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4M Hover Racer Science Kit

Challenge your child's imagination with the 4M Hover Racer Kit. Perfect for any young scientist, this fun kit teaches facts about hovercrafts while they build a working scientific model of one. Once complete, this hovercraft will delight children and adults by gliding across tables and floors.

4M Solar Plane Mobile

See what’s possible with the power of solar energy! Put the 4M Solar Mobile together and turn the plane on the holder in a bottle, and watch it spin and spin by the power of solar energy!

Clean Water Science Kit

Learn how water is filtered with this fun and easy science kit! Build a water filtration plant, a desalination plant, and more!

Magic! Kit 12 Trick Set

Penn and Teller have nothing on your kid. With the 4M Magic! Kit 12 Trick Set, your kids will be on their way to becoming great magicians just like David Blaine, Harry Houdini, or even Harry Potter.

Magnet Science

Perform fun magnet games and experiments, learn the science principles behind magnets!

Magnetic Racer Science Kit

Magnets are truly mysterious things. Using the Magnetic Racer Science Kit, you can see how a racer moves without electrical energy or a driver!

Metal Detector Robot Science Kit

Meet Metallicus, the little metal-detecting robot that you build from with the Metal Detector Robot Science Kit. He can teach you the principles behind metal detectors, and find you buried treasure!

Mould Paint Fridge Magnets Kit

Get in touch with your inner creativity with the Mould Paint Fridge Magnets Kit! Design, mould and paint to your hearts content, as you slowly watch your refrigerator door decorated day by day with your creations - the possibilities are endless!

Mould Paint Glitter Fairy Kit

Create your own stunning glitter fairies for everyone to enjoy with the Mould Paint Glitter Fairy Kit! Design, mould and paint your favourite fairies to your hearts content!

Mousetrap Racer Science Kit

See science in action with the Mousetrap Racer Science Kit! This kit lets you make an amazing mousetrap racer that is part mousetrap, part car, and 100% fun.

Potato Clock Science Kit

You may know potatoes as a good source of potassium, but did you know they can be used to power an alarm clock? The Potato Clock allows you to generate enough electricity to run a digital clock using potatoes!

Science Magic Hypnotic Spinner

Part of the Science Magic Series from 4M, Science Magic Hypnotic Spinner is a fun and educational toy that helps children learn the fun of optical illusions.