4 in 1 Wooden Crokinole Set With Playing Cards

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Classic Canadian Game Crokinole dates back to the 19th Century as a game from rural Canada. Now you can engage with this piece of Canadian heritage in your own home! 4 in 1 ultimate board game this Tradeopia Crokinole Set lets you play Checkers, Backgammon, Cards and of course, Crokinole. These board game classics are fun and easy to learn for everyone. Perfect for 2-4 players and ages 5+, add this set to your games collection for years of enjoyment. Smooth surface gives consistent shots. Box Includes: 2 Sided Crokinole Board, 26 Crokinole Discs(13 Dark, 13 Light), 1 Drawstring Bag, 2 Plastic Dice, 2 Pack Of Cards.