7 Wonders Duel – (English Version)


  • STRATEGY GAME: Experience an intense two-player struggle for supremacy in the ancient world! Challenge your opponent and bring your civilization to victory with Prestigious Buildings, Military Supremacy or Scientific Supremacy.
  • TAKE CONTROL OF YOUR CIVILIZATION: Decide to invest in science, military or prestige. If you fail to build defenses, your capital city may be destroyed, but ignore technology and your people may be left in the dark ages. Will your city achieve greatness, or will your opponent prevent you from completing all your Wonders?
  • CIVILIZATION WAS BORN FROM EVOLUTION: One game of 7 Wonders Duel plays over the course of three rounds, called Ages, during which you will choose cards with increasingly powerful effects. Each card you choose will influence your general strategy.
  • VICTORY CAN BE ACHIEVE IN THREE WAYS: By invading your opponent ‘s capital, by achieving a monopoly on scientific advancement, or simply by crafting the city that will earn the most victory points in the end. But be warned: only seven of the eight Wonders in play can be built.
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7 Wonders Duel – (English Version)
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7 Wonders Duel: In 7 Wonders Duel, each player is leading a civilization and will, over the course of 3 ages, construct Buildings and Wonders. Each card represents a Building which helps the player to strengthen their army.

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75 reviews for 7 Wonders Duel – (English Version)

  1. Jeffrey Marzetti

    Great two player strategy game!

    This game truly loved up to it’s reputation. Perfect for someone, I was, moving from lighter games to mid-weight games. It gives you enough strategy to think about without feeling like a brain burner. I really like the drafting system and how well all of the game mechanics work together.

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  2. games and bolts

    One of the best 2 players games to date, simple actions, quick play, and lots of options in gameplay.

    Bought this on recommendation as well as being a BGG top 10 (though I think it has slipped back). The game plays very quickly as advertised. I bought this as a supplement to playing Splendor and Ticket to Ride with my wife. This takes Splendor and kicks it up a notch, with multiple victory paths and intricacies of Victory combinations all while keeping the game to 3 very simple actions.Draw a card, and with that card:Build the card (either using materials you have or buying them, and adding the effect to your empire)Sell the card (For the base value plus other yellow cards in your “tableau”)Build one of the 7 wonders (basing it off the wonders cost).Card quality is a little on the flimsy side, but that is about the only complaint I can offer this game. Would buy it again if I needed to, great 2 player experience.

  3. EW


    I like 7 wonders but was ugh about getting this game. I think I like this game even more than 7 Wonders. If I had to relate it to any other game, I’d compare it to Catan Rivals. Watch YouTube tutorials to understand all of the parts and symbols. We caught on pretty quickly after that and havnt stopped playing it.

  4. David Griffin

    Great game! Cards are a little small but still a great game. Absolutely perfect for 2 people!

    What a great 2 player game! Honestly it’s my favorite, but my wife said she finds it stressful. I do wish the cards were larger, they are like about 60% of a regular playing card size. I suppose this was by design to keep the game table from being overwhelmed from cards everywhere, but I like large playing cards. Anyway, the mechanics of the game are so great. Alternating turns keep the game moving forward and the paths/options to win are different each game making it fresh and fun.

  5. Elizabeth

    Great game to play every week

    I bought this for my husband as he likes card games but ended up really liking it myself. The card art is great and it puts you on the edge of your seat hoping a card will or won’t be taken so that you can plan your strategy. The first game he was only 2 spaces away from beating me with military but I came back and was able to hold defeat off until victory points were counted. We have hundreds of games but this is one of the top to be played frequently.

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  6. Alaska Duncans

    Great for 2 player game!

    My husband and I got this to have another 2 player game at home to play and really enjoy it!Similar to 7 wonders and similar mechanics but has its own personality. If you’ve played 7 wonders it does help understand it quicker but its not a deal breaker. It’s a pretty quick game too. We got both expansions to start exploring a little more and are excited.

  7. Danny c

    Creative, fun strategy game once you learn!

    This game was not easy to learn (had to watch several videos) but after we got the hang of it – it is hours of fun! Very strategic and every game is unique! Each game takes about 30-40 minutes

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  8. Cat lover on a budget

    Addictive and Fun Right from the First Game

    My husband and I are looking for ways to spend time together working on something other than chores. So, we have become game board hoarders. It’s just us two and we are both pretty new to board games, especially these “Euro” style ones, and we wanted something that is delightful with just two people without a huge learning curve. This was DELIGHTFUL from the moment we opened it up and stumbled through the first game. We both had a blast, though we got some rules wrong, but whatever. We immediately played again and it went much faster (but still a solid 40-45 minutes) and even though it is competitive vs cooperative, each player can do cool stuff at every turn so it doesn’t feel like the other is getting hosed. The rules are easy once you get the hang of it. I will say that I’m not a fan of how the rulebook is designed; I think they could’ve organized the content better. But, it’s a simple enough game that we still had fun learning it without killing each other. We have never played 7 Wonders, the group edition, but we LOVE this one and can imagine playing it many, many times in our new gaming future. Other games we’ve tried for 2 include Pandemic (also, SO FUN, super easy to learn and a great co-op game for 2 players) and Akrotiri (we both struggled a bit with this one, but we will try again, not as fun as Dual or Pandemic).

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  9. Kelly Bradley

    Perfect for couples

    My husband and I are always looking for good two-player games. Especially with quarantine we haven’t been able to have our regular game nights with the group. There a different ways to win which is nice we can play a few rounds and have it be a little different each time. Now this isn’t ground breaking or anything it still gets boring after a couple of rounds but with only two people that’s bound to happen.

  10. Lorie B

    So much fun!

    We’ve had to start transitioning to more 2 player games. Kids are 18, 20, 22 so family game time with all of us is harder to come by. My husband and I have really enjoyed this, and my middle son likes playing as well. It seems like a lot at first, but once you get the hang of it, it just clicks and is easy to play. We are really happy we added this to our collection.

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  11. Amazon Customer

    Super fun and competitive game!

    I’m just getting into board games and this was recommended to me. I’m so glad I heard about it because it’s really fun. It can seem daunting at first, but it is actually a simple game which you will notice after just a couple play throughs. That being said, the better you get, the more strategy you adopt, and it just gets more fun from there. Problem is, it’s not really a game you can just teach to somebody and immediately expect a challenge. Also, there are a lot of cards to remember, so when teaching somebody new, expect to constantly explain what a card does. If you know somebody who is willing to play this game often, then it is a blast and I highly recommend it!

  12. MRizzo

    Great game for the casual gaming duo

    I want to start by saying that I really love this game. When I first started reading the rules I was a bit overwhelmed, but I guess I’m more of a hands-on type of learner. The learning curve isn’t too steep on this one, and MOST of the rules are really broken down and given examples in the packet. (I say MOST because there really is a rule or two that could be left to interpretation). I found it takes at about one complete go-through to really get the rules.There are three ways to win: military victory, scientific victory, and overall victory points. This means you have multiple strategies to play to and work around. It’s fun trying to see how your opponent is playing the game and trying to adjust your strategy around that.I’ve never really played card board games like this. But if this is indicative of the genre, I’d gladly play more.

  13. Joseph M. Carlyon

    Very fun game!

    My girlfriend and I read the instructions but we’re unclear about a handful of things. There are a few YouTube video walkthroughs of the rules and examples, and that’s really helped break down the complexities.This game is easier to understand if you’ve played 7 Wonders before as many mechanics are similar.Great game overall, I do recommend it.

  14. Kristin Foster

    We Love This Game

    If you’re a 7 Wonders fan, this is a great buy! The general concepts are the same but the details are different and can be a little hard to pick up on but eventually you’ll get it. We love both this version and the original 7 Wonders in our house!

  15. Nonna Beeswax

    Very cool game, lots of ways to win!

    I love games that have 100 different ways to win.Well, technically, there’s only 3 ways you can win this game. However, there’s 100 ways to get to these three wins.You’ll discover after a few games that you actually can’t predict what your opponent is doing even though it may seem that way.As a player, you could be going for a military win for example and that might seem obvious to your opponent. But the game might not lead you in that direction. You always need a backup plan!

  16. ABAB

    Best 2-player game out there!

    We simply love this game. Ever since we got this we’ve played this so many times and each gameplay is different than any of the previous games!The Good:+ It’s absolutely amazing game! Best 2-player game out there!+ Very well designed, graphics are good.+ Instructions are very well written. Though it seems complex in the beginning, it’s easy to understand.+ Multiple ways to win – You can have military victory, civilian victory or simply win by points.+ Great re-playability – Even if you play it 100 times in a row, each game would turn out differently!+ It has combination of luck and strategy both.+ It has about right amount of complexity. Equally fun to play with kids, teens and adults!The Bad:- There are only 12 pyramid/city cards, out of which you play with 8 in a game. So pyramid/city card kind of repeat in every other game. Could have included more such cards in the base game itself.- Resource cards are really tiny! These should have been slightly biggerThe Ugly:* The game can get really competitive. So just be careful when playing with your partner 😉

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  17. Arlie Rahn

    Great couples game, easy to learn

    My wife isn’t a huge gamer, but she picks up on stuff fairly quickly. Her prior experiences includes games like Ticket to Ride (like the Nordic expansion), Dominion, Flash Point and some others. I had played the original 7 wonders, so we decided to give this a shot. After two nights of playing, we both really enjoy it. The game moves quick and still involves a great deal of strategy. Deciding whether or not to go for a military or science win (and forgo some points) or go heavy on victory points and play defense on the others. Overall, it’s a great 30-minute couples experience if you both like this style of gaming.

  18. Daniel J. Goodwin

    Great game for two players!

    If you’re familiar with the original 7 Wonders board game, it will be familiar to you but read the rule book carefully as there are a number of differences that can make a huge impact on how this variant is played. Its fast and fairly easy to pick up, especially after playing thru a couple of times but very engaging. Its highly likely that each playing session will be a unique experience. Considering there’s very few good two player games out there, they put a lot of thought and consideration into making this one a fun and engaging experience.

  19. JD

    Best 2-Player Board Game by Far

    After owning a wide collection of board games ranging from party games (Joking Hazard, Codenames), to more competitive tabletop games (Tapestry and 7 Wonders). 7 Wonders Duel might be my official favorite by a long shot. It’s easy to teach and takes 1 round of play to grasp how it all works. Most games will last all 3 rounds (Ages) excluding the few that will ending 2-2.5 rounds due to alternate victory conditions (scientific or military wins), but the 30 minute playtime is definitely a misnomer. It takes 20 minutes max. once both players have played it more than a few times, making it easy to bring out for a quick round after dinner or before bed. With beautiful art and simple but addictive gameplay, what’s there to not love about 7 Wonders Duel?

  20. Dan

    Amazing 2-player game

    This is an amazing version of 7 wonders for 2 players. The day we got the box my spouse and I played twice in a row (only for me to be beaten twice as well!).It’s not too complex, but also not as simple as you could lose interest. I’m looking forward to playing more of this game and hopefully win once!The game mechanics are interesting and there are a few ways that could lead you to a victory. One thing that I enjoy about this game is that even though is a competition between two people, you don’t necessarily need to play your game in a way to hurt the other one. It’s actually all about creating the best scenario for your own goals.

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  21. Bama Fan

    Great game!!

    I have thoroughly enjoyed this game!!! I would highly recommend it alongside 7 Wonders as well. Both focus on different strategy and provide a unique game experience each time. It also teaches lessons of trade-offs, which our family has figured out and enjoyed (or struggled with depending on the resources we have… :). It does take a little while to pick up on the nuances, so I would not recommend it as a gift for someone UNLESS they enjoy new games or they are familiar with 7 Wonders. If you are willing to be patient to learn the rules, then you will continue to want to play it over and over. Great for the family!!

  22. Sam Yee

    I bought this as a gift, and decided to keep it myself

    This originally was a Christmas gift, but after doing research, I bought another copy for myself. It’s got the very spirit of 7 Wonders, but only with 2 players. Card drafting, chaining, and resources all feel like the base 7 Wonders game. I haven’t played the base 7 Wonders in years, but it didn’t take long for me to recognize how similar the rule sets were. I enjoyed the feeling of tug-of-war from the military tracker, which made me feel compelled to invest something in military, which might not always be the strategy I take in the base game.Components were good quality. I wish it came with small plastic bags to store the tokens, but it’s not a huge deal. The game is fun, and it feels like 7 Wonders for two people.

  23. NK

    One of the best 2-player games out there

    My husband and I are always looking for great two-player games that are challenging but fun, easy to learn but not easy to conquer and grow tired of, and that aren’t too repetitive. Duel is incredibly fun and has tremendous replay value. Once you wade through all the rules initially, it’s not difficult to get the hang of. The rule book is well written and lays things out very clearly, and there are helpful quick reference materials that eliminate the need to constantly consult the rule book once you get going. Not only are there multiple strategies and paths to victory, but there are so many variables that every game is entirely different and exciting, and your path to victory is never the same. It’s a really well-balanced game that relies on both luck and strategy, with opportunities at every stage to turn the tables. Every game has been close, and it doesn’t grow wearisome or obvious that one player is doomed from the offset. We’ve had many fun game nights drinking wine and playing theme music in the background. Highly, highly recommend!

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  24. xBryMilx

    This game lives up to the hype!

    WOW! This is a great game! I have never played 7 Wonders and simply bought this game based on the reviews. There is a reason it is rated so high! It is awesome. The variability and mechanics of this game are great. The instructions are fair. I read them several times and there were a handful of times I had to consult Boardgame Geek for clarity. No big deal. The components are also very good. The only problem I have is my wife keeps beating me:) I highly recommend this game. If you are new to 7 Wonders, like I was, watch some tutorial videos on Youtube. I found them very helpful. This is my new favorite game!

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  25. Becky

    Fun strategy game

    My husband and I play this quite a bit and love it, even though it angers me when I lose. Like table-flipping angry. I haven’t actually done that because our table is really heavy and I don’t want to lose the pieces. We usually play another game immediately after the first one. And since things can’t end in a tie, we have to play a third game. We haven’t invested in an expansion, but probably will in the future.

  26. C. Fraley

    Fun two-player game

    We liked playing the original 7 Wonders. Since we also like playing 2-player games when not with friends, we gave this a try based upon a review I’d read.We highly recommend Duel. It is very similar to the original, but with very good adjustments for 2-players. One of our current favorite 2-player games.

  27. nathan rigoni

    Very fun 2 player variant of 7 wonders

    I first played this game while on a work trip with a coworker. I was immediately hooked. the combination of chance and strategy in this game keeps it interesting every time you play. The chance aspect in the way that the cards are dealt out combined with the drafting mechanic makes this game similar to pick up sticks in the drafting of cards. That combines with the natural flavor of 7 wonders makes this game a hit for my home. My wife and I have this game permanently station next to our table for a quick game before dinner or before bed. We love it.

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  28. Dahr Dietrich

    Great strategic 2 player game

    My husband and I love a good board game, and 7 wonders is definitely a favorite of ours, so when we saw the 2 player Duel version we couldn’t wait to give it a try. The game play feels very similar, you play in 3 ages you still build military and collect resources cards and the green sciences cards too. Instead of passing a deck and picking cards you take turns drawing one card from an arranged draw pile where some cards are visible face up and others are face down. You have one action per turn, you can pick a card and buy it, take a card and use it to build one of your wonders, take a card and not buy it but discard it for money from the back. Like the original 7 wonders at the end of the 3 ages you tally up victory points and pressing with the most is the winner. We highly recommend trying this game out its a quick play and easy to pick up the rules especially if you have played 7 wonders. We are always looking for a game the 2 of us can play together that has good strategy and details beyond a 2 player card game this one was a great addition to our collection.

  29. Marcea Reid

    Super fun and challenging for two

    I like the big 7 Wonders Board Game also, but almost like this better for two. It is just for two, and if you know the board game, this is pretty easy to learn. If you have never played the board game, I am thinking this will be a little harder to learn and so reduced my stars. Each time I’ve played it, it has offered new strategy opportunity. Can be played fairly quickly once you know it.

  30. Tess

    Great 2 person game!!

    It is hard to find 2 people games that are fun and challenging! This game has a great mix of strategy and luck and so many fun components to keep track of. Usually only having 2 people really limits game options, but with 7 Wonders Duel you don’t have to settle for simple games!!

  31. Albert Silver

    Addictive and highly enjoyable two-player game

    I bought it initially based on the extremely high review scores and positive reviews, and am happy I did as I really enjoy this game. It is great fun with multiple win conditions which forces you and your opponent to constantly pay attention to what the other is doing. Games are not long, but quite engaging. For learning, I strongly recommend the video on YouTube from Watch it Played, which makes it very easy to pick up. One can also play it online at BoardGameArena.com, a site I love and full of board games played in the browser and on your mobile.

  32. JARED G.

    A keeper for years to come!

    Got this as a Christmas present and have really been enjoying it. It took playing twice to really feel like we got a handle on all the details and intricacies, but there are cheat sheets to help and the directions are well done. I especially like that you play in rounds– it helps keep the play time to a reasonable length. It’s a great way to get in some quality time at home with your significant other as it is only a 2 player game! And it is vastly different each time you play! Definitely a keeper for years to come!

  33. Haon the Great

    The ultimate in 2-Spouse/2-Player gaming

    For the past several years, my primary gaming partner has been my wife. As you can imagine then, 2-player style games come out quite often at our house.This is the best 2-player game I have ever played, bar none.To start, know that I have never played 7 Wonders (the original game), so I can’t compare it to that. We also are extremely late in picking this up due to owning Splendor, Among the Stars, and Roll for the Galaxy (as well as many others), each of which has 2-player engine building style gameplay, similar to 7 Wonders Duel [7WD].Despite that basic similarity, however, 7WD has several features that simply places it on the top, where it will stay for quite some time.- It has multiple unique win conditions. This is so important in a 2-player game, I almost refuse to play any 2-player game where this is not a feature; at least give us multiple paths to the same victory condition! Knowing you will lose starting on turn three is no fun whatsoever. In 7WD, you can win by points, by conquering your opponent, or by gaining enough variety in the sciences. The latter two still count as a victory even if you have zero points. So it is entirely possible to be winning the whole game, then have your spouse swoop in for a victory on the last phase! This makes every game tense and enjoyable for both parties; you are never out of the fight…- It is an engine building game at heart. Engine building games are great for 2-spouse games because it allows you to win without stomping the other one into the ground. Humans are competitive; we tend to stay mad at the opponent for a while after a loss! So, having an engine building game where it is more “your city versus theirs” is nice. For whatever reason, psychologically the loser feels less angst towards the winner about the loss, probably because the loser knows the losing city wasn’t built properly!- It is inherently random. Each game is set up in a Tri-Peaks style pyramid, meaning each game is unique. On top of that, you only see the faces and abilities of about 50% of the cards; the rest are face down. This provides a substantial amount of replay value between games, as within each phase of each game you are constantly having to rethink which victory you are pursing and how. The facedown cards do not always fall in line with your first thought!- It is thematic. Building an ancient Greek city is such a cool idea.- It is fast. We are parents. As much as we love sitting around playing five hour adventure romps on cold nights, a 30 minute game is much more reasonable. Plus, 2-player games are just better when they are shorter: finish it up, move on to the next round, give the loser a chance for redemption – or time to grab a beer…- The titular Wonders are very well done, in both their art and their mechanics. They provide a race mechanic (8 are dealt, but there can only be 7 on the board!) and are incredibly helpful with their game-altering mechanics, but they are not inherently overpowering. I have still won games where my wife dropped all four of hers on the board in one fell swoop. Again, that’s rare, but it’s yet another example of how you aren’t out of the fight until its over!7WD has set the bar for 2-player game enjoyment. It isn’t the most complex, it isn’t the prettiest (but its close!), and it is certainly only one genre: engine building. But it understands what a 2-player game needs and delivers on all fronts. Hopefully, other genre’s of 2-player games will learn from 7WD’s success.

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  34. Edward J Chamberlain

    7 wonders lite!

    I purchased this because of the recently released free solo mode. Very fun and very challenging! If you enjoy the original seven wonders game you will definitely like this one, very quick set up and playing.

  35. Dulce

    7 Wonders for 2 players, greatly recommend it

    My wife and I got this after wanting to play 7 Wonders but not having anyone else to play it with. It’s the same concept but made for 2 players which is great. The game is easy to learn and it doesn’t take much time to set up. The pacing is also very fast and there are different strategies that you can use to play each game. The cards are shuffled so you’re always playing something different. Overall it’s a very fun game to play with 2 players and it doesn’t take to long to finish.Pros:Box is small and easy to put awayQuick 2 player gameEasy to learnReplay value is greatCon:The cards can easily move around if you don’t pick them up carefully

  36. Rob Lawton

    An alternate version of my favorite game

    If you like 7 Wonders and want an alternate version – and you still don’t have this please don’t hesitate. My only real issue is that the cards are a little small, and the game doesn’t seem super balanced. We’ve played several times and it usually seems like 1 person gets ahead and stays there. It’s definitely simpler and more accessible that the standard game.

  37. Timothy

    Fun and Thoughtful 2 player for 7 Wonders

    Perfect for when you do not have a group of people to play the original 7 Wonders. I got this as a Christmas gift for a game loving family member and we played a few rounds over the holidays.Game is well thought out with quality feeling cards and game pieces. As with the original 7 Wonders there are many ways to win and even a few ways to automatically win a victory.Tips: Resources are sparse and money is very important to successful game play as you must commonly purchase extra resources to build cards. Do not underestimate the yellow cards for both enabling cheaper resources and increasing your discard income.Pros: There are many ways to win and multiple strategies. Because of the two player nature the game has more of a chess feel to it and playing “defense” against your only opponent is much more crucial than in regular 7 Wonders.Cons: Each play of the game can actually take longer than normal 7 Wonders. My take is this is because the 1 v 1 nature of the game slows down game play to where you have to consider your own strategy as well as that of your opponent. Some games can become very one-sided, however, more skillful players can still find strategies and plays to turn back into a competitive match.

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  38. Mark A. Luchauer

    First game takes 2 hours to learn, then 30 min games. So fun!

    At first, I was overwhelmed reading through the directions. I played Catan, Dominion, Caracasson, etc. but for some reason it took me about an hour to read through the 20 page rule book. Then, I had to reference the rules many times the first game. The first game took about 2 hours, but we finally understood it all. Now, games take 30 min. It’s SO FUN once you learn the gameplay and what all the little icons means.

  39. Tortuga V.

    Great 2-player game

    Great game for those who love strategy but only have 2 players. Game has lots of ways to win. It is quick (30 minutes/game after learning it). It does not take too long to learn. Pieces and card feel like good quality.I feel like there aren’t many good 2-player games. While this can’t expand, it is a great game to add to your stable.

  40. Jocelyn F.

    Nice 2 player game. Wife loves it

    Very small cards were used in the game. Good and bad. Small allows for having a small playspace but makes it very easy to knock things around. The scoring pad is very small. I scanned it and enlarged it with multiple copies per normal sheet of paper. We also got a set of card sleeves to protect them.The game took a few play-throughs to learn but after that, the pace picked up. We usually play 3 rounds at a time. Wife usually suggests that we play (she usually wins). I purchased the expansions but did not break them out till we start to get bored but I don’t see that happening soon.

  41. Amazon Customer

    One of the best two player games out there

    Pros:One of the best two player games out there. With three ways to win you have to watch your opponents civilization closely so they don’t get to far ahead of you in points, military or science. Unlike the bigger 7 Wonders; there is a better feeling of tit for tat with the other player. Surprisingly there is a lot of strategy in how to use your turn; you can take a card that benefits you but may expose a good card for your opponent or sacrifice a card to just to sabotage your opponents next move. You can usually think a few moves ahead to plan your best strategy. Duel is pretty quick to setup and can be played in 15-30 minutes. We usually play 2-3 games in a sitting at home or in a coffee shop. We even have to another copy of Duel so we can have two games being played at the same time for a Duel championship when we have more people.Cons:1) I would like the small Age cards to be of better material like canvas playing cards so they would resists curling and edge damage. All other components of the game are great.2)**Not really a con (and really to be expected)As with most strategy games Duel takes some players several games to really get all the nuances of the rules and strategy. Once you understand it’s easy to remember and play. There are some great tutorials online that explains the rules and game play examples. Search Youtube for “7 Wonders Duel – How To Play” and “7 Wonders Duel – Game Play 1” by Watch It Played.

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  42. Ashlee C.

    and are always searching for good two player game options

    I purchased this as a birthday present for my husband. We have game nights frequently, and are always searching for good two player game options. This did not disappoint. It took us awhile to read through the instructions, and we finally gave up and just played a game through using the guide for reference as needed. I’d definitely recommend that option, as it all clicked and made a lot more sense as we played. We have played this at least 5 nights now, and have not lost interest as the game varies each time. It’s great for anyone who likes strategy fueled gameplay. I highly recommend, even our 12 year old daughter has played with me and she didn’t even get her phone out once!

  43. elissa

    One of the best 2 player board games ever

    SO fun! My husband and I are board game enthusiasts and once we played this game we couldn’t stop! It was a quick learn and somewhat different from the original game… which makes sense because it is only two player, so drafting wouldn’t be as fun.If you like board games and/or like the multi player game, don’t think twice. Just buy it!

  44. Erin Lindberg

    Such a great two player game

    This is the best. My boyfriend and I play all the time. We both think it’s actually better than the original 7 wonders. Great replay value and packaging. Easy to learn (if you play games) and such a great strategic two player game! I’d recommend to anyone!

  45. Arleyn

    Wow, Such a Great Game!

    This game is amazing!! My boyfriend and I are hooked. We like board games, video games, etc. However, it’s sometimes hard to find a game that is truly great for 2 players. I came upon this game on Amazon, and a few others. I read reviews, I slept on it, and ultimately went with Duel. I’m so glad I did.It’s definitely not the easiest to learn, but I just kept telling myself that it’s for ages 10+, so I HAD to be able to learn (I’m way older than that). The first few games were played with the instructions in hand, making sure we weren’t missing anything. I think we’ve played about 25 games so far, and we rarely ever consult the instructions. It’s so much fun, there are 3 different ways to win, so it’s always different.If you are looking for a very good 2-player game, look no further. I can’t recommend this enough.

  46. Tom K.

    The perfect game for 2 people!

    This is a great two player game! I have never actually players 7 Wonders, but you don’t have to to love this fantastic 2-player variant. I purchased this because most of the games in my collection are designed for 4 people and I wanted to start getting games that I couple play with my girlfriend or for the times that I’m just with one other person. this game is exactly what I was looking for.It’s great that there are multiple ways to win. That aspect always adds more strategy to games, and gives more replayability!

  47. MEG327

    Really Fun

    I like complex games with lots of parts, as long as you can learn as you go, and they make sense and seem simpler once you’ve played a couple of times. This is that kind of game. As I was reading the directions and setting up to play with my Dad the first time, he said – “let’s just play Monopoly,” because it sounded too complicated to him, but once we’d played and he won the first game, he liked it and agreed to play two more times in a row. Unfortunately, I beat him worse with each subsequent game, so he may not like it as much anymore. But I think it’s really fun and just ordered the Pantheon expansion, even though it cost more than the original game. I also ordered the original 7 Wonders despite the cost since I really wanted to include my mom in the game with us, once we got into it!

    One person found this helpful

  48. Farzad Ezami

    super fun & competitive for 2

    Good strategy game that allows multiple ways to win. Some parts were a bit confusing but everything is pretty straight forward. Just watch a quick tutorial on youtube to get the gist of it and go from there. I also really like how easy it is to organize game pieces when you put back in the box.. very satisfying. Well-made game

  49. David Ramsey

    2-Player version of a great multi-player game

    Our family loves playing the original 7 Wonders multi-player version, but sometimes it’s just my wife and me to play. This game was a fine addition to allow us to enter the ancient world and try to build some wonders. The way cards are acquired is different, but the cards themselves have functions very similar to those in the original game, so there is a very easy learning curve to get started for those who already know the original game..There are two game-playing couples on our Christmas list that will be playing this game on December 26th.

  50. Sheriff Justice

    Well-rounded, resource-based game for 2 players

    As others will mention this game is great. It has a ton of rules though, as it is essentially a mini version of Civ 5 for 2 people in board game form. This led to some learning along the way later.Really make sure you know how the wonders work. You keep all your resources, and instead take a card from the current age (giving you strategic destruction over your opponent).Pros- great cards- multiple ways to win- beautiful cards- compact- For only 2 players, rather than being another game that you can technically play with “2-4 players”Cons- rules intensive first few plays- some wonders better than others- Very competitive. Could be a pro, but if you cannot handle losing you are bound for a sour night!

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  51. Jason Blonshine

    Tons of Fun

    Wife and I got this at the beginning of the QUARANTIIIIIIINEEEEE. We have had at least a game every single night, and now we have the Pantheon expansion pack (totally worth it). My wife is not very into strategy game but this one has her hooked and it leading us into more deck builder games. The first few games take a little bit to learn the mechanics and what the different effects the cards have. Once you get through that it starts flowing. We love that there are different ways to win, you can’t be great at military without sacrificing on civility or science. This keeps it very interesting, and while we both go on winning streaks nobody dominates every time. I can see how you could change some rules and try different ways to play with the game too, start with more/less money or change the structure of the ages. Good game, hope to be playing it for a long time!

  52. Mark Weathers

    One of my favorite games

    This is a 2 player only civilization building game where you try to build the best civilization and you can win in many ways. One is by having a superior military and eventually raiding your opponent’s civilization. The second is by having a scientifically superior society. If at the end of the game, no one has won via the military or science route, you count up all the victory points you have received throughout the game. You can also build 4 wonders which give you a wide variety of different effects depending on which one you build. Setup takes a bit at first but the gameplay goes fast.

  53. William Schultz

    Best 2 Player Game!

    This game is wonderful. We messed up the rule about wonders at first and how resources work. We thought it rolled over so if you produce 2 wood and you don’t use any, you have 4 wood the next turn…but then we re-read the rulebook again. We also didn’t realize that Wonders abilities are activated right away. We waited a whole turn for “construction”, but it makes sense that they’re activated right away. Either way, super fun game. You can buy metal coins instead of using the cardboard ones for a more authentic feeling.

  54. Alex Rodriguez

    Lives up to the hype!

    We purchase this game for our wedding anniversary, as 7 Wonders is one of the very few games my wife actually enjoys. Well, she enjoyed Duel even more! In particular, the ability to purchase any resource from the “bank” at any time allows for the game to flow and not be locked up just because your neighbors don’t have a resource, as in the original game.We played many times on our anniversary cruise, and we now have many memorable experiences to remember. The variety of end game scenarios really makes for variability in game play and overall experience. I recommend it highly, even if you’ve never played 7 Wonders but would like to play a really solid 2-player game.

  55. Bob

    Great 2 player game

    If your into boardgames I highly recommend this 2 player game. The only negative thing I have to say about the game is that the playing cards are small and tough to read but other than that it’s a must add to your collection.

  56. New In ShrinkNew In Shrink

    Great game for us, wonderful back and forth competition

    7 Wonders Duel was a must buy for us. Absolutely love and always enjoy when we had enough people to play the original 7 Wonders game, and as we have yet to try the 2 player variant and Duel is always so highly recommended we wanted the chance to play one of our favorite games as 2p.Simply stated it works very well, Duel is a great game and is highly competitive, and you’ll find familiar iconography and cards/theme from the original game and just need to learn some of the new rules. Duel has many paths to victory and will make each game quite different depending on the shuffle and distribution of the cards and wonders.The new win scenarios with military power or leading with science are interesting and fun to aim for. I personally feel though that once both players understand how both conditions are achieved you can easily upset wins with either of them by just denying those cards to the other player. This will somewhat force you to take cards that you don’t want or need yourself and either take them as money value or use them for wonders. In this way we don’t often see wins based on military or science unless it is a very lucky reveal of the hidden cards in the stack. I’m not really a fan of either of those types of win and we’re almost at the point now that we would prefer always to play to the end and have wins be score based.There is another neat twist with Duel and that is how you set up each age and their cards. You will set up a pyramid or Mahjong type of tile system with altered rows of displayed and hidden cards. The next row of cards won’t be available until the previous row has had any cards on top of hidden cards removed and played, at which time the next row is opened and flipped to display. I really enjoy that part of the game and think it works very well to have some hidden elements at play. I’m not one to count and memorize the cards and be thinking of which ones are hidden in any of the piles so this remains fun for us. What I don’t like though are the tiny cards, shuffling them, and actually arranging that Mahjong style setup for each of the 3 ages, while I still love the mechanic and what it adds to the game the components themselves and the setup detracts a bit and adds time to the game which I don’t care for.Duel is a great pick for 2 player gamers and I don’t imagine we’ll stop playing it or get rid of it anytime soon. It really scratches our itch to play 7 Wonders when it’s just the two of us. There are just a few things that don’t live up to the hype I had expected, although we are still looking forward to adding some of the expansions to our base game and try those out as well. I’m sure we’ll enjoy those as well and we would both still recommend 7 Wonders Duel overall.

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  57. Shannon Walter

    So fun!

    My husband and I were looking for a solid two player game! We absolutely love this game. It’s challenging, there’s strategy, it doesn’t take long to play a game, and overall it is exactly what we were looking for. We play it a few times a week! Highly recommend!

  58. Don R

    2 player improvement of the original

    If you like 7 Wonders, stop thinking about it and BUY THIS GAME. I LOVE the original, and think I like this game even more. It feels like in the original, there is too little interaction with your neighbors, especially beyond 3 players. This game introduces new ways to win, and has nail-biting moments where you hope your opponent doesn’t draw the last military card they need to instantly win. I know this isn’t as in depth as it could be, but trust me, if you love the original, this is a wonderful successor.

  59. A. Bagwell

    An excellent 2-player version of a great game

    I bought this because my copy of “7 Wonders” sits on the shelf a lot between gatherings with friends. As a result it can be hard to remember the nuances of playing the game. But Duel is the perfect alternative for my partner and I to play when we want a “7 Wonders” challenge without having to invite people over.Three of the largest changes specifically address mechanics that only work with three or more players:- card passing and not knowing what is in the next hand- military conflict- paying for resources owned by other playersEach of these is re-implemented as a two-player solution. The rest of the game is remarkably similar to the original with a few minor tweaks. All-in-all a great game!

  60. Kenneth Kosten

    The best two player game available.

    This is an excellent two player game. I have played several times and always a different result. I love how the game is tense from the very first play. Do I go first or second can be a serious game changer, it is up to you? Many ways to win makes the game tense as it progresses. I love how you must by some military to win. I hated how some people in the original 7 Wonders would have no military and suffer only minor point losses (it seems a little unrealistic).Pros:Fast gameStarts with important decisions immediatelyVariable ways to winSymbols are cards really help game play (I rarely use the rule book because the symbols make it clear what a card does)Each time period plays very differently due to the way the cards are placed on the table.There is very little luck in this game. You win with good planning and strategy.Every game will be different as random cards are pulled out so you can not card count and plan everything.Cons:Cards are very smallIt is all out fight from turn one (one bad move and you will pay for it immediately). Not a friendly card game. You need to be prepared to think ahead and plan.

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  61. greg [playbeginsdotcom]greg [playbeginsdotcom]

    7 Wonders for two the way it was meant to be

    Quick take: The original 7 Wonders is well known for being a great 3-7 player game, though it struggles with a tedious variant for 2 players. 7 Wonders: Duel takes this 2 player criticism head on with brand new game mechanics, but keeps the spirit of the original game intact.PositivesThe 7 Wonders universe has always had great artwork and gameplay, and Duel meets all that. However, Duel takes a significantly different approach to how cards are built throughout the game. The main 7 Wonders game and all its expansions were based on a hand of cards passing around the circle, and then card-drafting your civilization from that. Duel takes a different approach of laying the cards out in different combinations of face up and face down pyramid shapes, with cards overlaid on top of others. This ensures that both players can see some of the cards that will be available in future turns, though not the face down ones. On your turn, you might hesitate to build a Stone Quarry (even though you really need stone!) because doing so would open up a key card or cards for your opponent. These back-and-forth risk/reward decisions that players will make would be interesting enough on their own, but Duel also adds a twist to three more mechanics: military victory, science victory, and Wonders.Military Victory. In Duel, at the start of a game players will start with a neutral position on a two-way “tug of war” style military chart. As military strength is built up, the military token will swing back and forth between the two players. If one player is not careful to keep the other’s military in check, they can easily be overrun and lose immediately when their opponent’s army reaches their capitol city. In the original 7 Wonders, one could often ignore military power entirely and still win. In Duel, if your opponent decides to go for a military win and you ignore it, you will most likely lose. This adds a much appreciated tension to the game and makes the “Duel” moniker very applicable.Science Victory. Another way for an immediate victory in Duel is to build six unique Science symbols. This is harder than it sounds, since your opponent will be doing everything he can to ensure that you don’t. However, since being “too” defensive is equally as poor of a strategy, they’ll have to allow you to get close, but not too close. With equally skilled players, these Science and Military victories won’t happen as often as the typical “Most Victory points” win, but they are immediate and satisfying when they do.Wonders. Each player will start with 4 Wonders available to build, and only 7 can be built during the game. The Wonders in Duel are satisfyingly expensive, and several of them have a “take an extra turn” mechanic that can be used strategically to bury a card that your opponent especially wants, and then snatch the next card underneath it before your opponent has a chance to take their turn. This enhances the tension of the back-and-forth card taking because you’re never sure when your opponent is going to use it to take two turns at once.NegativesIn the ten games that we’ve played, everything seems near-perfectly balanced. Everything, that is, except one specific Progress token which led to a runaway victory when paired with a specific Guild card. In fairness, we were both new to the game at the time, so I didn’t have a game plan to combat it. It may have just been a random “perfect storm”. Since then, we’ve been able to mitigate that from happening.Other than that minor quibble, I don’t really have anything else negative to say.Final ThoughtsDuel benefits greatly from the two-player only design. It plays relatively quickly (35 min) but packs a lot of interesting decisions without being too brain-burning (i.e. Five Tribes). After ten plays, you start to appreciate even more the tightness of design. The interplay between the Military/Science/Victory Point strategies keeps you on your toes and ensures that you can’t just fall into the same game plan every time.We’re huge 7 Wonders fans in our group, and happy to say that this game would stand up even without the 7 Wonders name. It’s easily our favorite “two player only” game that we own. I wouldn’t be surprised to see this game get a flood of expansions as well; it’s that good.Quick note on the components: the cards are reduced in size quite a bit from the original game, mostly because of necessity, but that makes it also easy to transport.Note: full review of this game, including gameplay descriptions, more bad puns, and a lot more pictures available at playbegins.com

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  62. Jay

    Great game. Be sure to buy mini card sleeves ( 45mm x 68mm ).

    This game is amazing. I really love it. Basically, you put the cards out in three different designs for the different ages and each player takes turns buying cards from an arrangement of cards. You can only purchase cards that have been revealed and are not covered by other cards. It really captures the 7 Wonders feel without it actually being a card drafting game. There is a ton of strategy and it is really fun. You can win by one of three methods:1- Points2- Military ( Get enough military cards that you push the track into the opponents capital )3- Science ( Get 5 or 6 ( I can’t recall ) pairs of matching science buildings )Each victory method is viable and a challenge. If both players are paying attention though, the game should almost always end in comparing points.The strategy comes from looking at the board of available cards and looking ahead. Then, trying to plan and get the cards that you want/need through strategic use of your wonders or clever purchasing.This is a wonderful game. The cards were probably a little on the weak side with regard to quality of the components, but you can purchase mini card sleeves ( 45mm x 68mm ) to make up for it.

  63. MDR

    from board game newbie to nut

    My wife and I bought Duel on a whim, having never really played board games together before, we picked up some card games as a result of lockdown and thought we’d take the next step and get a more complicated game. This game is slightly complicated at first read through of the instructions, but gameplay is actually very easy once you understand the basics. We’re both total fans now and play every chance we can get. Games seem fully balanced and provide opportunity for both strategy and a bit of luck.

  64. Maraxus Lee

    Well designed and balanced

    This game is very well designed and balanced for 2 players as for the few games I played with it, it felt tense and a very tight pull on the balance as the advantage was quickly shifting to and fro. As much as you would play conservatively, the minor luck (cards revealing under taken cards) will always allow your opponent to disrupt any possible plans that you already cleverly conceived in your head. That to me is a delightful moment in a board game as you are always kept on your toes as you have to react with your own counterattacks to shift back the advantage.Military and scientific victory are very hard to achieve and still it’s fun trying to win by this way. Basically this 2 types of victory requires you to overwhelm your opponent by force (red buildings) or science (green buildings). It in a way forces your opponent to go for these 2 types even though typically they don’t, a very different situation from the original 7W, where there is little penalty for ignoring either. It increases the pressure for the player from being overwhelmed.Thematically, I love the wonders and what they do and generally you are building up your civilization in this ancient world. The artwork are beautiful and the icons delightful to look at. Another thing I liked is the mini-cards which represents your improvements, as I have limited table size and the card size makes it easier to organize.There are many ways to gain points which might led you into a dilemma sometimes but the same way doesn’t works every time as the cards sequence and/or your opponent also differs. The best play will come out for those players who can adapt best with what they have currently, and have a good foresight for the upcoming routes to take for the maximum points possible. This adaptive strategy trait of this game makes it very dynamic and active, which I always appreciate in a sit-down game of board game.It plays in roughly 1 hour for me and my play-mate and it’s always so satisfying. Certainly 1 of my top games in 2016. Recommended for those who loved the original 7W and have only a single friend to play it with.

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  65. Matt

    Fun, quick game

    It could be beneficial trying this out digitally on boardgamearena or similar place if you want to learn (it forces the rules on you, so you don’t have to worry about the actual mechanics). After I did that, I got the actual game (and read the full instructions, which are actually pretty short) so I could play with the kids. We already liked 7 Wonders the full board game, so this is a fun secondary game.

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  66. Jenn

    Favorite two player game, easy to learn, teach and play.

    My husband and I love playing board and card games, and own and play a lot of them regularly. We are always searching for great two player games, and this is one of our favorites. In fact, we like it way more than the regular 7 Wonders game. This game sets up quickly, and plays quickly. There’s enough strategy to the game to make it new and exciting each time, but also is simple enough to play on a day you don’t want to think about all that strategy. This game is easy to learn and teach as well, which is a huge bonus. This is a game we play all the time, sometimes three or four times in an evening, and it’s one we buy a lot to give as a gift.

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  67. Adam B.

    Solid mid-range two player table game

    Great two player game that captures the feel of the 7 Wonders full scale board game replacing the drafting mechanism with a “pyramid solitaire” card choosing mechanism.One of the great features of the game is that dependencies (the ability to build a building without cost, if you already have another building in your cities) are clearly indicated using symbols on both cards. This is something that would prevent unnecessary resource spending in the original 7 wonders if it were integrated into it, so would be a nice addition to the original game. Not sure if there is a level of complexity in the standard game that would prevent this, but if not, I wouldn’t mind seeing this mechanism incorporated into future editions of 7 Wonders.Overall, this is a must-buy for board game collections in search of 2-player games. This is definitely one of the best out there.

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  68. Samantha

    So much fun!

    I got this game as a Christmas gift for my boyfriend, and we couldn’t stop playing once we started! Once you learn the rules, it plays fairly quickly and becomes intuitive. That said, there is a ton of replay ability since the game “board” changes each time you play based on how the cards are shuffled, which cards were removed, which wonders each player selected initially (based on what was available), etc. Would highly recommends this to anyone looking for a game they can play one-on-one with someone (seems like so many games these days require at least 3+ or even 4+ players).

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  69. KhaleesiKhaleesi

    Husband and I are hooked!!

    My husband and I were looking to find something fun to do away from our phones. We got this game from a YouTube video about best games. We were very intimidated when it first arrived since we’ve never played a game like this before. It took one test game to figure it out and we were HOOKED! We play this almost every night, sometimes we play one or two games and sometimes we play for hours. Great game for 2 players. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!

  70. Will DeBruin

    A great addition to your 7 wonders collection

    I love this game. I fell in love with the 7 wonders base game but was never a big fan of the 2 player variant. I got duel a few months ago and it has become my go to two player game.The strategy is varied slightly in that both players have a view of all available cards and players take turns, rather than at the same time. This creates a sort of majong style keepaway dynamic which adds an extra layer of strategy to the game. There are also slight variations in the victory methods and commerce but for the most part people who have played 7 wonders will catch on to these quite quickly.Overall: A very solid game with a tons of different strategies to try and layers of strategy that allow inexperienced players to pick it up quickly and experienced players to continue honing their craft over and over.

  71. Kindle Customer

    Better than the Original 7 Wonders

    This is my favorite 2-player board game. It’s even better than the original 7 wonders version. Instead of card drafting, there is now a pyramid system in which you arrange the cards and you can only pick cards that have no cards on top of it. Some cards are visible and others are hidden which adds alot of strategy. The Military mechanics is better and i like what they did with the Science cards and the progress tokens. It takes a little studying to understand the cards but if you use the instruction book you can figure it out. 7 Wonders was one of my favorite board games but 7 Wonders Duel is even better. Very Fun Game!

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  72. J. Harris

    Excellent 2 player game

    This is a great 2 player version that incorporates many of the fundamental features and mechanics of 7 Wonders. It is also very portable, being compact so easy to pack for travel. The game is easy to learn and it is not really necessary to know anything about the main 7 Wonders game. Everything is self-contained and the format that the cards stack in each round keep things interesting. The combination of how the cards are stacked and the drafting of the wonders make for variable games. Gameplay for us is usually 30-40 minutes. We could probably play a little faster but this can definitely be played under an hour. This an excellent 2 player game that I am really glad we have in our collection.

  73. Ciara Preator

    Great game for 2!

    This is such a fun game to play! My husband and I have a hard time finding enjoyable 2 player games and this one is definitely a winner. The first time playing took a bit longer just because there was so much to learn. Overall, it’s such a fun game!

  74. Joshua Stansfield

    I really like the way they incorporated familiar mechanics from the core …

    I don’t understand why this game seems to be out of print already. I really like the way they incorporated familiar mechanics from the core game with the new features designed for duel play. Overall very enjoyable for two players. My fiancee enjoys this game as well. Just don’t be surprised at the small size of the box! It’s maybe 2/3 the dimensions of the core game, as the cards are tiny (maybe 2.5″ tall by 1.5″ wide). I probably won’t bother sleeving this game like I normally do, as the game box insert holds everything very cleanly and the sleeves would probably prevent the cards from fitting in their slots.

  75. Debbie’s World of Books

    Great game for when you don’t have a large group

    My kids and I love 7 Wonders but sometimes not everyone is available to play so I got this Duel version so if we only have two people we can still play something. It’s different from 7 Wonders but enough concepts were similar that it was pretty easy to learn and is just as much fun. Definitely recommend!

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