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Hanayama Cast Coaster

Created by Serhiy Grabarchuk of Ukraine, the Hanayama Cast Coaster is a puzzle includes three puzzle pieces weaved into a "coiffure" design.

IQ Twist

IQ Twist is a puzzle where the object is to fill an area with a given set of puzzle pieces.

Blossom Puzzle Assorted

An innovative new set of designs based on traditional sequential Chinese rings. Can you remove the metal rings? Then try to put it back again! Each Blossom Puzzle is a challenge for the best minds.

Hanayama Cast Dial

Created by Vesa Timonen of Finland, Hanayama Cast Dial puzzle is a compact, pocket-size, tricky, 4-piece cast metal puzzle from Hanayama. Hanayama Cast Dial puzzle is one of over 65 metal brain teasers from Hanayama Puzzles of Japan!

Rainbow Mini Wooden Puzzle Asst.

Small, colourful, wooden puzzles with a wide variety of difficulty levels. Enjoyable not only for kids but also for mature adults trying to keep their minds sharp!

Houdini Brainteaser Game

$16.29 $24.43
Master of Escape Brainteaser. Houdini, the world famous master mystifier and escape artist extraordinaire, thrilled audiences with his daring and often dangerous escapes! Now you can be a part of the magic as you solve these forty perplexing brainteaser challenges!

MindTrap Geometrical Riddles: Genius

For the aspiring genius at work, the MindTrap Geometrical Riddles: Genius will surely train your brain to become a riddle genius in no time!

Mind Twisters Mini Wire Puzzles

Train your brain on the go with these various Mini Wire Puzzles from Mind Twisters. These tiny brainteasers are perfect for keeping your mind sharp or developing your kids' critical thinking with .

Hanayama Cast Marble

Easily mistaken for a piece of jewellery, the Hanayama Cast Marble is a gorgeous mind-wracking puzzle. This advanced design is the creation of Bram & Oskar and the key word of this puzzle is "Sphere."

Hanayama Cast Equa

Created by Oskar of the Netherlands, the Hanayama Cast Equa is a puzzle that takes on a spherical shape of an astronomical model compound of a planet and its surrounding ring. Will you be able to take it apart? The Hanayama Cast Equa key word is “Heaven”.

Hanayama Cast Vortex

Designed by Akio Yamamoto, the Hanayama Cast Vortex is a work of puzzle art that is extremely challenging. The Hanayama Cast Vortex has several dead ends and very subtle intricacies. Will you be able to take it apart?

Hanayama Cast Quartet

The Hanayama Cast Quartet proves that true bonds has always been hard to form, but once formed such bonds are eternal and hard to break. Will you be able to take it apart? The Hanayama Cast Quartet key word is “Bond”.