloured stickers on each side and faces that lay flat. The Calvin’s Square-1 Cube turns smooth and will have you spinning and rotating until you reach the solution!

The Calvin’s Square-1 Cube is recommended for ages eight and up.

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