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Looking for a REWARDING CHALLENGE? This mechanical 3D wooden Marble Parkour puzzle will put your visual-spatial skill and patience to the test!

Marble Parkour puzzle is made of laser cut plywood and contains precise gear design, elaborate mechanisms, small tricks and is fun to watch when completed! It's brilliant way to enhance and improve a kid's understanding of STEM principles and learn the fundamentals of engineering and structures of machines.

Marble Parkour demonstrates/contains:

  • Wheel lifter to bring marbles to the top
  • Flip-flop as a switch to drive marbles from one path to another
  • Hand crank to drive the whole system
  • Stair stepper used as an elevator
  • Downward spiral funnel
  • 3 curve rails
  • 2 straight rails
  • 233 wood pieces and 10 marbles

Once completely assembled with its detailed design and attractive appearance, Marble Parkour will add a unique touch to your home or office.

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