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Perplexus Revolution Runner

Perplexus Revolution Runner is a motorized, perpetually moving 3D maze!

Perplexus Sidewinder GearHead

Two heads are better than one! The Perplexus Sidewinder features two gears for extra puzzle-solving fun.

Perplexus Twisted GearHead

The Perplexus Twisted GearHead pocket size mind boggling puzzle is here!

Jabuka Word Puzzle Game

Jabuka is a fast speed board game for all ages. Similar to scrabble and bananagrams, but with a whole new dimension. Turn the wooden, coffee bean shaped game pieces to form different letters and words. Perfect mornings at the coffee shop, game night for couples, teens, families and parties.

ThinkFun Brain Fitness Knot So Fast Knot Tying Dexterity Game

ThinkFun’s Brain Fitness Knot So Fast Innovative Knot Tying Game is designed as a fun way to help you exercise your brain. The 40 challenges will stretch your mental muscles, strengthening speed, focus, and memory. Just 15 minutes of play a day will reduce stress and provide a good brain workout. You’re on your way to a healthier brain!

ThinkFun Brain Fitness Word Search Puzzle

ThinkFun Brain Fitness Word Search Puzzle for age 12 and Up. Develops critical skills, logical thinking, problem solving ability, visual perception and creative thinking skills through fun gameplay.

Hanayama Cast Slider Metal Puzzle

Separate the three pieces and reassemble. For age 12 years and up.

Hanayama Cast Snow Brain Teaser Puzzle

Snow Cast Metal Puzzle is a delightful and tricky brain teaser puzzle.maze-type. Huzzle created around the theme of a beautiful snow crystal. The aim is to separate this puzzle into two pieces.

Hanayama Cast Love Brain Teaser Puzzle

Two pieces smoothly intertwine to make a single form. Manipulate the two individual pieces to create a beautiful heart.

Snake Cube 48 Segments

Turn this snake cube into any shape imaginable. Turn it into an animal, a heart, a pyramid or anything else you can think of. The limit is your own imagination.

Kitty - The Paw-Some Packing Puzzle

Paw your way through this litter of purr-perplexing puzzles featuring colorful feline faces. Can you snuggle them together to match the pattern on each grid? The kitties connect in a multitude of ways, The trick is Figuring out the correct combination. Pack them perfectly and you're the cat's pajamas!

Atomic Cherry - The Snap & Pop Puzzle

A juicy puzzle with a triple cherry twist! Figure out how the three pieces snap together to build the Atomic cherry. Will the stems stump you or is the solution Easy as pie?