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In the tile-laying game Ancestree, players get to build their personal family trees! During each of three rounds, every player begins with a hand of six ancestor tiles. They choose one and pass the remaining tiles to the next player. The chosen ancestor is then added to the family tree, connected by leaves or hearts. Once five ancestor tiles have been added to the tree, the round ends. Players compare their family tree to those of their neighbours and gain points for the longest connected generations and for coin icons in their tree. This tile game is for 2 – 6 players aged 8+ and average games last 20 – 40 minutes.

Quick-to-learn gameplay: choosing and passing ancestor tiles is a breeze, and building the family trees is as simple as connecting two shapes together

Everyone can compete: with multiple ways to win, players earn points by connecting Generations, adding Coins to their tree, and completing marriages – there is no definite winner until the very end!


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