0 How to Play Ashes: Rise of the Phoenixborn

How to Play

Ashes: Rise of the Phoenixborn

In the Mind Games August Newsletter, we will teach you how to play Ashes: Rise of the Phoenixborn

Number of Players: 2-4

Recommended Group: ages 14+

Type of Game: Role Playing Game, Strategy, Fantasy

In Ashes: Rise of the Phoenixborn, a 2-4 players game, the gamers take on the roles of Phoenixborns, wizards, gods and protectors of the world, saving the civilizations from plagues and monsters. Meanwhile, there arose between the cities a fight for land, and the cities started battling each other. Now, you will decide which one will rise or fall to ashes.

Each player controls a Phoenixborn and a 30-card deck with units and spell, plus 10 dice that are used as magical resources and power. Each player can be wounded and has a certain number of life points, with the winner of the game being the last Phoenixborn standing.

The game takes place round-by-round, with each player going back and forth, taking just one main action and a possible side action per turn, until both players pass, triggering the end of that round and the start of a new one.

At the beginning of a round, each player can keep or discard unused cards from their hand and dice from the previous round before drawing up to 5 cards and re-rolling dice. In each turn, players get one main action that can be used to play or activate certain cards or to attack an opposing unit or Phoenixborn.

When a player attacks, they choose a single target and push forward a set of unexhausted units already in their battlefield to attack with. If the target is a Phoenixborn, the defender can either take the damage or block with any number of their own unexhausted units. If the target is a unit, the defender may either have the unit take that damage or be destroyed, counter-attack or block with their Phoenixborn, taking the damage to themselves.

The cards can have different effects according to their types:


Ready Spells: These cards have effects that can be activated again and again as long as they remain on your spell board.

Action Spells: These cards have an effect (after you pay the action/dice cost) and then go to the discard pile.

Reaction Spells: These spells do not cost a main or side action but cost a die, and must be played at the time designated on the card to trigger their effect. They then go to the discard pile.

Ally Units: These are cards which go onto your battlefield to attack, or have persistent effects that may last until future turns, as long as they remain on the battlefield.

Alteration Spells: These cards are often attached to other cards already played by you or even by your opponents, having effects for good or ill.

Side actions can be used to play or trigger certain cards as well, to improve your dice, or to spend dice for actions inherent to certain die results.

Once all players pass in a round, usually due to being low on dice, cards, and unexhausted resources, units who can recover do so, exhausted cards have one exhaustion token removed, and the next round begins with a fresh hand of 5 cards and 10 dice to be rolled.

Victory Conditions: Cast spells, summon allies and destroy your opponent.

Ashes: Rise of the Phoenixborn in one sentence: “Excellent fantasy RPG with beautiful art work for those who don’t want to keep buying cards to build a deck.”


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0 Harry Potter and The Cursed Child

Pop Culture

Harry Potter and The Cursed Child

In the first few days, the script of the stage production "Harry Potter and the Cursed Child Parts One and Two" sold more than 2 million print copies in North America. That is below the 8.3 million copies sold in 2007 for the first day of "Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows," however, it's still among the fastest-selling works in history and a remarkable number for the script to a play.

Written by J.K. Rowling with the help of scriptwriter Jack Thorne and the director John Tiffany, the latest installation in Harry Potter’s tale takes the readers to 19 years in the future.

While there is drama, love and deceit, the book explores the characters’ relationships and how they deal with their past trauma. The book has everything necessary for a play. The Cursed Child gives us great insights into the adult life of the trio — it is wonderful to know that Hermione is now the Minister of Magic; a Muggleborn who leads the magical community is great subtext.

However, while the characters are well placed, they are not very well-written. In fact, the Cursed Child is written in a markedly simplistic manner, which may well be due to its format as a play script. It is these moments that make you realise that the book had so much more potential, but readers need to keep in mind that it is a play and written as such, and not an actual book. While keeping this in mind, it becomes a much better reading experience. Rowling has now said that her expansion of the Potter universe is complete. Let’s hope that she can change her mind and we can have more of Harry Potter’s adventures in the future!


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0 10 Great Highlights of Suicide Squad

Movies & Television

10 Great Highlights of Suicide Squad

The reason Suicide Squad is being crushed? People love it! Somehow it made $133 million in its opening weekend, beating the better-reviewed Deadpool.

But on a film like Suicide Squad, its only ambition is just to entertain. There's no big political aspirations about the film; it doesn't take itself that seriously. The only way it takes itself seriously is portraying its characters in an honest way, as it has surely done.

So here are 10 great highlights of Suicide Squad! (Spoilers Warning! Be careful!)


10) Viola Davis’s performance

The best thing about Suicide Squad is Viola Davis’s portrayal of Amanda Waller. Davis’s heartless, airless delivery really brought the character to life, making her more menacing than any of Suicide Squad’s supervillains and perhaps making her the real villain of the movie.


9) The chemistry between Will Smith and Joel Kinnaman

The chemistry between Will Smith’s Deadshot and Joel Kinnaman’s Rick Flagg is by far the most believable and sizzling in any Warner Bros./DC movie to date — and that includes Christopher Nolan’s Batman trilogy.


8) The Joker and Harley's twisted love story

No matter what you thought of Jared Leto’s portrayal of the Joker in Suicide Squad, it would be tough to argue that it was not awesome seeing the King and Queen of Gotham on screen together for the first time in live-action. Through brief looks, we saw the evolution of Harley Quinn and the Joker from their doctor-patient relationship to their crazy relationship and how the Joker manipulated Dr. Quinn up to now.

The only logic behind his actions is his drive to be reunited with Harley. Surprisingly, this Joker seems to have more affection for Harley than the version in Batman: The Animated Series, where Harley Quinn was first introduced.


7) Character introductions

Through Amanda Waller introducing the team to her colleagues, we learned some pretty important details about the worst heroes ever. Deadshot is more than just a sharpshooter. He will only do a job if he is paid first, and he has a daughter that means the world to him (one that knows about his extracurricular activities). While many already knew of Harley’s past, we learn that the Queen of Gotham wasn’t just crazy, but completely head over heels in love. Introductions to El Diablo, Captain Boomerang, and Enchantress were also on point.


6) Humor

The humor was absolutely a highlight of Suicide Squad and a pretty new thing for DC movies. It was not overdone, and rarely seemed forced. The film was not a comedy, and clearly was not intended to be one; however, there was a lot to laugh in this movie. Suicide Squad should be a film with a dark tone, but the mix of humor allows the film to not take itself too seriously and enjoy the funny side of being a villain – no strings attached.


5) They remained villains, after all

Frankly, it would have been annoying if the characters (with the exception of El Diablo) redeemed themselves and turned over a new leaf as reformed heroes. Rather, David Ayer was able to explore the inner motivations of the characters, humanizing them while at the same time reinforcing the fact that they were villains — and they were staying that way. Anything else would have been a horrible misjudgment and disservice to the characters and fans alike.


4) Art direction

The art direction in Suicide Squad was awesome. Harley Quinn’s costumes and props were right on the mark – including the quick flash of her in her classic costume and her upgrade to the new ones. The makeup of all characters was extremely well done. Throw in a fresh take on the Joker’s look, and Deadshot’s comic book faithful costume, and the real heroes of this movie are the ones that worked behind the scene. Visually, Suicide Squad was on point and faithful to the source material.

3) Will Smith as Deadshot

As previously noted, we began to understand Deadshot’s motivations and code. He will not kill women or children, and he doesn’t kill just to kill, he has to be paid first (not that that is a justification, but it shows he’s not quite as coldblooded as some of his new pals). Smith delivered his classic charm and charisma, leading to Deadshot being one of the best parts of the film. He walked on the line very well between villain and reluctant leader of the squad. And of course, Deadshot delivered some of the film’s best one-liners, as only Will Smith could.


2) Soundtrack

Many of the songs in the film were used to introduce members of the team, and in that regard, they were well chosen. For example, Amanda Waller came out to “Sympathy for the Devil” (yes, we know this song has been in 1000 movies), which was appropriate given her role in the film. A slight nod to the tune may have even come from Harley Quinn, when she asks Waller, “are you the devil?”

Speaking of Harley, she came out to “You Don’t Own Me.” Some of the lyrics to that song include “Don’t tell me what to do… Don’t tell me what to say,” sentiments that Harley likely agrees with — minus the voices in her head.


1)Margot Robbie as Harley Quinn

If there is one element to Suicide Squad that appears to be universal, it’s that Margot Robbie was spectacular as Harley Quinn. It was like she was born for the role. Fortunately, Margot Robbie delivered very well every time she appeared on screen. Whether it be her scary-good Brooklyn accent or her perfectly maniac comedic timing, Robbie made Harley the clear stand out of the film. Robbie delivered her lines as Harley Quinn just about as perfectly.


Extra Great Highlight of Suicide Squad: A big part of the movie was filmed in Toronto. In Midway city (a place close to the imaginary Gotham city) it is possible to recognize several different locations like Bay Subway Station, Union Station, Yonge Street, Dundas Square and much more. We all know that is really common to have movies being shot in Canada, however this one stands out because of its really great production!


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0 Announcing Magic the Gathering – Conspiracy: Take the Crown

TCG Universe

Announcing Magic the Gathering – Conspiracy: Take the Crown

You Stab My Back and I'll Stab Yours

Clearly the crown is up for grabs. Will you claim it?

No more jokes. No more intrigue. For real this time.

The throne no longer sits empty, but deception, danger, and even death wait around every corner.

Add deeper layers of intrigue to your next Magic draft and begin plotting as soon as you open your first booster pack! The Conspiracy: Take the Crown set builds on the revolutionary abilities introduced in the original Magic: The Gathering – Conspiracy set, with new cards that affect the draft itself and new conspiracies that twist the rules against your foes. Trade votes and spread your attacks to manipulate the game in your favor. Seize the crown to give yourself a greater edge—if you can keep it.

How will you plot your way to the throne?


This set is designed for eight-player drafts followed by free-for-all games of three to five players each.



0 How to Play Onitama

How to Play - ONITAMA

In the Mind Games July Newsletter, we will teach you how to play Onitama.

Number of Players: 2

Recommended Group: Ages 8+

Type of Game: Strategy, competition, classic, abstract

Onitama is an excellent strategy game, but most people are not aware yet of how great it could be. It shares an obvious similarity with Chess, however even people that don’t like to play chess will be able to learn and enjoy this simple and fantastic 2-player game.

The goal of Onitama is to trap the opponent’s King. The main difference between Onitama and Chess – besides lesser number of pieces – is that the allowed movements in Onitama change each game and alternates between both players. It means that any move you use soon can be used against you.

Victory Conditions: Trap the opponent’s king on the 5x5 board.

Onitama in one sentence: “Abstract game with endless playability.”


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0 Mind Games is opening 5 new locations

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In the next couple months, Mind Games is opening 5 new locations in Ontario: Thunder Bay, North Bay, Belleville, Ottawa and Peterborough.


This is the list of the new locations:

Belleville – Quinte Mall

390 N Front St, Belleville, ON K8P 3C9


North Bay - Northgate Shopping Centre

1500 Fisher St, North Bay, ONP1B 2H3


Ottawa - St. Laurent Shopping Centre

1200 St Laurent Blvd, Ottawa, ON K1K 3B8


Thunder Bay - Intercity Shopping Centre

1000 Fort William Rd, Thunder Bay, ON P7B 6B9


Peterborough - Lansdowne Place

645 Lansdowne St, Peterborough, ON K9J 7Y5


We are looking for Operators and Managers for all locations. For more information, please contact

0 Suicide Squad: The most anticipated movie for 2016 will be released on August 5th!

Movie & Television

There are no critic reviews yet for Suicide Squad but the expectations are already huge. With a great cast and an original script, tons of villain fans will go to the theatres to see the performances of Jared Leto, Margot Robbie, Will Smith and others.

Since the last Joker, played by Heath Ledger in Christopher Nolan’s 2008 film The Dark Knight, it has become difficult to imagine anyone else who could do the Joker justice on the big screens, but Leto accepted the challenge.

Other than the Joker, Harley Quinn is arguably the most distinguished character being featured in the movie. Harley Quinn has enjoyed immense popularity over her lifetime. Different from other characters, Harley had her first appearance in the 1990s show Batman: The Animated Series instead of the comic books.

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0 Magic the Gathering: Eternal Masters

RPG Universe

Magic the Gathering: Eternal Masters

Draft Through Eternity

Take a step outside time with Eternal Masters. This exciting set lets you draw on some of the most sought-after cards from throughout the history of Magic—some with new artwork—to enhance your Cube or your favorite Commander, Vintage, and Legacy decks. Eternal Masters is designed to be a unique and enjoyable Draft experience, much like Modern Masters.


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0 Ghostbusters: Reboot or remake?

Movie & Television

Ghostbusters: Reboot or remake?

After 32 years, they are back again. The legendary movie that delighted kids and adults 3 decades ago is being launched with a new refreshed cast with an all-female ensemble of main characters.

The original Ghostbusters movie will always be special for a whole generation and remains as a classic for all time. The good news about having a new Ghostbusters movie is there is now a new generation that is about to fall in with this new one and turn the Ghostbusters franchise into a timeless story. And of course, it comes with new and better visual effects.

In Canada Ghostbusters was released on Friday, July 15th, 2016.

Click here to see the new Ghostbusters’ trailer:


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