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It’s farming fun for the whole family! Agricola: Family Edition is a great selection for those searching for a lighter Agricola experience that’s fun for just about anyone at any age!


It’s farming fun for the whole family! In Agricola: Family Edition, you start off as farmers with nothing but a little wooden shack, a spouse, and the dream of running the most prosperous farm in the land! By collecting resources, constructing buildings and acquiring animals, you’ll slowly see your farm unfold before your very eyes.

Agricola consists of 14 rounds in 6 stages, with a harvest at the end of each stage. Players can assign their starting two meeples to different sections of the game board. These sections are “actions” that can be taken, whether that be collecting resources, ploughing your fields, acquiring animals, etc. As the game progresses, more options become available to players. But each action can only be taken once per round and with so much to do, you must decide which is the best action for you to take at that point in the game. Don’t forget to collect food to feed your family! Each harvest your can’t feed them means penalties at the end of the game.

Compared to the base game Agricola, we have made a few changes to make Agricola: Family Edition accessible to younger players and beginners. By removing vegetables and stones Agricola: Family Edition has been simplified. ‘Buildings’ in Agricola: Family Edition also replace ‘major improvements’ from the base game, which allows players to score points for leftover resources at the end of the game. Negative points and building restrictions have also been removed; each player will simply score for all that was achieved during the course of the game.

Agricola: Family Edition is recommended for 1-4 players, ages 8 and up. Average games last 45 minutes.

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