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Doggy Go!

The Doggy Acrobats are in town but their trainer has fallen ill! Become their new trainer in Doggy Go!, and save the doggy show! Includes bonus expansion!

Rhino Hero: Super Battle

Everyone’s favourite superhero is back; joined by three new heroes and hanging spider monkeys! Get your steady hand ready and fend off the spider monkeys in Rhino Hero: Super Battle!

Kid's Cartoons Toss Across Tabletop Game Asst.

Kid's Cartoons Toss Across Tabletop Games combine classic toss across fun with the thrill of either Paw Patrol, Star Wars, or Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Give the beanbag a toss and see how much you can score with your favourite Nickelodeon cartoon character.

North Pole Camouflage

Stay cool with this logical mind-challenging game. Arrange the six transparent puzzle pieces so that the animals are camouflaged in their correct environments. Set-up a new challenge in seconds, just place a challenge card on the game board and you are ready to play.

Eye 'N Seek

Flip a card and then spin the wheel to find its matching icon in the windows. Make sure to pay attention and search quickly- it’s Eye 'N Seek! Spot the match before your opponents to win the round and a point.

Tricky Trunks

Tricky Trunks invites you to come play with elephants! Players race to pick up balls with the elephants while following the rules of specific challenge cards.

Cool Circuits Junior

With Cool Circuits Junior, be rewarded with an awesome light show with music as you complete the included 40 puzzle challenges!

Broom Service Board Game

Broom Service Board Game is a great way to have an amazing family game night. Whether you’re a highly experienced gamer trying to start up a game night with your family or a board game casual, Broom Service Board Game is sure to be a lot of fun!

Sequence Dogs

Sequence Dogs is a great way to introduce the classic game to the whole family! Fans of the original Sequence are sure to have a great time playing this version with the younger gamers in their life!

Coggy Brainteaser Game

Time to get those mental gears of yours spinning with Coggy, the brain-burning brainteaser game! Make combinations by bending, clicking and shape shifting the sets of gears to your heart’s content!

Happy Salmon Card Game

Get ready for a night of laughter and high-fivin’, fin-flapping’ fun with the Happy Salmon Card Game! You and your friends will love each mini celebration and will keep you laughing all the way to the end of the game.

Chrono Bomb Spy Game

Chrono Bomb is a super secret spy mission game where kids use the included clamps and the 27.5" string to create a "laser" field to crawl through. At the end of the maze is the bomb, counting down... tick, tick, tick!