Billionaire Banshee


    Billionaire Banshee is a quick and easy game to play. This is a conversation building card game and you’ll be shocked by how your friends answer.

    Each turn one player grabs both a Perk and a Quirk card. This combination of cards represents a potential lover that player could spend the rest of their life with. Everyone then puts either a Date or Deny voting card face down, to represent what choice they think their friend will make. Individually each player flips their voting card and explains why they believe this is the perfect, or worst match for their friend. In the end, the player whose turn it is reveals how they voted, and why. Everyone that guessed correctly gains a point.

    How could someone be okay with dating a mate with tentacles, but have a problem with dating a wizard? Why would someone deny a billionaire, but date a lover with a toaster oven mouth? These are probably questions you never thought you’d be asking about your friends, but that’s why this card game exists.

    Billionaire Banshee is a great party game for 2 – 15 players ages 13 and up. Average play time lasts 60 minutes.

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