Bohnanza Card Game


Ever imagined you were a bean farmer? If you haven’t, you will soon after playing Bohnanza. This great card game is all about planting, trading, and selling beans. Red beans and green beans, black-eyed beans and coffee beans; but where do you plant them all? In this card game, smart sowing lets you reap big rewards. Plant the beans you do want, and trade the beans you don’t want to the other players. But be careful, your junk might just be someone else’s treasure, as they sell off a huge set of beans and win the game.

The English edition of the Bohnanza Card Game (that’s this one here) comes with all the cards from the original German game and the first expansion, totalling 154 bean cards in 11 different types, 7 third bean field cards, and a rule booklet. This version supports 2-7 players, with an estimated play time of 45 minutes.

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Bohnanza Card Game
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