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Ballet 500-Piece Jigsaw

Combine your love of ballet with the joy of piecing together a challenging puzzle with the Ballet 500-Piece Jigsaw. The Ballet 500-Piece Jigsaw features a variety of ballet moves; a great way to learn new ballet moves!

Building A Playground 60-Piece Jigsaw

Help the community with building your neighbourhood’s park with the Ravensburger Building A Playground Jigsaw Puzzle! Your child will learn that a lot of thinking is needed to put together something amazing for everyone to enjoy, much like a puzzle!

Castle Protector 200-Piece Jigsaw

Can you piece together the Ravensburger Castle Protector Jigsaw Puzzle and get through the sleeping dragon without waking it up? This 200-piece puzzle offers hours of enjoyment!

Cats & Dogs 60-Piece Jigsaw

For those puzzle lovers who just can’t get enough of their pets or just love animals in general, the Ravensburger Cats & Dogs Jigsaw Puzzle is perfect for you! The Ravensburger Cats & Dogs Jigsaw Puzzle depicts cute dogs and cats at play!

Cupcakes 500-Piece Jigsaw

For those who love cupcakes or have a sweet tooth, the Cupcakes 500-Piece Jigsaw puzzle is just for you! The Cupcakes 500-Piece Jigsaw features a panorama of delicious cupcakes, leaving you craving for sweets!

Day At The Zoo 35-Piece Jigsaw

Experience the wide arrange of animals nature has to offer right in the comfort of your own home with the Ravensburger Day At The Zoo Jigsaw Puzzle, containing a 35 piece puzzle containing various animals you can find at the zoo!

Dogs At Twilight 500-Piece Jigsaw

Enjoy the beautiful night sky with man’s best friend with the Dogs At Twilight 500-Piece Jigsaw puzzle! Bring the wonderful starry night sky into the comfort of your own home.

Exciting Joust 100-Piece Jigsaw

Take a step back into the medieval times, and experience the exciting medieval sport of jousting with the Ravensburger Exciting Joust Jigsaw Puzzle depicting a jousting match. Feel the electricity and excitement as if you were there yourself!

Hatchimals 48-Piece Puzzle

Can you solve the Hatchimals Colleggtibles Mystery Puzzle? This 48 piece Mystery Puzzle includes a matching Hatchimals Colleggitble. Hatch your egg and meet your new Hatchimals figure, and then put together the puzzle. Strictly not for bird brains! A great gift for ages five and up.
$9.59 $7.67

Horse Heaven 300-Piece Jigsaw

It’s a horse heaven indeed! Piece together and identify your favourite horses with the Horse Heaven 300-Piece Jigsaw puzzle. Watch as your favourite breeds of horses slowly come alive as you construct the puzzle piece by piece!

Knights and Dragons 36-Piece Jigsaw Puzzle

Take your kids to a fantastic world full of brave warriors and mighty creatures with the Knights and Dragons 36-Piece Jigsaw Puzzle. A fun and exciting way to help foster your children's imagination.

Music Castle 100-Piece Jigsaw

For music lovers everywhere, you’ll absolutely love putting together the Ravensburger Music Castle Jigsaw Puzzle! Feel the rhythm of the beat as you place the puzzle pieces together!