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This month, the Deadpool movie is being released in theatres all across Canada. He is a daredevil and slightly insane super-assassin with the same self-healing ability as Wolverine. After less than two weeks, Deadpool is already one of the biggest X-Men movies ever.

Deadpool is a Marvel Comic, but the movie rights to the character belong to Fox, so the movie will be a part of the X-Men universe. In the 2009 movie, X-Men Origins: Wolverine, a different version of Deadpool shows up, but with the same name, sarcasm, and abilities.

Deadpool could be considered a controversial hero, in that sometimes he is also the villain, being a disfigured and mentally unstable mercenary due to his difficult past.

What to expect from the movie: Ryan Reynolds (main actor) says that this version of Deadpool will be more authentic and closer to the comic books than the Deadpool that appeared in X-Men Origins: Wolverine. In addition, Deadpool will deliver big laughs as well as big action. Don’t waste your time, watch it now!


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0 Movie & Television - Batman vs Superman: The Dawn of Justice



Everybody knows that Canada is one of the best countries to shoot movies, and for this reason, a lot of producers and events come to Toronto every year.

Just one month away from the Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice release, The Official Canadian International Autoshow showed off the new Batmobile of Warner Bros. Visitors were able to see the vehicle and take pictures.

Additionally, Warner Bros is running a contest where the participants can compete for a prize: a trip to watch the North American premiere in New York.

To enter in the contest:

1. Choose a side: #TeamBatman or #TeamSuperman

2. Use the hashtag #WhoWillWin on Twitter or Instagram

3. Tag @WBPicturesCan

The contest ends on March 28, and the grand prize draw will be on March 4, 2016.

See the full rules at: 


Good Luck!






0 RPG Universe - Magic The Gathering: Blessed vs Cursed

RPG Universe

Magic The Gathering: Blessed vs Cursed

On February 26 was the release date for the 17th set of MTG in the Duel Deck Series: Blessed vs Cursed. For now, it is available in English and Japanese.

Quick Overview: Holy Warriors Unite Against the Unquiet Dead

A divine mission has once again united the Humans, Spirits, and Angels of Innistrad. Together, these protectors will stand against the shadows, fighting for humanity's salvation.

Evil rules the night. Shambling hordes of the dead roam free, their cemetery gates in ruins, as powerful Demons soar overhead. The fate of the living remains shrouded in darkness.


0 How to Play - Codenames


In the Mind Games February Newsletter, we will teach you how to play Codenames.


Codenames - Board Game

Number of Players: 4 – 8

Recommended Number of Players: 6 – 8

Recommended Group: Family and Friends

Type of Game: Competitive, Deduction, Mystery, Party.

Codenames is a board game based on espionage, where players try to figure out the secret agents based on tips given about their codenames. It is played in 2 teams. Each team, red or blue, has one spymaster, who knows who all the agents are.

To set up the game, you need to arrange 25 cards on a 5x5 rectangular grid, in random order. Each card has one word, like “Octopus” or “Undertaker” that represents either the red agents, the blue agents, a deadly assassin, or some innocent bystanders.

The spymasters give one-word clues that can point to multiple words on the board. Their teammates try to guess words of the right color while avoiding those that belong to the opposing team, as well as the assassin.

Victory Conditions: If a team identifies all of their own agents or if the opposing team reveals the assassin.

Codenames in one sentence: "It's fun to figure out the clues and see how different brains make different associations."



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