3D Wooden Puzzle – Mini Loft DollHouse

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This Do It Yourself 3D Wooden House is one of the most fashionable and detailed Miniature handmade dioramas in the world. Glue all the parts together by yourself, and enjoy the pleasure of creating a cute display model.


Build this miniature version of a Loft dollhouse. Includes an LED Light, miniature flower bed, plants, vase, chair, pillows and many other items to customize the way you want it to look. It includes glue. Overhead LED room light requires two CR2032 lithium button cells not included. The estimated assembly time is 20 hours. Excellent choice as a birthday, Christmas, back to school or Valentine’s Day gift for boys, girls, friends, family members, or that special someone. Recommended for ages 10 and up, watch out for small parts around younger children.

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  1. Momma K

    One of the harder ones to assemble, but great!

    I purchased 3 different DIY mini houses, and they are all so different in labeling and instruction (from different brands). This was the first one I assembled and it was super tedious,and time consuming (which was the intention). But by far this one has the most detail and has more pieces that are assembled from scratch.. It is also the most clearly labeled. While the directions are barely English, each step is marked with which pieces are needed for thar step and coordinating pictures. I enjoyed putting it together and think it’s great.

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    Momma K

  2. Talonda…,,She,Me,Her!




  3. Christine B

    Super cute

    This is one of the cuter models once it is done. Beware of all the wire work. It is a pain in the butt to keep glued and sturdy. The stairs are easy to assemble but once they were glued I realized I hadn’t turned them all enough so the spiral was a bit tight. No one but me would notice. Also, they include clay to make some of the smaller plants and the little kittens. Use the clay all in one day. It doesn’t necessarily get hard it just gets un-usable.

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    Christine B


    Lovely handy stuff

    Time killer , enjoy the fun !


  5. Peter B Cornell

    Impressive detail and design

    Got this for my daughter who’s 8 for us to build together. Impressed with the attention to detail and sheer variety of the elements. Clear instructions and good materials. The structure is wood, smaller decorations are well printed paper, fabric, or plastic. Even includes glue, brushes, tweezers, an led light, and a little cast metal Eiffel Tower sculpture. It’s complex, so I will help with some things, but it will provide many hours of enjoyment building for both of us.

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    Peter B Cornell

  6. Brigette cedarleaf

    The perfect hobby

    A cute adorable project! And now I own 20 of these little houses great projects!

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    Brigette cedarleaf

  7. Lucysmom

    Fun! Very well made!!!

    There is SO MUCH detail! These are so well made and have so much detail! My daughter loved building these. We would love more.


  8. Jody Pollard

    Hours of creativity

    This kit is great for older kids ages 12+. It provides hours/days of creating time and looks super cute once finished. All materials needed are provided and the instructions are very detailed. My family loves them!

    Jody Pollard

  9. Leslie Esthay

    Good quality

    I have built these miniature houses for a few years now. This one is the same quality as all the rest.

    Leslie Esthay

  10. Martin Mcpherson

    Super cute

    Easy to assemble

    Martin Mcpherson

  11. Katherine HathewayKatherine Hatheway

    Cute and Fun

    It was the cutest kit I have ever seen. Most of the instructions were easy to follow but some were confusing. Some of the parts were extremely tiny. The parts fit well and the design was very attractive. I modified the details to make it my own. I would certainly recommend this well thought out kit.

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    Katherine HathewayKatherine Hatheway

  12. Jen N


    like it

    Jen N

  13. S. CovelS. Covel

    Not a beginner set

    This is a nice intermediate kit. I changed several pieces to my own tastes, but overall pleased with the design.The instructions could have had clearer images in many instances, particularly with the flowers, but if you’ve made more than one of these you’ll start to get the common designs.

    S. CovelS. Covel

  14. Rose Mathis

    Very advanced.

    You definitely have to be a skilled builder to build this.

    Rose Mathis

  15. Tolkien2020

    Fun, but can be frustrating and patience is needed

    This is a fun project, but also can get frustrating and tedious. I’m pretty sure I cussed a few times when something I tried to glue fell apart. Patience is needed for sure. Their instruction booklet makes it look easy until you have to bend the wires into certain shapes and glue things together. I found it difficult to hold things together, so I used objects and clothespins to help me out and hold things together. This is my first DIY house and feel this was a little to advanced for me. I should have started on something with less wiring. Other than that it is a fun little project to work on, even though mine will definitely not look like the picture.

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